Ecobee3 Lite WiFi Thermostat Review

Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat is a modern thermostat with good and smart features to regulate the temperatures in a particular room without many requirements. The thermostat above is easy to use due to its features and has an app that makes it easy to regulate the conditions in the phone over the internet at any place and any time. In addition, the thermostat app has a touch display that makes it easy to use.

Therefore, the Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat is good for use in the house while regulating the air conditions. It can connect with other smart devices through the internet and control the temperatures in a house more than any other device. In addition, the thermostat saves much cash since you can control it with the phone such that you can switch it on or off at any time, saving the electricity bill in the house. Therefore, most people recommend using the Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat since it is the best thermostat for saving bills in the house.

The article below shows the features and benefits of the Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat from its design, the advantages and disadvantages of using it, and the factors to consider when buying a thermostat. Follow the article to identify the details of the thermostat and the buying guide, which helps you buy the right product that fulfills your desires.

Features and benefits

ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat review
  • Size and shape: The Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat is round and has a smaller font with a larger base. The thermostat is rectangular at the front side.
  • Appearance: The Ecobee3 lite thermostat has two colors: the face is black, and the backside is white.
  • Places of work: Thermostats regulate the temperatures of a room and hence can only work inside the room or rather indoors.
  • Connection: The type of connection with the Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat, as its name suggests, is through a wifi connection.
  • Price: The ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat is cheaper than the Ecobee4 thermostat but has more good features.


  • Regulates the humidity and temperatures of a room
  • Reduces the electricity bill hence saving cash to pay for electricity.
  • Increases the comfort of a person in a house
  • Works with the phone application that you can control the temperatures at any place.


  • It has more sensors that need more cash to buy hence wasting money.
  • It does not support geofencing.

Even though the Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat is expensive in terms of its sensors that need much cash to purchase and lacks the geofencing features, it is cheap as an overall item to buy, and that regulates the temperatures to increase the comfort in a room and saves the electricity bills. Moreover, it works with mobile applications in regulating the conditions.

Factors to consider when buying an Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat

Factors to consider when buying an Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat

Before choosing the right thermostat to use in the house to maintain the room’s temperature, there are some things to consider before buying it. Before buying it, there are factors to consider that help you buy the right item that fulfills your desires.  The factors include:

1. Amount of power

When choosing the Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat, checking the amount of power it holds, including the voltage and current, is good. Thermostats have different amounts of power they need to regulate the temperatures; however, most thermostats use 110V to 240V. Thermostats using the power of high voltages are good for use with electric systems, while thermostats using low power voltages are good for use with heat pumps and air conditioners.

2. Internet connection

Smart thermostats must have a good internet connection like wifi for easier use of the thermostat since you can connect to your smartphone through the Alexa app to control the temperatures at any time. Even though wifi is a bit expensive and maybe the internet connection may be poor, it is still the best for use if you have a smart device. Using thermostats without wifi is also good, but you cannot regulate the temperatures away from home.

3. Technology

  Modern technology designs thermostats such that you can program them to work according to your preference. For example, you can program the thermostat to reset itself with the temperature changes. If the temperatures are high, the thermostat resets itself to reduce the temperatures, and when the temperatures are lower, the thermostat resets itself to increase the temperatures. Modern thermostats are programmable and can be auto.

4. Design

Thermostats have different designs on their surfaces to help in reading and adjusting the temperatures reading. Smart thermostats reading have the LED flash that makes it simple to read the temperatures at any time. In other words, the LED flash is a source of display for easier visibility.  In some thermostats, there are modern designs that use the voice to control all the activities in the thermostat. Therefore, when choosing the right thermostat to use, consider buying a thermostat with the above specifications to make work easier and the regulation faster without difficulties.

5. The ability of Geo-fencing

A good thermostat can adjust the temperatures even if the owner is away such that it can save money to pay electric bills when it turns off the thermostat when it is not in use. All this is because the thermostat can survey your moves and adjust the settings on its own to save the bills. In some cases, the thermostat can enable the user to set the areas to visit to sense the distance and regulate.

6. Type of installation

It is good to choose a thermostat that is easy to install in the house such that you cannot install it on your own then destroy its functioning. Most thermostats have the manufacturer’s manual containing instructions on how to use it, the maintenance practices, and how to install it. The instruction on the installation process guides you on how to install the thermostat and set it to start reading the temperatures. Poor installation of the thermostat can make it fail to produce good results in the house.

7. Price

The price of a product matters a lot since some items are expensive but have fewer features. Most people recommend using the Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat since it has good features for regulating the temperatures like the internet connectivity; it is programmable such that it can work with the user away from home and can connect with the smartphones so that you can adjust the settings away from it.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Where can one purchase an Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat?

Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat is available at many places that sell different kinds of electronics worldwide. However, there are the best shops to visit or sites to check when looking for a thermostat. Amazon sites and eBay sites are the best sites to check over the internet to buy the thermostat. The sites offer free delivery of the products that you order to your doorstep. Moreover, the products they sell are of good quality and have warranties.


Ecobee3 lite wifi thermostat regulates the temperatures of a place hence increasing the comfort of an individual. Furthermore, the thermostat is easier to use as you can incorporate it with your mobile phone to control its settings while you are away. The article above shows the details of the thermostat, including the features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Therefore, follow the article carefully to note the details of a good thermostat for use in the house. A buying guide directs you on what to consider when buying a good thermostat for use since you can buy a thermostat that is not worth it.

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