How to Connect ecobee4 to Google Home- Quick Guide

Ecobee4 thermostats are crucial and are used in different places, including the multi zones. The thermostats control temperatures of different rooms and are manageable via touchscreens, some apps in your smartphone that require installation, and website portals. Moreover, ecobee4 thermostats require sensors to regulate the temperature of different rooms in the house from one place.

Smart ecobee4 thermostats are the best and can now be controlled from google assistant or any other smartphone device. It is possible to establish a connection between ecobee4 and google home to allow you to control and regulate temperatures of different rooms using your smartphone or any android device.

Steps on how to install ecobee4 to google home

There are two methods of connecting ecobee4 to google home. Method one involves using a google home speaker, and method two involves establishing a connection without using a google home speaker.

Method 1: Using google home speaker

how to connect ecobee4 to google home

The following steps will help you establish a connection between google home speaker and your ecobee4 thermostat using google home speaker.

Step 1: Materials required

Before connecting the ecobee4 thermostat to google home, collect all materials necessary for connection establishment. The materials required include; an ecobee4 thermostat, google home speaker, etc.

Step 2: Using an android device, search the google home app

First, switch on the android device if it is off. Then, search the google home app on your phone and tap. Finally, open the google home app. Ensure your Android device has an internet connection such as WIFI or cellular data; if you don’t have a google home app, download it from the play store and install it.

Step 3: Verify the Google account to be used

Identify the Google account that is suitable for use. Then, click on the link listed in google home and verify the google account by confirming your credentials. Credentials are essential details when logging on to the google home app.

Google accounts also allow potential users to switch from one account to another. It is easy to switch accounts by clicking the account switching options. It is advisable to use a google account that you can easily remember.

Step 4: Click the menu screen and select the home control option

After verifying the google account, click on the menu screen on your android device and click on home control. Several settings appear, showing devices available for connection.

Step 5: Select add device

Choose the add device setting in the device tap menu. Then, leave your android to search for all devices available and wait until your ecobee4 thermostat appears. The searching process takes approximately 20 to 60 seconds, depending on the speed and model of your android device.

Step 6: Choose ecobee4

After tapping and searching all devices available for any connection, click on the ecobee4 thermostat device from the list. Ensure you carefully choose ecobee4 to avoid creating an unnecessary connection between google home and the android device.

Step 7: Authorize ecobee4 thermostat

Authorization allows the ecobee4 thermostat to connect to the google assistant in your android device. Ensure there is an internet connection if you are using the internet. Also, ensure you use correct credentials that are encrypted and protected from hackers.

Step 8: Test the ecobee4 and google home connection

Test the ecobee4 with google assistant after placing them in a room that allows you to have high-quality voice control. If the connection is unsuccessful, reboot your android and ecobee4 device and repeat the process above until you establish the connection.

If the problem persists, check the status of the ecobee4 and the android device. Try fixing the issues before repeating the process above. If you cannot connect the ecobee4 and google home, contact a professional technician or consider connecting the ecobee4 without using the google home speaker.

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Method 2: Establishing a connection between ecobee4 and google home without google home speakers

Establishing a connection between ecobee4 and google home without google home speakers

To connect ecobee4 without using google home speaker, follow the steps below carefully:

i. Find the location of the google assistant app by searching it on your android device. Then, open the app on your android device.

ii. After opening the google assistant app, locate “Explore” and click on the icon.

iii. Click the icon that contains magnifying glass. After clicking the magnifying glass icon, search for your ecobee4 thermostat.

iv. After the ecobee4 appears, click on it for more settings.

v. Set the ecobee4 using your android device. Ensure you input correct options when setting the ecobee4 smart thermostats.

vi. Establish a connection between the ecobee4 and the google home app by logging on to the google account. Ensure you use the correct details when logging in to your account. Ensure the log-in and linking between ecobee4 account and google account is successful.

vii. Test the connection with your android device. If the connection fails, repeat the process above until you obtain accurate results but if the problem persists, consider seeking assistance from a skilled technician.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why is my ecobee4 thermostat account not connecting to the WIFI network?

Sometimes when connecting the ecobee4 thermostat with google home, the connection may be unsuccessful, especially the network connection for loading google assistant and ecobee4 thermostat account.

First, the distance between the ecobee4 and google home. If the distance between the two is larger, signal transmission weaknesses are resulting in internet connectivity problems. To fix such a problem, consider reducing the distance between ecobee4 and the android device.

Secondly, power interruptions create disconnection making the android and ecobee4 unable to connect to the router. To fix the problem, ensure you have power backup once there is a power blackout. Also, disconnect power and the router, then reinstall them back. Finally, test the internet connectivity and if the problem persists, reboot both the router and the android device.

Interference from wireless networks also affects internet connectivity. Wireless interferences include; Bluetooth, microwave ovens, etc. to fix the problem, consider keeping wireless interfaces away from the router and android device.

Lastly, obstructions such as thick walls weaken WIFI signals, affecting internet connectivity between the ecobee4 and google assistants. Therefore, ensure the router, ecobee4, and the android device are closely connected.


When choosing a smart thermostat for connecting with google assistant, choose the thermostat that suits your preference. For instance, consider using the ecobee4 thermostat. Also, choose a thermostat of high-quality that will last longer.

If you want to connect your ecobee4 thermostat to the google home, follow the steps above carefully to obtain positive results. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when connecting the ecobee4 thermostat to google home.

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