Can You Use Amazon Fire Stick Abroad – Step By Step User Guides

YES, but it is challenging as traveling from one country to another may force you to de-register and re-register the device again. Amazon Fire Stick is a handy electronic that has revolutionized everything, allowing people to enjoy their media.

After technological advancements made the world look like a village, scientists have been trying to invent a suitable device to help people stream their favorite movies and TV shows worldwide. People were using mobile devices, but their small displays are annoying, the Smart TVs didn’t attract the public imagination, and the resolutions and size of laptops might be excellent.

This article will educate on how to use Amazon Fire Stick abroad.

Does Fire Stick work abroad?Does Fire Stick work abroad?

Yes, but some limitations require you to de-register and re-register the device after traveling to another country. There are no problems at all with these devices working in Fire Stick supported countries.

Countries that don’t support Fire Stick will force you to change your Amazon account settings. It would help if you also understood that Fire Stick contents might vary from one country to another. This implies that it’s no assurance that everything in your device will work after moving to a foreign country.

However, if you’re an Amazon Eligible Prime Member, you won’t have to change the device’s settings. For such people, their TV shows and Movies categories change automatically from one country to another.

How to make Amazon Fire Stick work abroadcan you use amazon fire stick abroad

Yes, it’s possible to make a Fire Stick work in a foreign country. One of the best ways to do so is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN functions incredibly by sourcing relevant data traffic from the local country and using an external server to send it to the intended destination. This device is therefore meant for privacy to most users as it essentially renders them anonymously online.

But, it remains an effective tool to allow an individual to navigate around geo-restrictions. A Fire Stick stops working after changing its IP address. But, using the VPN software will fool the service provider that you’re within their service area. They will have no otherwise but allow you to use the Fire Stick abroad.

The most used VPN is Expressvpn. However, many people face challenges when connecting a VPN to the FireStick. But, after the introduction of Express VPN, things have changed.

You will not have to install the VPN manually; visit the Amazon App Store and access the ExpressVPN. Most people prefer using the software because it’s reliable and fast. Streaming media content is, therefore, straightforward and faster.

These devices are also equipped with top-level privacy and encryption policies which imply that your security is enhanced. More so, ExpressVPN provides you with various servers to choose from. Some of them can have not less than 2000 servers, available in not less than 93 countries worldwide.

Some of the significant countries include the USA, UK, plus other Firestick-supported nations. Therefore, anyone using FireStick is allowed to use ExpressVPN and connect to the home server. This implies that ExpressVPN allows you to enjoy a home away from the home experience regardless of your location in the globe.

How to connect ExpressVPN on your FireStickHow to connect ExpressVPN on your FireStick (step by step guide)

Installing ExpressVPN to your FireStick is straightforward and quick, thanks to the New Amazon App. You won’t struggle to install the app manually. Below are some of the essential steps that one should follow when installing ExpressVPN onto your FireStick:

Step 1: Register for ExpressVPN

Signing up for ExpressVPN is necessary, and you can do so on their website. It’s not possible to do it on the Amazon app directly.

Step 2: power on the FireStick

Under this step, you will be required to switch on the device and ensure the homepage is too. Toggle through the search icon, resembling a magnifying glass.

Step 3: Type in ExpressVPN

On the search engine, you are supposed to enter the word “ExpressVPN.” Click the function, and after finding the app, click on it to open the app window.

Step 4: Click on the ‘INSTALL’

After finding the app, the next thing will be to download it and then followed by installation. This step is straightforward as it doesn’t involve many things.

Step 5: Open the VPN app

After installation, you have to open the app and enter your username, activation code, or password if prompted.

Step 6: Click connect

Once the ExpressVPN has opened, the next step will be to click on ‘connect’ to connect to the nearest available server automatically. It will then link the server to your actual location.

Alternatively, one may choose a server based on the city and country by pressing the “Selected Location” function.

Step 7: Click the home or back button

On the FireStick remote, click the home or back button to exit from using the ExpressVPN and continue using your FireStick typically. The ExpressVPN will continue operating in the background.

You are now free to use your Amazon Fire Stick anywhere around the globe.

FAQs About Amazon Fire Stick :

  • Can I use Amazon Fire Stick in a different house?

Yes, these devices are portable; you need to carry the FireStick with all its connected components. Set up an internet connection; you will be ready to go.

  • Can I use my FireStick on more than one TV?

Yes, these gadgets connect directly to the Wi-Fi but are not confined to a single TV. This, therefore, implies that it’s possible to connect your Amazon Fire Stick to different TVs around your home. Do so only when both devices support HDMI connection.

  • How many Fire Sticks that a single account can support?

Only two fire sticks; you can go beyond this.


A short wrap-up, for an individual to use FireStick in a foreign country, you will have to learn how to use a VPN. From the above information, it’s clear that ExpressVPN is the best and recommended Virtual Private Network app. This app allows you to use the Amazon Fire Stick anywhere around the globe without hassles.

More about how to  Use Amazon Fire Stick, You should watch this video below;

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