How to Change a Dometic Thermostat to Fahrenheit

Dometic comes with a few varying thermostats, but most of them have –ve and +ve signs on the right while the temperature in the center. The functions are located on the left side; that’s for commonly used Dometic thermostats. These gadgets are essential in ensuring your home has the required temperature.

Therefore, we install them to control temperature supply; the installer ensures your Dometic Thermostat is pre-programmed. I mean that your thermostat is in charge of controlling the level of cooling or heating to equip your home with the right temperature.

Changing a Dometic thermostat to Fahrenheithow to change dometic thermostat to fahrenheit

Most thermostats are designed and programmed to show temperatures either in Fahrenheit (F) or Degrees Celsius (C). This depends on the general desires of the state from which you are planning to buy. Therefore, if you intend to display your home temperatures differently, don’t worry because it’s possible.

Changing your Dometic thermostat to Fahrenheit is not challenging. Instructions may vary based on the manufacturer and model. But, below are steps by step guide to switching your Dometic thermostat to Fahrenheit;

Step 1: Powering your Dometic thermostat on/off

To turn on your Dometic thermostat, you press the “ON/OFF MODE” function. You will be activating the LCD. On the other hand, if you won’t turn off the Dometic thermostat, you have to press the “ON/OFF mode” key and navigate the menu until the Green LED (ON/OFF) is on.

Green LED will continue to be on for not more than 15 seconds after turning off the thermostat. The display screen goes off after switching off the device.

Step 2: Search for the “C/F” function on your thermostat.

The “C/F” button is mainly located on the front part of the thermostat. You need to press the function and navigate between temperatures, either Fahrenheit or Degrees Celsius. After doing so, the current settings will be saved; it will return to normal only after the “C/F” function is re-pressed.

However, sometimes the “C/F” button might be part of the screen if your Dometic thermostat is touch-screen. Once you’re done with this step, go on to the next step.

Step 3: Enter the setup mode of your thermostat

Under this step, you must navigate through the unit’s menu until you get a Celsius or Fahrenheit mode option. Try to toggle the settings of the temperature based on your preferences and thermostat’s controls. Up to this juncture, you will be in a good position to change the style/way temperature should be displayed.

However, for some models, this setting’s location will vary. Confirm from your user manual instructions.

Step 4: Navigate through the “Installer Config” settings on the thermostat

Under this step, what you need to do is to navigate through the configuration menu until you find “C” or “F” that appears on the screen. The next thing will be to use the left or right arrow keys and “C” to “F.”

Exiting the configuration menu will save the new changes. Now, your Dometic thermostat will be displaying your home temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit.

Alternatively, you can change your Dometic thermostat to Fahrenheit by removing its facing. Pull the facing slightly to access internal switches. After removing the facing, search for two tiny black switches.

One switch will have an E and the other one a G symbol (Electric and Gas). The second switch will have C and F symbols; place the switch on C, and re-install your thermostat’s face. You will be through with changing the Dometic thermostat to Fahrenheit.

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Mode selection in Dometic thermostatsMode selection in Dometic thermostats

Press the “ON/OFF MODE” function to toggle through the models available. Remember, every successive press always directs you to the next Mode (available). Furthermore, the Green Led indicates you’ve selected the Mode.

Based on the units installed, available options will be Fan, Off, Cool, Heat Pump, Furnace, or Heat strip.

  • Fan speed

Here, you need to press and hold the “ON/OFF MODE” function, ensuring the fan green LED is on. The screen will display “Lo” (low), “Au” (Auto), or “Hi” (High). You, therefore, have to press the “” or “+” button and choose your preferred fan speed.

  • Temperature Set-Point

Press the “” or “+” to alter your thermostat’s temperature set-point. Two numbers on display indicate this mechanism. Pressing “+” will increase the temperature set-point, while pressing the “” will decrease the temperature set-point.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I reset my Dometic thermostat?

First of all, you need to make sure the primary power source is switched on. You also have to ensure the thermostat’s power is powered on. The thermostat should be in “on/off mode.”

Press and hold the “ZONE” and “MODE” buttons until you see “iNit.” Then release the keys. The last thing will be to press the ‘ON/OFF’ functions.

  • How can I fix the error in my Dometic thermostat?

If your Dometic thermostat portrays such a problem, revise the user manual and see whether you get a solution. These units come with handy user manual instructions, explaining how to operate and what to do if they encounter problems. So, if the user manual doesn’t work for you, maybe you have a dumpy thermostat.

Contact Dometic customers care to inquire if the problem persists. If it’s still under warranty, replace it or return it entirely for a refund.

  • Why is my Dometic fridge not getting cold?

It would help if you wanted to ensure that there’s no obstruction. Remember, if your refrigerator doesn’t feature excellent airflow, it will probably not cool completely.  Some models don’t have external fans in the cooling unit.

  • How can I remove my Dometic thermostat?

These thermostats come with a tiny tab on the bottom. Use a screwdriver to pry to unlock the cover firmly.

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From the above discussion, you can realize that Dometic is a prominent company producing the best thermostats. Go through this article to learn how to change a Dometic thermostat to Fahrenheit.  

There are multiple models from the same brand that their operation can vary slightly. You need to understand which model you have, but almost all of them share similar operational instructions.

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