Does Echo Dot Need to Be Plugged in – Thing You Should Know

A hockey puck is what most people think the Echo Dot looks like. This intelligent speaker remains essential as you can use it along with Alexa, a voice assistant, to initiate different voice commands. Once connected Echo Dot with Alexa, you can use them to control other smart devices, listen to news and music, and set alarms in your home.

The device is equipped with tiny speakers that capture voice commands before executing them. Therefore the most straightforward answer to the above questions is YES. This device has to be plugged in for it to operate. The reason behind this statement is that the Echo Dot doesn’t feature an inbuilt battery.

Setting up Amazon Echo Dot for a fantastic experienceSetting up Amazon Echo Dot for a fantastic experience

As discussed above, you should have to equip the device with a portable battery. That’s if you plan to use it where there’s no power source. Enjoying the benefits of the Amazon Echo Dot needs connection and power. Besides, you will have to connect it to the Alexa App for an excellent sound experience.

After purchasing an amazon echo dot, the next thing will be installing it and enjoying its varying capabilities. Below are some of the steps to follow;

  1. Plug it in the nearest power outlet and observe the orange glow
  2. Download and install the Alexa app; ensure it’s compatible with your echo dot.
  3. Switch on your Bluetooth, connect or pair with your device.
  4. There will be an introductory video by App Alexa
  5. You are now allowed to customize the device to listen to news and music, plus other kinds of stuff you desire.
  6. Wi-Fi connection is essential for quick setup.

How can I make my Echo Dot battery-powered?How can I make my Echo Dot battery-powered?

This device is specifically to be used at a particular station in a specific position. However, some events and situations may force you to change the location of your device.

Although multiple products are designed to power up Amazon Echo Dot, they tend to be pocket poking. Hence, you’ll not enjoy using the device to the fullest. For this reason, below are some of the reliable options for boosting Echo Dot’s battery.

  • Smart speakers with built-in batteries

It might be interesting to understand that it’s possible to connect your Echo Dot to a Bluetooth speaker with a built-in battery. It’s a portable gadget that can keep your Amazon Echo Dot powered; no need for plugging in. This art will allow you to enjoy music both outdoors and indoor.

  • Portable power bank

A portable power pack famously referred to as a power bank remains essential in powering your Echo Dot and phones. You need only to plug your device into the power bank when a power outlet is out of reach.

Remember to unplug the Echo Dot from the power bank when it’s not in use or at night to preserve the battery power. Additionally, a portable power bank assures you of less than 2 or 3 days of dense utilization. Despite some portable battery banks might be bulky, there are multiple efficient options.

Why Echo Dot needs to be plugged indoes echo dot need to be plugged in

Like the Echo, Amazon Echo Dot requires a power outlet since it doesn’t feature a built-in battery. Therefore, it can’t be functional when unplugged. It’s primarily valuable for controlling other smart devices around your home, which is possible through a virtual assistant Alexa.

Alexa app is significant in enabling the Echo Dot to be constantly innovative, responding to your arrays of voice commands. By implication, one should own the Alexa app by either downloading or being a prominent user. The Amazon Echo Dot incredibly pairs Alexa to available intelligent devices around your home.

The primary purpose is always to offer you a hand-free control experience, allowing you to control all the smart devices in your house via voice commands.

Unique features of the Echo DotUnique features of the Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot remains a pocket-friendly, flexible, and portable device. When combined with the Alexa app, this gadget is excellent for carrying any voice commands. You achieve better sounds by connecting it to a nearby speaker.

So, connecting it to Alexa will enable your Amazon Echo Dot to perform professionally. The device can do a variety of impressive functions like;

  • Traffic and weather information
  • Playing games and streaming podcasts
  • Alarm setting
  • Connecting to your lovely news and music sources
  • Connecting to Google calendar
  • Controlling other smart devices within your home
  • Searching and reading books on the Amazon echo dot via your Kindle or Audible libraries
  • Send messages and make calls

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does Echo Dot have an inbuilt battery?

Surprisingly, these devices don’t feature an internal battery; you will have to keep them plugged in. Connecting it to a nearby wall socket is everything required to power Amazon Echo Dot. However, equipping your device with battery packs like Amazon Echo Dot Smart Battery Case allows you to eliminate the need for all-time plugging in.

  • How long can the Echo Dot battery last?

Approximately 6 to 7 hours. However, this depends on the type of battery pack you’re using. For example, a model like Fremo Evo can power your Echo Dot for not less than 6 hours.

  • Does Echo Dot 3rd Gen need to be plugged in?

Yes, there’s nothing much different between Amazon echo dot and echo dot third generation. They all need to be plugged into the nearest power outlet. However, using a battery pack can be a great solution for outdoor usages.


Often, one may wish to enjoy the friendly company of Amazon Echo Dot in places with no plugin power outlet. Since these devices don’t come with inbuilt-batteries, sometimes outdoor usage may be a bit challenging. However, due to the introduction of Power packs/banks, both outdoor and indoor use of Echo Dot is enhanced.

There’s no need to worry anymore because you can invest in one of the best portable battery packs. Besides, you can opt for an appropriate speaker that features an internal battery. These options can power your echo dot for some days. Those people admiring to enhance their lifestyle with some smart devices, then Amazon Echo Dot is no exception.

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