How Many Amps Does an Air Conditioner Use?- All You Need to Know

Air conditioners are best for use with specific seasons like the summer season when the environment is warmer than usual. Many people opt to get a good air conditioner during these seasons to help exchange the warm air in the house with the cold fresh air. But before choosing to buy the air conditioner, it is good to check the amount of power it consumes when running to see if you can manage using it or not.

The amp the air conditioner uses depends on its size and the type of air conditioner. Small air conditioners use much electricity but work with small areas in the house; hence big air conditioners are good since they regulate the temperatures of a bigger area with the same amount of electricity as the small air conditioners. It is good to check the voltages, power, and current before buying an air conditioner.

The article below shows the number of amps an air conditioner can use while exchanging the warm air and cold air in the house; after that are the factors to consider when buying air conditioners for use to avoid buying air conditioners that do not fit your desires or purchasing one of the poor qualities.

Air conditioners with the amps they use

The amps air conditioners use their sizes and type of air conditioner. Small air conditioners use much current with fewer functions, below are different air conditioners with their amps.

1. The mini-split air conditioner

how many amps does an air conditioner use

These air conditioners work with the BTU to determine the amount of current they consume. In most cases, the air conditioners above use a current of about 15 to 45 amps—moreover, the current works together with the voltages it can use. Thus, the minimum amount of voltages in this type of air conditioner is about 208 volts, as the maximum amount is about 240 volts for the larger mini-split.

However, a small mini-split consumes about 120 volts at maximum and 110 volts at the minimum point. In addition, you dedicate the air conditioner and a surge protector to work well with the circuit to reduce the effects of electricity spikes due to high voltages.

2. PTAC unit air conditioner

The type of air conditioner below uses currents in three different amounts, the highest of them is 30 amps, the least is 20 amps, while the moderate amount is 20 amps meaning the air conditioner can work and save the electricity bills. Since the current goes in hand with the voltage, the amount of volts they require is the same as at least 208 volts or 240 volts. The PTAC unit requires a dedicated circuit, and you have to plug it into work properly.

3. Window air conditioners

These are the most available air conditioners used by most people and are the best recommended in the house. The amps of the window air conditioners differ according to the type of plugs the user has when connecting the air conditioner to the power supply. Some air conditioners use cables that consume much current, while some have cables that consume less current. However, the amount of voltages it uses is the same as the other known air conditioners.

4. Central air conditioner

These types mostly consume much current since they are at the central position of a room, meaning they work more than the other air conditioners. Therefore, the amount of current it consumes is higher such that the lower amount is about 15 amps while the highest amount is about 60amps.

Factors to consider when choosing the air conditioners

Factors to consider when choosing the air conditioners
  • Amount of volts

Air conditioners that consume much power are easy to identify through the number of voltages they require. Air conditioners with larger voltages require much current to run, while those with little voltage requirements need less current.

The number of volts works with the BTU that determines the amount of current for that particular air conditioner in the house. Remember air conditioners that use much power increase the electricity bills hence you cannot make money for other purposes.

  • Size

The size of an air conditioner matters a lot with determining the best type of air conditioner that will save your electricity bills. Small air conditioners work well with small room sizes but consume much power with some current that brings loss to the user.

On the other hand, large air conditioners work with large areas that circulate the air over a big space using a reasonable amount of power and a good current. Therefore, it is good to choose large air conditioners since they work with bigger areas even if it consumes much power.

  • Installation process

Air conditioners work with their specification and how you have to install them. For example, some air conditioners work at the center of the house as the central air conditioners, as some work at the windows like the window air conditioners. Central air conditioners use higher currents than window air conditioners; therefore, choose the best position for your air conditioner before buying one.

Frequently asked question:

  • Where can one get the best air conditioner for use in the house?

To purchase the best air conditioner, consider checking the factors to consider when buying the air conditioners; after that, choose to visit either the Amazon sites or eBay sites to get the best air conditioners. Most people recommend purchasing from these sites since they contain legit products that are long-lasting.

After purchasing, the sites offer a free product delivery to your doorstep, and they sell their products at discounts.


Amps in an air conditioner differ according to the number of voltages the air conditioner requires. The higher the voltages the air conditioner uses, the higher the amount of current it requires. The article above shows the amount of current the air conditioners require, which differs according to their type; after that are the factors to consider when buying the air conditioner.

Please read the article carefully to note the different types of air conditioners and their current requirements. Remember, when buying the air conditioners, it is good to check their current amount to avoid buying an air conditioner that uses much current with fewer functions. The factors to consider help to solve this problem.

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