Common Totaline Thermostat Problems and How to Fix Them

Totaline thermostats are essential and widely used at home and in offices. The thermostats perform a significant function in controlling the heating and cooling system using the HVAC system. People prefer Totaline thermostats in that they bring a coziness effect and use less electricity thus reducing electricity bills. The thermostats exist in different forms, with each having its installation instructions.

Despite its advantages, the Totaline Thermostat usually faces common problems such as touchscreen failures. In most cases, the issues require immediate fixation before damaging the whole thermostat. Luckily, the article shows common Totaline Thermostat problems and their possible solutions.

Common Totaline Thermostat problems

The information below describes the common problems affecting Totaline Thermostat and how to troubleshoot them.

1. Incorrect thermostat time readings

common totaline thermostat problems

Sometimes, the Totaline Thermostat may lack tracking the correct time, thus reading the wrong time. Incorrect time readings usually result from the thermostat lacking battery or draining all energy from the battery C-Wire. Further, thermostat finance may become faulty due to exposure to high temperatures above the recommended one. If the temperature exceeds the recommended level, it causes the thermostat to trip, automatically shutting off the 24VAC to the burner and the thermostat.

Troubleshooting the incorrect time reading is simple, and it is easy to follow the recommended steps. First, identify the leading cause of the temperature rise.  Temperature increase can be due to the accumulation of dirt on the filters preventing correct functioning of the finance. Secondly, inspect the whole thermostat and the finance carefully to detect any faults. If the air filter is too dusty or dirty, seek the possible means of cleaning it. For instance, use a vacuum cleaner to suck all dirt and dust.

If you fail to remove all dust using the vacuum cleaner, use other recommended equipment such as a soft dry sponge. Also, shaking the air filter removes all dust and dust present in the air filter. After removing all dust, restart the thermostat and click on the “clock settings”. Set the correct time readings and click “Okay”. But, if the problem persists, consider contacting a nearby service area for help.

2. The thermostat touchscreen fails to respond

The thermostat touchscreen fails to respond

In most cases, the thermostat touch screen may fail to function normally or fail to respond, preventing you from regulating the heating and cooling of different rooms. The failing of the thermostat touchscreen is a severe issue, and if ignored, it can severely affect the correct functioning of the whole thermostat.

If the touch screen fails to function as usual, first, scrutinize the condition of the touchscreen. Connect the Totaline Thermostat to the power supply source, remove the cover, and press the “reset button”. Hold the three target centers on the touchscreen and recalibrate the touchscreen to eliminate the problem.

After successfully restarting the thermostat, test to see if you have resolved the touchscreen issue. While pressing the buttons, handle them with a lot of care to prevent them from being damaged. Finally, follow the correct steps carefully to obtain the best positive response.

3. Thermostat failed to respond to temperature changes

Thermostat failed to respond to temperature changes

Sometimes, the Totaline Thermostat may fail to respond to the temperature adjustments. The leading cause is air flowing over the temperature sensor from the hole behind the Totaline Thermostat. Once air flows over the temperature sensors, it triggers the thermostat preventing it from responding to temperature changes.

You can resolve such a problem by covering the hole near or behind the thermostat with the recommended insulating tool. Also, if there is no insulating material, consider using the spray for insulation purposes. But, if the problem persists, examine the whole thermostat and identify other possible causes such as fault thermostat, etc.

4. The thermostat battery is discharging continuously

The thermostat battery is discharging continuously

Regular use of batteries such as alkaline results in battery draining power continuously or discharging instead of charging. To fix such problems, use AA lithium batteries instead of alkaline batteries. If the batteries still discharge after changing them, inspect the thermostat’s backlight settings. Backlight uses a lot of power; therefore, it is advisable to keep them OFF.

If you want to use the backlight, consider contacting skilled personnel to connect the thermostat to the C-Wire so that the thermostat backlight uses direct power from the C-Wire outlet. Finally, consider the quality, cost, and buy AA lithium batteries that fit the Totaline thermostat when choosing an AA lithium battery for the thermostat.

5. HVAC system functioning backward

HVAC system functioning backward

Sometimes, the thermostat HVAC system may respond differently to temperature adjustments. For instance, the thermostat may heat on cooling command or may cool on heating command. If the unit responds oppositely, it is a result of incorrect heat pump settings.

When fixing the heating and cooling system, scroll the thermostat setting and click the third step. Reset the heat pump settings. If the thermostat lacks the heat pump, turn off the thermostat using step three. If the problem persists, replace the heat pump or contact a professional for help.

6. Resetting thermostat password

Most people tend to forget their thermostat pin or passwords. If you fail to unlock your thermostat by forgetting the pin, use the following steps to reset the pin. First, locate the reset button “touch to reset” and press it gently. The thermostat will unlock after you erase the thermostat pin. Also, you can reset the pin by using the pin settings.

7. Thermostat buttons fail to respond

Buttons failing to function is a common problem affecting the Totaline thermostats, and it is a result of locking the thermostat keypad. To resolve the issue, use the following steps. Click on mode and copy the previous day. Reset the time, and temperature then hold for some time or consider disabling this feature by pressing FAN to bring the installer setup for correct functioning. Hold FAN for a couple of seconds, approximately 10 seconds, and switch it off by setting option 18.

8. The thermostat screen displays “PF” when the HVAC system starts

Sometimes, the thermostat screen displays an error message “PF,” and the error results from no C-Wire present. To fix such issues, first, check if there is a C-Wire. If it is not present, install the wire and test the thermostat. But, if the error appears continuously even after installing the C-Wire, check for blown wire, poor connection, etc., and try troubleshooting them.

9. The thermostat fails to turn on cool or heat

The thermostat fails to turn on the heat or cool results from a fault house code on the receiver and the thermostat itself. First, match the receiver and the thermostat and set the house code using step 4 and dip switches where the thermostat uses dip switches and house code uses step 4. Also, consider checking the type of batteries present. Try using AA lithium batteries instead of using alkaline batteries.

10. HVAC system flashing

Most Totaline thermostat heat and cool systems keep flashing. Flashing the heat and cool system in most cases results from the engagement of the compressor protection feature. If your thermostat heats up and the cool system keeps flashing, let the system sit for a couple of minutes, approximately four minutes after restarting the system. Turn on the thermostat and test if it is functioning correctly.

11. Inaccurate calibration of the thermostat by the temperature

The temperature can sometimes calibrate the thermostat inaccurately. To fix such a problem, first press the FAN key and enter the installer setup for approximately 8 seconds. Adjust the temperature degrees to the preferred offset values. The recommended degrees are (between + 4 and -5).


Most people experience Totaline Thermostat problems such as heat and the cool system keeps flashing. Luckily, the article provides the best ways of troubleshooting the Totaline thermostat problems without any difficulties. To apply the tips above, have little technical skills to handle thermostat parts and how they function.

Finally, consider contacting an expert to help you troubleshoot the problems if you cannot fix them. Always consider following the manufacturer’s instructions and regularly servicing your Totaline thermostat.

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