Bryant Air Conditioner Troubleshooting: Ultimate Guides

Bryant Air Conditioners remains one of the best, trusted, and famous systems on the market for both commercial and residential customers. Its history is traced back to 1904, meaning that the brand has a long experience. Brant AC is efficient and reliable equipment on the market to offer its customers excellent comfort around their homes.   

Today we will discuss the Bryant air conditioning unit and how to troubleshoot it. Bryant central ACs feature two different components connected by pipes and hoses. The condenser is located outside the house while the furnace is in the place. If you experience difficulties with your unit, try troubleshooting before you seek the help of an expert.

Ultimate guide on how to troubleshoot Bryant Air Conditionerbryant air conditioner troubleshooting

You can do some things for yourself; it’s a must to call a service technician. However, if the problem persists, seek the help of an expert. Meanwhile, follow these steps to troubleshoot your Bryant Air Conditioner:

Step 1: Set the thermostat to ‘Cool Position

The first thing you need to be sure of is to set the thermostat to the Cool position. It doesn’t matter whether your thermostat is operating in low temperatures; you must set the AC to “Automatic” or “Cool” instead of the heat position.

So, before you do anything to your Bryant Air Conditioner, check its settings and make sure it’s in the “Cool Position.”

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Step 2: ensure the condenser is functional

The next step will be to make sure the condenser is functional. The condenser is usually the AC unit component located outside the house and is slightly bigger than the furnace. Pay much attention to hear a periodic noise from the unit.

More so, it’s advisable to inspect the status of the circuit breaker box and the panel. Are they faulty? Or is their condition okay? If you don’t know where the condenser is located, contact the initial installer about the condenser’s location. But, it’s usually mounted on the outside wall; move around your house with your eyes up.

Step 3: Locate the disconnect switchLocate the disconnect switch

Under this step, you are required to look for the disconnect switch. Mostly, Bryant Air Conditioner comes with its own connected switched, attached on the outside wall, close to the condenser unit. Therefore, you need to inspect its condition, ensuring it is in the “ON” position.

This means that if it’s in the “OFF” position, you must change and switch to the “ON” position. This might be one or actual problem your Bryant Air Conditioner is misbehaving. Confirm from the user manual if you still hold some doubts and the recommendable switch position.

 Step 4: Ensure the Bryant Furnace’s blower is operating

After you are done with the condenser, get inside and monitor the blower’s workability in the furnace. You should ensure it’s in good working condition; it should be running (layman’s language).

The blower plays a vital role in sending the air to the ductwork. This means that cooling won’t be successful if the furnace’s blower isn’t working. If it’s not running, then there must be a problem, and the first stop should be on the On/Off switch. Check if it’s on or off before moving to the following action.

Step 5: Clean the filtersClean the filters

Some malfunctions might be arising from the dirty Bryant Air Conditioner’s filters. Experts recommend checking the unit’s filters to ensure they are clean. Remember, dirty filters are likely to impede airflow, hence ruining your house’s environment.

Those who don’t know where to locate these components on their Bryant Air Conditioners should refer to the user manual. Before you get there, I would advise you to check around and in the Bryant furnace; these are their typical locations.

To clean them, one should slide the filter out and then use a vacuum to blow them. The small particles and dust will be blown away, leaving the components clean again. However, if the filters are completely dirty or worn out, replacement is inevitable. If you are doing it alone, try to contact an expert for a suitable replacement filter model. Buying the item blindly may worsen the situation of your Bryant Air Conditioner.

Step 6: Ensure the Return grilles are not blocked

After fixing cleaning the unit’s filters, the next thing will be to ensure the grilles are open; no blockages. Remember, the furnace forces cold air out of the room and has to replace the air with a new cooling one. So if the return air grilles are blocked, the furnace will be struggling to offer an excellent atmosphere into the mansion.

Therefore, the return grilles play a vital role in converting the warm air into cold one before releasing it to the house. On occasions where the furniture and the grilles are too close, move them apart about four inches from each other. Doing so will help the Bryant system to function correctly.

If the above step by steps guide fails didn’t help you, try the following tips.

Bryant Air Conditioner troubleshooting tipsBryant Air Conditioner troubleshooting tips

Your AC might be suffering from either severe or minor problems, and sometimes it may have all these issues. Contact the right company like Evam Canada to fix some stubborn Bryant Air Conditioner issues. But, if you suspect the problem with your Bryant Air Conditioner is familiar, use the following tips first:

  1.  If the unit fails to turn on, locate the disconnect switch to ensure it’s in the “On position.” The control should be close to the condenser unit, and it resembles a grey box.
  2. Ensure the circuit breaker is not trapped inside the unit—flip of the breaker attached to your AC and flip on again.
  3. In the inside part of the AC unit, ensure its filters are clean; not blocked. AC units tend to be prone to dirty filters as they can quickly shut down due to inadequate airflow.
  4. Thoroughly check both the indoor and outdoor parts of your Bryant Air Conditioner for damage signs, frayed wires, or loose connections. If you realize any of these issues, seek the help of an experienced technician for appropriate repairs.

If the above tips and step-by-step guide didn’t help you diagnose and troubleshoot your Bryant Air Conditioner, use the unit’s model number and research more. Besides, you can contact a professional installer to do the AC troubleshooting job for you.

The AC’s model number should be on the sticker attached to the back of your Bryant Air Conditioner.

FAQs About Bryant Air Conditioner:

  • How can I get my Bryant Air Conditioner number?

The sticker on the back of the unit should have its model number. Sometimes the model number is found on the service valve connections (silver rating plate).

  • What is the meaning of the orange light on my furnace?

When the green light turns to orange, there could be a problem with the unit. The common issues associated with orange light include; faulty flame, fuses, or pressure.

Final words

Troubleshooting your Bryant Air Conditioner can be straightforward if you are familiar with it or have a little knowledge about it. This turns into a nightmare if you don’t know how to spot the unit’s essential parts like the circuit breaker and the disconnect switch. Use the above discussion to fix common issues with your AC system and leave the experts’ complicated ones.

To know more about bryant air conditioner troubleshooting, you might be interested to watch this video below, Enjoy!

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