Can I Use Two Sets Of Powerline Adapters

To create a reliable and easy to use smart home, you have to have a robust home network. If your WiFi router is leaving you with spotty, unreliable coverage, a powerline adapter may be able to provide the extra coverage you need. 

 For everyone who has been looking for high-speed internet connection, using the powerline adapters can be an ideal choice. But the usage of two sets of power adapters can raise questions in your mind. 

To answer that we would like to say, in your home, you can operate two or more independent logical powerline networks. You just have to make sure they have various network keys.

Now, the way it should be done should be the primary concern. This article will describe the steps you need to know about using two sets of power line adapters. Let’s get started;

Can i use two sets of powerline adapters

Why Use Powerline Adapters

Either you use one or two sets, you need to know why and use powerline adapters. What we are saying is, if you do not need one, why will you spend money on that. Of course, you will have some necessity. 

There are some unique situations in which you need to extend the scope of your home network. 

  • Frequent Connectivity Problems: Everyone wants their network service when it comes to using a broadband connection. Suppose you are living in a place where it is crowded with many WiFi frequencies. It can create a problem with operating devices that requires higher bandwidth. In this situation, you may need to use a powcan i use two sets of powerline adapterser adapter. 
  • Signal Blank Zones: Interference from specific electronic devices can create blank signal zones. If you are in that zone, then there is a high chance that you may not get any signal for your devices. 

In a situation like this, a power adapter is a perfect device to solve this problem. You can also use WiFi repeater in the area. But it may fail to stabilise the signal. 

  • Device too far from the router: If you have your device far from the house router, you can face the problem of distorting the signal. There can be obstacles to walls, other electronic devices or anything. A powerline adapter can solve the problem to obtain a reliable connection
  • For Business Buildings: In a standard business process, exceptionally where all forms of output are concerned, it would be challenging to locate any IT expert who selects an electricity grid through a conventional wired Ethernet. 

It is not because the powerline adapter technology is poor or unreliable. Still, because the problems typically occur with internal cables in a house, it is difficult for an IT individual to tackle issues quickly. 

In this context, Powerline adapters are ideal for atypical business installations which prevent wireless internet access.

Ways Of Adding Two Sets Of Powerline Adapters

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As you know, when you might need a powerline adapter, let’s get straight started with the steps to add two sets of them. 

  • Expand an Existing Powerline

Expanding is the easiest solution: installing new powerline adapters to multiple outlets in a household. This encourages them to access the new powerline network. 

The method is perfect because the house wants to stream, play and download bandwidth. For the best results over space, people wish to a dependable wired internet connection via wifi.

  • Plug and play

We found modern powerline adapters to detect each other so well. Often no formal ‘pairing’ is required to connect it to a network. If you combine them, they will connect to the other adapters automatically and then access the network.

  • Formal pairing process

If you want to add a second adapter to join the network, do this by using the pair button as follows: 

Plugin the second adapter and hold the “Pair” button for a couple of seconds. Find and click the pair button on one of the other adapters on the network for a few seconds within 2 minutes. 

The lights would start blinking on each adapter to show that they are looking for each other. Wait about 60 seconds to complete the process. Once paired, all the lights would stop flashing and be solid to signify the connection. 

You’ve now successfully attached the second connector to the other two. All the adapters are on the same powerline network.  Using this method, you can securely add theoretically as many powerline adapters as you want to a home network.

 It will give you wired access points in different parts of the house.

  • Different Networks

If you need to use more than two sets of adapters, we recommend creating a different powerline network. This separate powerline networks can increase the scale of performance without compromising the speed of the internet. 

You need to match the adapters that you choose to be on the network and not the others. It’s best to close them together and pair them first before moving them to where you need them in the building.

If your network already has A and B adapters, leave them alone and not press the pair keys. Plug into one set of wall sockets the adapters C and D, the new ones you use to be on another network. 

For a few seconds, click the pair button, click the other pair button, and then keep it within two minutes. The adapters in C and D can now be moved to anywhere you require in your home using a secure, distinct power line network independent of A and B.

  • Adding an AP (Alternative)

Adding an AP in your home will be much better if you should uninstall the powerline adapters to run a cable from your room where the AP will be from the main switch or router. 

Items better and slimmer and helps you to add more APs if necessary only directly to the AP from the key switch. PowerLine adapters are not lovely and need the critical plug. 

No extensions and should be clean on a good day; you are likely to have problems running several machines.

  • Anything between 8 to 64 adapters 

In general, power lines between 8 and 64 connect the adapter to a single power line depending on the brand. However, you can also build numerous different powerline networks in a single cable. 

So as many access points as you want will be successful. This ensures that most consumers have more than enough connection points right at the lower end of 8 limit points for their home network needs. 

Most modern models make “nodes” or access points between 16-32, so almost everyone in the house is ok.

Some Important Considerations

TP-LINK 802.3af Gigabit PoE Injector

To add another powerline adapter or use two sets, you have to buy them. And to buy them, you should consider some facts. Let’s know them;

  • Better Wi-Fi reception: To expand your current Wi-Fi network, you can use your powerline adapter. You would need a machine that sets up a new Wi-Fi hotspot near to where it takes place while tucking away your Wi-Fi router and a little further from where you usually enter the Wi-Fi network.
  • Don’t go for the cheap ones: The computers with 300Mbps are more affordable and are only useful for web surfing in general. If you want to broadcast movies and multiple computers running concurrently at home, 1000Mbps plus is the right way forward. 

Perfect to a computer, where you can use a Gigabit Ethernet ports. It won’t matter if your machine and modem are also Gigabit Ethernet, so you’ll stick to the fastest version if they’re not.

  • Outlook: Maybe you’re not going to want a giant ugly object in your living room poking out of your power socket. E.g., BT’s Powerline adapters are powerful. However, these are massive black beasts. Whether it’s nicely decorated than all right, you might choose anything less obtrusive if you’re in plain sight.
  • Price: Don’t spend all your money in one place. A suitable adapter is essential, but buying it on the least range is more important. 
  • Band Width: The most fundamental thing to find for the right adapter for power lines. In the end, the internet speed of your plan and router will be calculated. The powerline network adapter that uses the most gigabits per second is therefore necessary.

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Powerline Adapters Specification
TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender 
  • Extend Wi-Fi Coverage 
  • Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones
  • Stay Connected 
  • Easy Set-Up 
  • OneMesh Technology
TP-LINK 802.3af Gigabit PoE Injector
  • Power Supply: 15.4W (Max. 48VDC) Expands network to areas with no power lines or outlets
  • Ideal for use with access points and IP cameras. Delivers power up to 100 meters (328 feet)
  • System requirements are Microsoft Windows 98se, NT, 2000, XP, vista or windows 7, mac os, Netware, Unix or Linux and feature pwr led Indicator
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports for lightning-fast wired speeds
  • Auto-detects the required power supply
TP-Link AV600 Powerline Ethernet Adapter
  • Plug Type US
  • Standards and Protocols HomePlug AV2, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u
  • Interface 1*10/100Mbps Ethernet Port
  • Button Pair Button
  • Power Consumption Maximum: 2.5W
  • Typical: 2.3W
  • Standby: 0.36W
  • LED Indicator Power, Powerline, Ethernet
  • Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 2.0 x 1.1 x 2.6 in.(52 × 28.5 × 65mm)
  • Range Up to 300 meters/1000 feet over existing electrical wiring

Some Important FAQs

It is expected to have questions after the discussion above. In this section, we have arranged a question and answer section. We hope these answers will help you. 

  • Could there be anything dangerous about powerline adapters?

Powerline infrastructure is potentially even more reliable than a wireless network as data is sent through the copper wiring in your home. It cannot be hacked or misused from the outside. Modern Powerline kit also encourages you to use a password to protect your adapters by adding an extra layer of protection.

  • Which is better, Powerline adapter or WiFi?

Powerline adapters use legacy wiring that still resides in your house to build a strong high-speed wired network through your entire home. Compared to WiFi, powerline adapters make a fast and secure internet link that won’t give you slow internet speeds or spotless connections.

  • Could there be a lot of electricity used by Powerline adapters? 

No, powerline adapters don’t use a lot of power, and they’re not going to double the use.

  • Does it have to be on the same circuit?

Powerline adapters should be connected to the same electrical circuit. Powerline Adapters must run on the same electrical circuit. Whether they’re not, they’re not going to communicate with each other.

  • How to determine a Powerline adapter is working?

Of course, you would like to hear “Yes, it will work” or “No, it doesn’t.” Whether you know whether to buy a powerline converter or not, sadly, it feels like the only way to discover for sure how it works is to buy it and test it.


From the above discussion, the message we wanted to deliver is, it is okay if you’re going to have two sets of powerline adapters. Based on the model, brand and version of your powerline adapter, you can expand the number. 

Powerline adapters are essential when you are facing problem with the connection from your router. If you ask us, we would suggest, use an adapter even if you don’t have an issue. 

Nowadays, without a proper connection, you can not imagine to step up with the world. I hope this guide will help you as per your need. Good Luck!!

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