How to Connect Honeywell Thermostat to Google Home

How does it feel to give out commands to machines from anywhere within your house and they just do as you require them to? This is super exciting. An upgrade in technology makes it possible to use voice commands such as Alexa and Siri to relay your commands.

Using Google Home or Google Assistant can enable you to control Wi-Fi thermostats which help in regulating the temperature of a particular room. As long as the thermostats have a connection with the Honeywell home app or Connect Comfort app, they are good to go. But how do you connect Honeywell Thermostat to Google Home to get it started?

What is Honeywell Thermostat?What is Honeywell Thermostat

First of all, there is a need to understand what this is before finding out how to connect it to Google Home. So, what is a Honeywell thermostat? A thermostat is a type of temperature control device that sits on the wall of your home to help in controlling the heating system.

In most cases you may confuse it for a thermometer because of the degree markings but it is not. Also, a thermometer measures temperature but a thermostat controls temperature.

When you feel that the house is getting too hot, the thermostat helps to regulate the hot temperature up to a certain level. On the other hand, when it gets too cold, it quickly warms up the air.

Therefore, a Honeywell thermostat is just one among the many brands of thermostats available in the market. In fact, it is the most common because of its distinctive features such as being Wi-Fi enabled.

Types of ThermostatsTypes of Thermostats

There are four main types of thermostats and it is important to familiarize yourself with how each works.

  • Non-programmable thermostats

These ones are manually operated. Users need to manually change their temperature settings in accordance to their preference and this is not possible when they are sleeping or when they are away from home. You cannot pre-program it.

  • Programmable thermostats

You can easily pre-program the temperature of your home when you are away from home using these thermostats because they come with daily and weekly settings.

Thus, you can leave the house when you have set the temperature you want on your thermostat. If you live in areas that experience drastic temperature changes, then you should consider owning these thermostats. They come in handy.

  •   Wi-Fi thermostats

They allow you to connect them to a wireless network through your computer or smartphone. Hence, you can remotely control your thermostat from wherever you are as long as there is a wireless connection. Besides, they are programmable thermostats because you can pre-program them.

  •  Smart thermostats

Finally, smart thermostats are ideal for tech-savvy individuals because it is fully automated. It is able to study your habits, store this information and then adjust the temperature in accordance to that.

If you are looking to achieve optimal comfort in your home, this is the perfect thermostat for you. Also, most of them are compatible with voice commands including Alexa and Google assistant. 

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What is a Google Home app?What is a Google Home app

Google home is basically an application that makes your work easier. How? You may wonder. First of all, I am a Google assistant. Secondly, it enables you to control and set up Chrome cast devices, Google home and Google nest.

Furthermore, it helps you gain control of cameras, speakers, lights and thermostats among others that are compatible with it from one single application. You can also use it to check your notifications, schedules, calls and reminders if any.

Additionally, Google home allows you to use voice commands to play music on your devices or watch Netflix shows on your smart TV. Its compatibility is unmatched as it is compatible with over 1,600 smart devices.

How to connect Honeywell thermostat to Google homehow to connect honeywell thermostat to google home

Now that we know what the Google home app is, it is also important to learn how to connect it to your Honeywell thermostat to enable you control temperatures in your home with ease. It is not a complicated process to begin with. There is a step by step guide below that you ought to follow.

  1. You first need to set up your Honeywell thermostat using the manual guide that comes with it.
  2. Get whatever device you want to use, be it your tablet or smartphone and connect it to the wireless network that your Google home app is also connected to.
  3. At this point, you open the Google home app on your device. If you do not have it already, there is a need to install it and set it up.
  4. Click on the Menu button on the top left corner. You will see a Google account. Ensure that this Google account connects to the Google home speaker. If you want to switch to other accounts, locate the triangle on the right hand side and click on it.
  5. Go to the Home button then click.
  6. Find the ‘Devices’ tab and tap on it. At the bottom right, you will see ‘add’. Click on it. There will be a list of devices so you just need to select the one that you need to connect. Follow the steps given. After this, click on ‘done’ and you are good to go. Your thermostat is ready.

It is also possible to allocate your Honeywell thermostat to a particular room in your house using the Google home app. This makes it very easy to control and also convenient. Below are the steps;

1) Look for the Google home app on your smartphone and open it.

2) On the upper left corner of your smart phone’s home screen, there is the ‘Menu’ tab, simply click on it.

3) You will see a tab that reads ‘rooms’. Tap on it and then click on Add. There are two options; either ‘add a new room’ or ‘select a room’.

4) If you want to add a new room, move down and click on the ‘custom room’ tab. Choose the name you want to use for that particular room and type it there and then click ‘ok’.

5) It is necessary to add a device to that room. Locate the box that sits right after the name of the device and click on it.

6) To finish up, click on ‘done’.

After connecting your thermostat to Google home app, you can now start controlling it using the voice command. Just start by saying “Hey Google” or you can say “Ok Google” and then give commands thereafter.

For example if you want to adjust your room temperature, just say “raise or lower the temperature” or “set the temperature to 71 degrees”. If you want to turn off the thermostat, give the command, “turn off thermostat” and it will do as you say. These voice commands will only work if your thermostat is on.


Being able to regulate temperature at the comfort of your home using the Honeywell thermostat is a great milestone. Learning how to connect the thermostat to your Google home app makes everything easier as you can even give commands. Connect the two and enjoy life!

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