Alexa Thermostat Commands for Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee, & Emerson

Smart thermostats are now gaining popularity in most homes because one can present their preferred temperatures through voice commands. It is possible to let the thermostat know how you like it when you are sleeping, the way you prefer the temperature when you are just resting on the couch.

The only thing to do is just connect the thermostat with Alexa. After connecting the thermostat with Alexa, it will help you get the desired temperature of choice. With the Alexa commands, one does not need to change the thermostat settings or use the phone app. You only need to give commands, and it will respond. Luckily, the article describes various commands to use on the thermostats.

Process of controlling thermostat devices using the Alexa platform

Alexa platform uses google assistant to control the house’s temperature and provide some security measures such as activating the security alarm. To use the Alexa voice command, connect the thermostat device and the android device to the network such as Wi-Fi and cellular network.

Alexa thermostat commands

alexa thermostat commands for nest honeywell ecobee emerson

The Alexa platform contains many commands that allow the user to control temperature changes using commands. There are three methods of controlling all thermostats: Alexa app, Alexa voice commands, and Alexa instructions or routines.

Alexa commands exist in different forms. For instance, inquiring about the temperature, selecting and setting temperatures that suit your preference, and making temperature adjustment commands. The information below shows the Alexa thermostat commands for all thermostats.

1. Temperature inquiry

There are several commands for inquiring about the temperature, such as;

  • Alexa, what is the temperature recording in the [house]
  • Alexa, what is the temperature measurements in each [room]
  • Alexa, what are the settings of the [thermostat]?
  • Alexa, what is the temperature of the [thermostat name]?

2. Choosing a temperature that suits your preference commands

When setting the temperature of the thermostat, some commands are necessary, and they include;

  • “Alexa, set the [thermostat] to [required degrees].”
  • “Alexa, set the [thermostat] to start heating.”
  • “Alexa, [set thermostat] to cool.”
  • “Alexa, set [thermostat] to eco mode.”
  • “Alexa, change the [thermostat] temperature to [specific degrees].”
  • “Alexa, set [nest thermometer] to home or away mode.”
  • “Alexa, set the temperature of the room up to [specified time].”
  • “Alexa, return to [thermostat name] regular programs.”

3. Regulating house temperature commands

Alexa temperature regulation commands include;

  • Alexa, reduce the [thermostat] temperature to [specific degrees].
  • Alexa, raise the [thermostat] temperature by [specific degrees].
  • Alexa, maintain the [thermostat] room temperature.
  • Alexa, increase my room temperature [thermostat name] to [specified temperature].

4. Thermostat security commands

Security commands protect your home from any form of theft by enabling all security alarms or any other security alert notification. The following commands secure your house and room.

  • Alexa, secure my house during [day, night, stay and away] mode.
  • Alexa, deactivate the security alarm [thermostat and Alexa security credentials required].
  • Alexa, is my home secure?
  • Alexa, is my home insecure?
  • Alexa, engage the arm in case of detection of an unknown object in the house and room.
  • Alexa, reset my voice pin.

To use the Alexa command to secure your house and room from any form of theft, first, ensure you activate the “Alexa voice pin” in your android device, website, or any other device that controls house temperature and security.

5. Alexa camera and water leak mode commands

The Alexa platform allows the user to make commands to show the camera and any water leakages in the house. Such commands include;

  • Alexa, display my [thermostat name] camera [camera name].
  • Alexa, switch on the [thermostat name] camera [camera name].
  • Alexa, switch off the [thermostat name] camera [camera name].
  • Alexa, hide [thermostat name] camera [camera name].
  • Alexa, display the camera feed [camera name].
  • Alexa, hide [thermostat name] camera feed [camera name].
  • Alexa, display camera settings [camera name].
  • Alexa, is there any water leaking in the house [water leak detector name]?
  • Alexa, what is the temperature of the leaking water?

6. Alexa commands of turning on and off the thermostat present

Alexa commands can switch off thermostat devices such as nest thermostat, ecobee, Honeywell, and Emerson thermostat using the voice of command. The following commands control the switching on and off of the thermostat.

  • Alexa, switch off the [thermostat name].
  • Alexa, switch on the [thermostat name].
  • Alexa, change brightness [thermostat name] to [specified degree].

How to control thermostat devices using the Alexa platform

How to control thermostat devices using the Alexa platform

Before connecting thermostats such as Nest thermostats, Ecobee, Honeywell, and Emerson thermostats to the Alexa platform, ensure you have all materials and devices required. The devices required include; a well-functioning thermostat and internet connectivity, e.g., a router, Amazon Echo speaker, and an android device.

To connect the type of thermostat to the Alexa platform, follow the following steps;

i. Access an android device or iOS device to establish a connection between the thermostat and the Amazon Alexa platform.

ii. Download and install the Amazon Alexa application on your smartphone or android device.

iii. Create an account in the Alexa platform and ensure you use correct credentials that are unforgettable. Ensure you generate a strong security PIN to protect the house from any security threats.

iv. Browse the “enable use settings” and click them to enable the application to function as required.

v. Log in to the thermostat google account using credentials to link your thermostat account with the Alexa platform account.

vi. Turn to your “home access information” and search all devices available. The searching process may take a couple of seconds, approximately 30 to 2 minutes.

vii. Select the thermostat of your choice that you wish to control using the Alexa platform. Ensure you choose the desired thermostat to avoid inconveniences during the connection process.

viii. Click “next” and select the account you wish to use.

  ix. Permit the account by clicking “Allow” settings.

  x. Click “close” after establishing a connection between the Alexa platform and the android device.


Alexa platform is essential in regulating temperatures of a different room in the same house. Sometimes, you may wish to connect your thermostat to the Alexa platform. Luckily, the information above describes the step-by-step process of successfully connecting the thermostat to the voice command platform.

 The platform is essential in that it allows users to control temperature changes by use of voice. For instance, you can increase room temperature to 20 degrees by commanding the thermostat, e.g., “Alexa, raise the temperature of my room by [20 degrees]”. Finally, it is advisable to control and command a thermostat depending on its model and manufacturer’s instructions.

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