Ceiling Fan Light Turns on by Itself – What’s the Problem

Ceiling fan with light is one of the most modernise decoration of present-day home decoration. Having lights on fans, fulfil the need for both light and air. But how would feel if your ceiling fan light turns on suddenly on by itself during your sleep? Besides waking up from sleep, you may have various kinds of thoughts.

If your ceiling fan has many kinds of attachment, for example, automation, then there can be any technical problem. Fun fact is, you are not the only one facing this kind of problem. Many complaints are registered on the online question and answer sites.  

You have searched for this article because you are suffering from this “automating Light turning on” situation. And here we are to help you out with the problem. We will discuss some individual, essential steps, following which you can check your Ceiling Fan Light all by yourself for what is wrong. 

The problem with your ceiling fan light could be anything. You would not believe if we say that, there could be the same configured fan in your neighbour’s house. And by rare coincidence, you both could have the same configuring remote control. Your Neighbour may need to turn the light on, and the fan could pick up noise or a stray signal. 

Let’s discuss some other problems you can have with your ceiling fan light;

Guides for fixing  ceiling fan light turns on by itself

Fixing Automated Ceiling Fan Light Turning On

ceiling fan light turns on by itself

If you have faulty wire connection or faulty automation sensor, your ceiling fan light with a sudden light can ruin your goodnight sleep. There could be many reasons, and without wasting any more precious time, we will be discussing them with possible solutions. Without any further a due, let’s get started; 

  • Similar Remote Frequency

Product of the same organisation sometimes come with a configured regular frequency. So if you have the same fan brand in your neighbourhood, they can regulate your fan and conversely. Do not hesitate to talk with your neighbour if you are facing this kind of situation. If the remote frequency is the main culprit, then you must change t for your good. 

  • Damaged wiring 

Frayed wiring may cause the fanlight to turn on and off itself inside the fan’s housing. To ensure they are snug and all wires secure, open the fan housing and check all wires/cables. If any problems arise, the wire links should be sealed and the frayed wires patched or cut back and reconnected with electrical tape.

  • Go through the manual.

Reading the manual is the first thing you should do. Without knowing what you are dealing with, you possibly can not figure out the problem. Maybe your fan is fixed on a scheduled power on and off for the lights. 

Read the manual, or call the company or you could search on the internet. The only thing that matters is you have to fix the sudden turning on of your ceiling fan light.

  • Accidentally Turned on

It could be possible that you may have used your remote to turn the light off, adjust the fan speed and placed the remote control beside your head. Now this situation can occur one in a thousand. But a possible incident could ve that, your remote was tripped with your hand, and it turned on the light. 

So, we suggest, before taking any major step, you can also investigate this incident. Place your remote control somewhere your hand can not reach in your sleep. 

  • Poor connection in the primary circuit panel

A more severe cause of your Ceiling fan light turning on could be a problem in the electrical connections in your home. There could be two situations; one, the ceiling fan was installed in the house before you were in it. Two, you had to install it after you got into the house. In the first case, the circuit panel could be worn out, and for the second, the new connection could be a little off. 

Check the circuit panel with a multimeter for continuity. If there is no problem with that, then it could be the wiring causing the fuss. Change the wirings by following the fan and home wiring manual. 

  • Faulty Remote Controller

Ask a question to yourself, do you use the remote controller every time to control the fan? If the answer is yes, then try to reset or troubleshoot the remote. AS we always say, technical components like remote controller can have a malfunction now and then. 

You can also restart it by disconnecting your fan from your energy source and wait two minutes to turn it on again. Keep the light and fan button on the remote at the same time within those minutes. You can see blinking lights as you make the right moves, and your fan begins spinning slowly.

Some important FAQs

You could have questions after the above discussion. We have arranged some questions to help you out with your confusions or curiosity. Go through the problem and answer part, where we have put some frequently asked. Questions with most possible answers; 

Poor connection in the primary circuit panel

  • Can you replace a ceiling fan without light with a ceiling fan with light?

The distinction is that the same switch operates your light and fan if the original fan has been switched. The fan and light kit can be worked independently with the current pull cables. You’ll be fitted with four wires to the pump.

  • What do you do if you lose your ceiling fan remote?

Initially, just buy a new remote and set the dip switches in the recipient to fit the configuration inside the fan. The new machine now runs the fan much like the old one lost. Secondly, the receiver can be disconnected, and the fan plugged directly into the house cable so that it works with the pull chain.

  • What could be the possible reason behind fan remote is not working?

Maybe a battery lack of dead batteries is the most common trigger for a ceiling supply remote. If there is a warning light on your remote control, try to find out if it happens. If not, it is a positive indication that there’s a problem with a battery. Open the battery cover for remote control.

  • Could a ceiling fan has stopped working but light still works?

When the fan has a light fixture on it, and the lights operate, but not the fan, you know that the energy supply is sufficient and a problem either in the cord or the fan motor. If nothing works at all, please verify that the wall switch is powered. Test to see if there is a breaker.

  • Can a Ceiling fan with a light run without capacitor?

It is not only used for starting but also for running your fan. There was a mistake. Therefore to simply answer your question, even though you manually rotate it, the fan will not operate without a condenser, since the condenser is required for a magnetic flow to transform the fan.

Final Words

We know, how much important a night of good, sound sleep is. Due to some technical and mechanical issue, why would you let that ruin? The above steps are straightforward to follow and can be performed by yourself. But as we always recommend, as an owner, you have the liberty to call upon an expert to diagnose the system

We have arranged this guide so that you don’t have to spend an extra amount of money on technicians or expensive types of equipment. 

We hope this guide will be of great help. Good luck.

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