Hikvision vs. Lorex: Comparison Between Hikvision and Lorex

When you hear of Hikvision or Lorex you definitely know that we are talking cameras. Not just any ordinary cameras but smart IP surveillance cameras. These help to greatly improve the security at your home. They do this by detecting motion and recording images and videos thereafter storing them for later use.

Both Hikvision and Lorex cameras are a good choice for DIY surveillance and are also budget friendly. But when it comes to a point where you need to purchase only one of the two cameras, confusion is likely to arise. Of course, there is one camera that is much better than the other when we compare the features mostly.

In this article, we talk about the two cameras individually then later compare them on the basis of their features, prices

What are IP Surveillance Cameras?What are IP Surveillance Cameras

It is important to understand what IP cameras are before we delve deep into the Hikvision and Lorex cameras. Simply, these are digital video cameras that transfer and collect data over the internet or a certain network. They only need a network connection to operate as they have their own IP address. Connect them to a network just like you connect your laptop and they are good to go.

Notably, they can either be wireless or wired depending on the brand you buy. In some other instances, people tend to confuse CCTV and IP cameras. They are not similar. CCTVs receive a video signal then convert it to a format that is compatible with TVs, DVRs and VCRs. On the other hand, IP cameras convert video signals into packets that then transmit over a network such as a server or the internet.

Equipping your home with these IP cameras is convenient because you are able to view video footage and images from anywhere across the world for as long as you have an internet connection. Also, you can easily control them remotely.

Furthermore, they are very flexible because you get to move them from one place to another without any restrictions. You do not need a computer station or any axial cables; a strong internet connection is all you need. They are available for both outdoor and indoor use and can operate either during daytime or nighttime.

Hikvision CamerasHikvision Cameras

Hikvision is a company that specializes in manufacturing CCTV cameras for the purposes of surveillance including IP cameras. It is of Chinese origin and has been in existence since 2001. They have dome cameras, PTZ, bullet and fixed cube among many others.


  • They feature lenses that provide wider coverage for both pictures and videos.
  • Most of them come with inbuilt analytics software that is critical for surveillance so there is no need to buy another.
  • Easy to install and use if you are proficient with IT.
  • They have great megapixels hence improving on the resolution therein.

Lorex CamerasLorex Cameras

Lorex is a Canadian company that came up in 1993 that specializes in exclusive security cameras that are suitable for both home and business use. They also offer storage services for the cameras. So you may buy a camera from them in addition to a storage option of your preference because there are multiple of them.


  • Two way communication whereby you can communicate with the person on the other side of the camera. This is usually convenient.
  • It comes with an app (Lorex) that gives you access to streaming live video, pan, zoom or tilt your camera or put the two-way communication into use.
  • You can use this camera at night because of the night vision feature that allows it to capture images clearly during the night.
  • It has a motion detection feature as well. Once it detects motion, it starts recording video.
  • Compatibility with voice commands including Google Assistant and Alexa.

Comparison between Hikvision and Lorex Cameras

hikvision vs lorex
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After looking at each camera individually, it is important to compare the two to allow you to choose the most appropriate between the two cameras. We will use the factors below:

  • Motion detection

Interestingly, both cameras support regular motion detection, in that they start recording footage and images as soon as they detect any motion. However, Hikvision features advanced motion detection that is different from the basic one. Advanced motion detection ensures that there are no false alerts.

  • Design

The two cameras slightly feature the same design. Both of them have PTZ, dome, bullet and turret cameras and NVR and DVR stations that have an allowance to expand. But Hikvision is technologically advanced than Lorex in regards to thermal cameras, Turbo HD and intelligent traffic.

  • Storage

Both cameras allow for storage locally or via cloud services. You can either save your footage and images on an SD card or you can cloud record just in case the local storage disappears.

Hikvision requires you to pay some amount monthly ($4.99) for each camera in order to make use of cloud services which are quiet on the high. Lorex is cheaper, charging nothing for the basic plan and $3.09 for premium plan.

  • Quality of image

These cameras have high resolution cameras thus enhancing greatly their image quality. Some even go further to offer the most recent 4K Ultra HD. Nonetheless, Lorex offers much better night vision cameras that can capture images and videos up to between 130 and 300ft.

  • Power source

Lorex cameras are either wired or use batteries which make them really convenient. If you have a wired camera, you do not need to change the batteries each time. On the other hand, battery powered cameras are ideal for you if you do not want to move around with wires. Hikvision cameras are only wired but cannot use batteries.

  • Warranty

Lorex offers a 2 year warranty on their cameras but if you want to extend, you can do so for another 3 to 5 years and pay. Hikvision cameras feature a 3 year warranty and you only get this warranty from authorized dealers only.


The Hikvision and Lorex are excellent surveillance cameras that ensure maximum security of your home or office. Hikvision tends to be better than Lorex when it comes to the advanced motion detection features and inbuilt NVR and technology in general. On the other hand Lorex cameras are the best for night vision and are cheaper.

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