Honeywell Thermostat Battery Replacement Guide

Thermostats help to greatly improve the comfort in our homes by controlling the temperatures. Whether it is too cold or too hot, a thermostat will help to control the temperatures to whatever level you desire. Honeywell thermostats are the most common temperature control devices in people’s homes due to their ease of use and convenience. It is common for such devices to run out of batteries because of what they do.

However, you should take note of the fact that not all Honeywell thermostats need batteries in order to operate. If yours has an LED display, then it obviously runs on batteries. On that note, it is necessary to find out more on Honeywell thermostat battery replacement, including the type of batteries these thermostats use, the right time to change the batteries and how to change them.

When to replace your Honeywell Thermostat’s batteries

When to replace your Honeywell Thermostat’s batteries

Devices that run on batteries often need a replacement depending on how you are using them. If you use them on a daily basis, then the batteries will run out much sooner but if not, the batteries may last.

Do you use your thermostat on a daily, weekly or monthly? Your answer will determine how long the batteries will last. The good news is that you only need to replace the battery once a year for most Honeywell thermostats.

So, when is the right time to replace the batteries on your thermostat? Just 60 days before the battery runs out, you will start receiving notifications on the LED display of the thermostat. It will show “Low bat or “replace the bat” on the screen. This is to notify you that you need to replace its batteries as soon as you can.

Once the display goes blank or black, then the batteries are completely dead and your thermostat will not work anymore until you replace the batteries. If your thermostat uses battery as the only backup then its time and date settings will change once it goes off.

Thus, you need to get new batteries for your Honeywell thermostat as soon as you receive the low battery notification 60 days prior. Soon after you replace the batteries, the notifications will automatically disappear.

What batteries do Honeywell thermostats use?AAA batteries

It is not advisable to just use any type of batteries on your Honeywell thermostat. You need to use batteries that are compatible with it. Most of these thermostats use AAA batteries while there are those that use AA batteries.

These batteries are easily available in any store so you will not experience any hassle in finding them.

Prior to buying the batteries, you should know the right size and number of batteries your thermostat uses. To determine this, check its battery compartment. There are thermostats whose battery compartments do not slide therefore making it difficult to access.

But there is always a solution to everything. In this case, uncover the compartment by gently pulling off the cover plate from the bottom. Shake it lightly if you can and it will come right off the base plate.

At times, you may need to unscrew the cover plate from the base plate. You need to be careful with the screws because you still need them.

Different Honeywell thermostat modelsDifferent Honeywell thermostat models

There exist different models of the Honeywell thermostat brand and each has its own method of battery replacement. So, you must know the model number of your thermostat before purchasing batteries.

And where do you find the model number? You can either find it at the front of the thermostat or on a label at the back. Once you find it, note it down somewhere you will remember for future use.

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Step by Step Honeywell Battery Replacement Guide for Different Modelshoneywell thermostat battery replacement

Now that you know the different models and their respective model numbers, it is time to get into their battery replacement process. Most undergo the same process of battery replacement but there are slight differences. Depending on the model you are using, you are better off knowing the process in different models.

Honeywell 1000 & 2000 series

These thermostats are ideal for people who are on a low budget. They are common in apartments and households with many people. Their distinctive feature is the LED display that makes controlling it super easy.

  1. Switch off the thermostat and the main circuit breaker to avoid any encounters with live wires.
  2. Pull the cover-plate from the base plate.
  3. Take out the old AAA batteries and replace with new ones. Ensure the polarity matches.
  4. Place back the cover plate to the base plate carefully.
  5. Replacement is done. Turn on the thermostat.

Honeywell 3000 series

They come with a unique built-in compressor protection unit that protects the compressors in the AC and heat pump. Besides, they feature a display screen and only need battery replacement once in a year.

  1. Ensure you switch off the thermostat and main circuit.
  2. Pull the cover plate off the base plate.
  3. Replace the old batteries with 2 new AAA batteries.
  4. Put back the cover plate until it is firm.
  5. Power on the thermostat.

Honeywell 4000 series

These ones also come with a built-in compressor protection unit. Further, their super cool control system enables you to control the fan and set and adjust the temperature you desire. Moreover, their LED display is upgraded as compared to the others.

  1. Switch off the thermostat and separate the main circuit.
  2. Remove the cover plate to access the battery compartment,
  3. Get rid of the old batteries and replace with 2 AA batteries. Polarity should match.
  4. Return the cover plate to its initial position.
  5. Turn back on the thermostat.

Honeywell 5000 seriesHoneywell 5000 series

These thermostats have a sliding battery compartment and so there is no need of pulling the cover plate off the base plate. With a unique auto changeover feature, they make it possible for you to automatically switch between hot or cold temperatures.

  1. Power off the thermostat.
  2. Access the battery holder by gently pressing and pulling the cover plate. Get the battery compartment.
  3. Take out the old and replace with new AA batteries.
  4. Put the cover plate back.
  5. Turn on the thermostat.

Honeywell 8000 series

Thermostats in this series come with high upgrades including complete touchscreen controller and compatibility with Wi-Fi. You can use your smartphone to control these thermostats. In addition to this, they use an application for utmost control.

  1. Switch off the thermostat
  2. Take the cover plate using your hand and pull it in order to separate it from the base plate.
  3. Take out the old batteries and replace them with the new AAA batteries. Ensure that the polarity matches with the battery compartment markings.
  4. Put back the cover plate.
  5. Turn on the thermostat.


Well, now you have an idea of Honeywell thermostat replacement guide of different models ranging from series 1000 to the latest model. It is very easy as long as you follow the steps and take precautions as well. We hope that you find this article really helpful if planning to replace your thermostat batteries.

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