Can Nest Thermostat E Control a Humidifier? [A Complete Guide]

Many people are asking themselves whether they can use Nest Thermostat E to control a humidifier. Some hold questions like “is a Nest Thermostat E compatible with a humidifier.” All these questions come in when you get curious about something, and it’s normal.

This article will provide you with the necessary information concerning the same question. Meanwhile, the shortest answer to this question is a “YES.” I say so because most humidifiers in the market are compatible with Nest Thermostat E, making the setting relatively easier. So, if the available humidifier and the Nest Thermostat E are compatible, switch off the power supply and pop off the current to see the wires.

Connecting Nest Thermostat E with a humidifier

Connecting Nest Thermostat E with a humidifier

The thermostat plays a vital role here to direct you through the entire process once you have installed the dehumidifier. We should appreciate the manufacturer for the inbuilt wizard. Some of the components you need for set-up are the necessary tools, basic information about the HVAC system; don’t worry about the guide.

The article carries the indispensable guide to take you through the entire process. However, you will also have to know how to connect the device to your home network.

A complete guide on how to connect a humidifier to Nest Thermostat E

can nest thermostat e control humidifier

I thought you should understand that Nest thermostats are compatible with many whole-home humidifiers or dehumidifiers. However, it’s strongly advisable to seek clarification or professional advice during the installation.

We have some humidifiers that can easily connect with the thermostat using two wires, while others use a single wire. On occasions where you have a humidifier with two wires, the installation process will be trickier. It’s therefore recommended that you seek the help of an expert to convert the cables into a single one.

  • An expert will try to diagnose whether you can activate your humidifier on its own or not. Besides, the professional will determine whether the heating or cooling needs to be started.
  • The engineer is in an excellent position to affirm whether the fan is required during the operation. Additionally, the expert can configure your appliance into the necessary setting.

If your humidification or dehumidification comes with labels like H, HUM1, H2, HUM, D, DH, DEHUM2, and DHUM, the gadget with you is Nest Thermostat E compatible.

Lowering your Nest’s Humidity

Lowering your Nest's Humidity

Most thermostats come with a dry and cool option on your Nest Thermostat E to control Humidity. Such a thermostat tends to use an air conditioner or heat pump to minimize too much Humidity. The action of reducing excessive Humidity will eventually lead to a healthier environment.

In occasions where your air conditioner system is equipped with a unique dehumidifier mode, the unit can go the extra mile to ensure your home’s Humidity is improved. Remember, excessive moisture may lead to mold growth around your home, and I am sure you won’t get happy with it. Try as much as possible to avoid mold growth.

Adjusting humidity settings through Nest Thermostat E

Adjusting humidity settings through Nest Thermostat E

Before we get there, it’s crucial to know that the Nest thermostat humidifier cool-dry option does not apply to any AC or heat pump.  Therefore some of the suitable options are; 2nd gen Nest learning thermostat, 1st gen Nest learning thermostat, Nest thermostat, and 3rd gen Nest learning thermostat.

 More so, your thermostat can operate differently based on the mode of your dehumidification system. It’s therefore advisable to understand compatibility before you connect a humidifier to your Nest thermostat E.

Use the following guide to alter humidity settings using your Nest Thermostat correctly:

Step 1: Tap on the screen

This step is simple as it is only meant to awaken the display of your thermostat.

Step 2: Toggle through the Quick View Menu

Once the screen is open, go directly to the Quick View listings and then press on the settings.

Step 3: Tap on the equipment

The settings section will appear, requiring you to choose your equipment. After selecting an appropriate unit, the press continues until you reach the dehumidifier. You will then arrive at the “Set Humidity”; follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

The good thing about Nest thermostats is that they come with a handy inbuilt wizard that directs you throughout the installation process.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the meaning of a bypass humidifier?

Bypass humidifiers are mostly connected to your central cooling and heating systems directly. Water vapor is then developed by the unit using the mixture of the plumbing system and the heat duct’s warm air.

The moisture is then transferred into your house or rooms via the ductwork system.

  • What is the meaning of RH and RC on Nest?

In occasions where you do not have RH wire, the RC will be the energy wire for all your cooling and heating systems. But if you have both the wires, the RC will now be your power wire for a cooling system.

  • Can Nest Thermostat E show humidity?

Yes, the humidity icon will be displayed on the device’s temperature screen whenever the thermostat utilizes your system to enhance the Humidity around your home. Remember, this icon will only appear when you have a dehumidifier or humidifier installed on the Nest Thermostat E.

  • Can you install a Nest Pro?

Installing a nest thermostat is very easy for yourself, and you can do so on various systems. But, if you are unable, then it means you need the help of a Nest Pro. If you purchased your Nest thermostat from Nest Pro, allow them to install it for you. The pro warranty can also be extended.

Final word

 Nest Thermostat E is compatible with most dehumidifiers, meaning that you can control them from anywhere. What you need to be much careful about when installing your thermostat with a humidifier is compatibility. Thank God you have seen for yourself some standard labels on your dehumidifier or humidifier that indicate their compatibility.

Try to make the above helpful guide and control your humidifier and a central point.

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