Honeywell Thermostat Flashing Return –How to Fix

Return is when the thermostat switches on the cooling/heating unit once the energy-saving period is over. We usually set the ‘return’ on the thermostat of the HVAC to represent our returning time. Programming the thermostat gives you a great way to reduce energy consumption bills.

Programming the unit is also essential in ensuring the device doesn’t operate non-stop, even when unavailable. So, if your Honeywell Thermostat keeps on showing a Return display, this article is for you. When choosing the right time for Return Time, it’s always advisable to develop additional lead time.

This implies that the amount of time is based on the exterior temperature and the unit’s typical response period. This allows the equipment to either cool or heat your house before you come back.

Temperature settings and Pre-programmed Time

Temperature settings and Pre-programmed Time

Honeywell thermostats feature sophisticated mechanisms and functions that, if not careful, programming them might be challenging. Thus, problems like showing the “Return” display might be difficult to fix. But, this shouldn’t stress you anymore because we’re going to make it straightforward for you.

I thought you should know that these devices are equipped with four significant programming periods. The wake period, for morning hours, the leave period, when people leave for work or school, Return period, is now the time people come back from job or school; mostly 6 PM.

The last programming period is the ‘Sleep Period’ when it’s time to rest on our beds. Your thermostat will show you each period’s status throughout the day. Besides, it allows you to alter, reprogram or adjust the temperature settings.

Programming Modes:

As stated above, you only have four programming choices for Honeywell Thermostats. They include;

      1-week programming; the settings are applied for the whole week.

      5+2 programming; for weekends and weekdays

      5+1+1 programming; for weekdays, Sunday and Saturday settings.

      7-programming; you are free to set factors for every day.

Now that you know Honeywell thermostats, let’s figure out how we can set the “Return Schedule.”

Since there are multiple thermostat models on the market, it cannot be easy to discuss each programming procedure. However, the process is much simpler because they are from the same Brand. After all, every programmable thermostat from Honeywell will either have two or three of the above four programming modes.

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How to Fix Honeywell Thermostat Flashing Return

Step one: Setting the timehoneywell thermostat flashing return

Start by pressing and holding down the “SET” function until the date or time flashes. After display flashes, use arrow functions to alter and set the correct time. Honeywell Thermostats are equipped with arrow buttons that are essential and handy. So use them to adjust the current time settings to your desired ones.

After selecting your desired period, save the changes by pressing the SET or DONE button. You’re through with step one; you see how it’s simple? Not complicated at all.

Step 2: Commanding the First program

After pressing the “SET” button, proceed to the ‘SET SCHEDULE’ mode. Use the down and up arrow buttons until you see the MON-FRIDAY WAKE schedule. After seeing this on display, press next to proceed with settings.

Again, you should use the down and up arrow keys when setting the WAKE schedule from Monday to Friday. Press the following function again and use the down and up arrow buttons to set your desired temperature. Again, press next to enter the next period.

Once you are done with the above steps, you can still use them to set for RETURN, SLEEP and LEAVE periods.

Step 3: Setting the next program

This is another step that involves unlocking the weekend’s settings. This step is straightforward as you only have to utilize the second step. Doing so will take you directly to the weekend schedule.

You are required to set your thermostat depending on the programming choice, i.e., 5+1+1 or 5+2. Putting the weekend schedule will help the cooling/heating unit to provide you with the necessary luxury.

Step 4: Completing the program

Once you’re through with programming, the next thing will be to tap the ‘DONE’ key. Doing so will close the menu bar. However, if you are not satisfied with the setting, use the ‘SET SCHEDULE’ functions to change some periods before leaving the menu.

Furthermore, use the ‘NEXT’ key to navigate through the menu while the down and up arrows for toggling through the functions. Once you arrive here, you will be in an excellent position to make changes to your settings.

Step 5: Make adjustments

Sometimes you might need to make changes temporarily, for example when you’re late to or from work. It’s simple; use the arrow keys to make changes. Your thermostat will probably display ‘TEMPORARY’ and produce the required temperature.

Use the ‘RUN SCHEDULE’ function to return to your standard settings.

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Frequently asked question:

   I. Why is the AC light blinking?

When your AC displays a blinking light issue, the air conditioner will also go off. This means that warm air is enhanced. Try to switch off the AC unit’s circuit breaker, give it some seconds and then power it on. The system will pick the normal working condition.

   II. Do low batteries interfere with the normal working condition of a thermostat?

Yes. Low batteries may result in excessive cooling or heating in your house. Sometimes the unit may fail to cool or heat your home thoroughly. Remember, batteries are essential in retaining the thermostat’s settings when the power goes off. So, low batteries remain a significant problem affecting digital thermostats, making them produce less or not at all cold or warm air to your home.

III. Why does my air conditioner keep on blinking a snowflake?

If you see two blinking snowflakes at the center-right of the unit display, it implies that the thermostat is in ‘Delay Mode’ for at least 5 minutes. This mechanism is significant in protecting the compressor from failure-related to unintentional turning the Mode switch from Heat-cool.


When you understand everything about thermostat programming, Flashing Return should never challenge you anymore. This guide is handy in helping you fix such issues with your Honeywell thermostat. The article not only covers ‘RETURN SCHEDULE’ but also other essential information.

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