Complete Guide on How to Keep AC Bill Low-Easy Ways

Air conditioning is the process of controlling and regulating the amount of air in the house by either raising or lowering using an air conditioner. However, air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity, sometimes thus increasing electricity bills. Therefore, when using an air conditioner, consider using the best types that consume fewer expenses.

Low air conditioning bills allow one to save more for future use, especially emergencies. Lowering electricity bills may be a bit difficult but manageable. Luckily, the article describes tips for keeping the air conditioner low. Therefore, consider and follow all tips to reduce air conditioning bills.

Ways to lower air conditioning bills

1. Improve windows

tips to keep ac bill low

Air conditioning bills increase in houses with few and old windows. Old windows consume a lot of energy, thus increasing air conditioning bills. To troubleshoot old windows, consider replacing the windows with new ones. When replacing the windows, design or choose windows that fit your house. Also, follow the skilled carpenter’s instructions on how to replace the windows without damaging the home.

If the windows are few, consider increasing the number of windows. However, adding new windows is complex and requires a professional carpenter or technician to carry out the activities. In such cases, contact only skilled personnel and avoid attempting to add new windows on your own.

2. Lock windows

Lock windows

Locking windows helps prevent fresh and cool air from leaking outside the house, thus preventing an increase in air conditioning bills. However, if the windows are loosely attached or raised, the air conditioner strains function as required.

Troubleshooting the loose windows problem is easy. First, check the condition of the windows. If the windows are loosely attached, lock the windows to reduce the energy used hence lowering air conditioning bills.

3. Fix a modern thermostat

Modern thermostats like the Ecobee and Nest thermostats help adjust the house’s temperatures by using voice commands. They also maintain their schedule since they are programmable. In addition, programmable thermostats control airflow in the house, reducing air conditioning bills such as electricity bills.

4. Make use of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans help maintain cool and fresh air in the house, thus reducing the air conditioner’s work. Once the air conditioner’s work reduces, the electric bills also reduce, enabling you to make some savings.

5. Change air filters

Change air filters

Air filters remove dust particles keeping the room clean and not stuffy. However, too much accumulation of dirt strains the air conditioner hence increasing electricity bills. To troubleshoot such issues, consider changing or using air filters.

Changing the air filters is essential in lowering the air conditioning bills since they use less electricity to remove all dust in the room. When changing air filters, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions concerning changing the air filters. Finally, it is advisable to use air filters rather than air conditioners mostly.

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6. Make cooking outdoors a habit

Cooking inside the house causes a lot of heat due to heat generation from appliances such as gas cookers and ovens, among others. Too much heat production increases air conditioner work, thus increasing ac bills. However, cooking outdoors prevents much heat in the house, and the air conditioner usually works, lowering the air conditioner bills.

7. Preventing sunlight into the house

Much sunlight into the house raises the temperatures. Increased sunlight temperature results in air conditioner strain to regulate it. However, controlling the amount of sunlight in the house lowers room temperature, thus decreasing air conditioning bills.

8. Cover the walls

Insulating the walls prevents air from leaking since some walls have loose sections that allow air to move out more frequently. In most cases, older houses experience high air conditioning bills compared to new walls. Therefore, covering these walls prevents air from leaking hence lowering the air conditioning bill.

9. Maintain the air conditioner

Maintaining the air conditioner means servicing the air conditioner after some time by contacting a professional. The professional technician inspects the air conditioner system to detect any issues. Maintaining an air conditioner prolongs its lifespan and reduces air conditioning costs. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly service your air conditioner, at least thrice a month.

10. Fix solar panels

Using solar panels reduces electric bills from the air conditioner since solar panels are relatively cheap and do not require extra costs apart from installation costs. Solar panels use the sun to provide energy to the air conditioner lowering its bills. Fixing solar panels is easy so long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

11. Use lower rooms in case of a high building

Upper grounds experience a lot of heat since heat rises hence straining the air conditioner. Therefore, avoiding high building places helps reduce the air conditioning bills most days.

Reasons the air conditioner raises the bills

Reasons the air conditioner raises the bills

i. Poor maintenance practices

Failing to maintain the air conditioner by calling a technician to do some replacements and recommend changing some parts of the conditioner will lead to poor conditioner functioning, thus increasing air conditioning bills.

ii. Prolonged air conditioner

Some parts in old air conditioning may wear and tear, resulting in improper functioning of the air conditioner. In addition, the wearing and tearing increase air conditioning bills. To fix such a problem, consider replacing the air conditioner with a new one.

iii. Poor fixation of the air conditioner

When fixing the air conditioner, consider consulting a professional because poor connections raise air conditioning bills.

iv. Dusty air filters

Dusty filters block cool and fresh air from entering the house, leaving the air conditioner to work continuously hence raising its bills.

v. Leaking parts in the air conditioner.

Leaking air conditioner parts raise the bills because too much energy is in use.


Keeping the air conditioning bills lower in a house reduces the chances of paying much cash just for the air conditioner bills and saves it for other emergencies. Luckily, the article describes different tips for lowering air conditioning bills in the house. Therefore, follow the tips above to save money, especially the electricity bills.

When using the air conditioner, remember to read the manufacturer’s manual carefully and keep it safely after use for future purposes. The instructions give guidelines on using and maintaining the air conditioner that helps lower their bills in a household. Also, service your air conditioner often to prolong its lifespan and improve its performance.

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