How to Heat a Hot Tub without a Heater-Easy Ways

Hot tubs are an essential part of the home property as they give you a comfy soak after work. Hot tubs create luxury and relaxation at home. They use electric heaters to heat the cold water in them for use per the user’s specifications. Sometimes the hot tub may fail to function as usual due to some problems such as the heater’s failure. The heater is an essential element of the hot tub.

However, before your heater is fixed, you may need to use your hot tub for relaxation or so on. There are alternatives that you can use to heat the water without a heater. In this article, we will discuss methods of heating a hot tub without using a heater.

How to heat a hot tub without a heater

how to heat a hot tub without a heater

Using a heater to heat the hot tub is the fastest way, but it has an alternative. One of these ways is letting the tub warm in the sun. This method could be efficient but will take many hours if the heat tub won’t be working correctly. We will always need to heat the tub as fast as possible. Therefore, to reduce the time taken to warm up the tub, some things have to be done to make the process effective.

The following are the things to improve for a better warm-up.

1. The cover

The cover

 If the cover of your hot tub is functioning well, then the heating time will be less. The hot tub should not be left open during the heat up because the heat will escape to the atmosphere through evaporation. So it means that the time taken to get the hot tub to an optimum level will be more.

The cover must not have cracks or holes that can escape the heat, thereby slowing the heating process. Again, it is essential to clean the cover to prevent it from getting crashes. Lastly, when the lid is old enough not to function correctly, replacing it with a new one is advisable.

2. Landscaping

The positioning of your hot tub in your landscape can significantly impact the warming up process of the hot tub. The critical thing is to expose the hot tub to the sunlight to take minimum time to heat. If the tub is positioned in an area with trees, it might take time because of the shade. Again, if your compound has some decorative windshields, they will cool the hot tub too fast due to airflow restriction.

Reasons why a hot tub may not heat and how to troubleshoot them

Reasons why a hot tub may not heat and how to troubleshoot them

Like any other home appliance, a hot tub may fail to function in that, and it may stop heating. The following are the problems that may cause a hot tub not heat.

  • Water circulation problems

When the water in the hot tub is heating up slowly or it’s not heating, the hot tub control panel will show a problem message concerning the flow. It means that there is an issue with water flow and that there is little water-that is not enough for heating-flowing through the heater.

To fix such problems, first, inspect the heating and water flow pipes. If they are distorted, consider replacing the tubes with new ones. If the issue is a result of low water in the heat tub, fill the tub with clean water, and if the problem persists, contact a skilled plumber to help you fix the problem.

  • Failure of the heating element of the hot tub

If the water in the tub is not heating and there is a power connection, there is a probability that the heating element has a fault. In such a case, it is advisable to call an electrician to check the heater’s status. That kind of problem is fixed by replacing the heater with a new functional one. Ensure you buy a heat tub of high quality from a licensed seller.

  • Failure of the control board

The control board in the hot tub may also cause the tub not to heat up. It is always responsible for the functioning of the whole hot tub elements, including the heating element and the pump. This problem is fixed by replacing the entire control board. When buying a control board, ensure you buy the manufacturer’s board recommended by the manufacturer, which suits your heat tub perfectly.

  • Using an air blower

It feels so nice to use an air blower on the hot tub as it adds a significant new dimension and relaxation to the tub. However, using it continuously for a long time can be a big issue as it may be cooling the water in the hot tub. The only way to fix this problem is by using the air blower for a few minutes or eliminating its use.

  • Poor insulation of the cover

Most of the heat in the hot tub is always lost through evaporation on the water surface or conduction. The hot tub takes a long time to heat up, and therefore, heat loss causes an increase in the heating time. When the tub’s cover is not well insulated, the heat will be lost at a higher rate, reducing the hot tub temperature.

Ensure you insulate the hot tub cover well to minimize heating time. Finally, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to insulate the hot tub cover.

  • You have filled your hot tub recently

The hot tub will take a bit longer to warm up, approximately twelve to eighteen hours. The time taken depends on the water that comes out of the tap. Warmer tap water will take less time to heat up than freezing tap water. If the water is still not heating, it is advisable to give it more time to see the results.

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Hopefully, this has helped you get an alternative for heating your hot tub if the heater is no longer working. But, again, it is essential to follow the guidelines mentioned in the article to ensure the efficiency of the hot tub warm-up using sunlight.

In addition to that, the article helps you know why your hot tub may not function and how to fix the problems. If the hot tub is not heating, it is essential to read the error message to know what you need to improve. If you are unable to fix the problem, call an engineer and give them the correct information so that they can be able to know what they need to improve.

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