How to Fix Suction Cups That Won’t Stick

Suction Cups are super handy when hanging something in your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you want to.  They have to stick well enough to hold the thing you are about to hang. But sometimes the suction cups don’t attach properly, which could cause disaster. 

We get many reviews from users worldwide that they have issues with their suction cups that won’t stick. So you are not the only one to face the problem. The reason behind the case can be many things.

In this article, we will discuss the problems along with the solutions. We have encountered many simple reasons behind the “won’t stick” case. Most of the issues are very simple to understand, as well as their solutions. By the end of this article, you will have the perfect solution. 

For example, if you have used a suction cup for several days or months, both wall and cup’s surface may be a bit dirty by then. If you consider cleaning the surface of both wall and the cup, you may have a good sticking cup.

Like this, we will discuss some other problems that might prevent your suction cup from stickingLet’sts get started.

How to fix suction cups that won’t stickHow to fix suction cups that won't stick

Due to lousy sticking, the things you may be hanging from the suction cup may fall. If you are in a mood for a bath a sudden, suddenly things fell, it could ruin the mood. But don’t you worry. 

The steps we are going to provide will help you to have visible results in no time. All you have to do is follow them accordingly.

Let not waste anymore of your precious time and get straight down with the steps. 

Try using water

The water using method mostly works when you have a new or dry suction cup. A little water adds a lot of suction power. But if you have a suction cup that you have not used for many days, it can also be used.  

Water makes the cup softer, making it more flexible. Shake excess water from the target surface and then click the cup. Water droplets within the cup avoid air pockets which can collapse in the suction cup.

Clean Surface

As we mentioned earlier in our introductory part, cleanliness of both surface is essential. Suppose you have a suction cup that you have not used science you don’t remember. If you want to use that, a slight dusting may come in handy.

Wash the surface of the wall with a white sprinkler or rubber alcohol. Do the same with the suction cup inside. It eliminates any fatty film which prevents good suction. Evaluate the alcohol or vinegar in an unexpected place when you deal on a painted surface such as a wall.

Try using double-sided tape

double-sided tape

The double-sided tape method is mainly applicable if you are in a hurry to stick and hang something. Or you don’t want to buy new suction cups.

Cut the double-sided tape according to the shape of the cup. Clean both surfaces and stick the tape first on the wall. Then carefully stick the suction cup.

If you want a suction cup on your reading desk or cupboard, this method is beneficial.

Avoid too heavy objects

When you purchase a suction cup, you may have noticed that it comes with a tag that indicates how much load can it take. If you’re trying to use it to hold up something fairly heavy, it might not work.  

If you wish to hang something heavy try to find suction cups made for the heavy-duty, durable and robust task.

Temperature issue

You may have noticed that on a hot summer day, your home walls get too hot that even your thermostat starts working funny. This heat is not very good for suction cups.

Many suction cups come with sticking glue. Due to the heat, the adhesive loses its sticking mechanism, causing it to fall off. You can try using glue that is immune to heat.

Try Using waterproof silicone

waterproof silicone

If you want to stick your suction cup in your tiled bathroom, the waterproof silicon is a great idea. Use a sanitary silicone sealant, which is designed for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Take the suction cup and place a thin silicone coating into a circle from inside. But make sure that there is ample room on the coupe edges. So the silicone won’t extend past the cup if you stick the vacuum cup to the tile.

Regular check

Whenever you are about to use the suction cup to hang something, try pressing it. The pressure will remove air pockets. Due to heat, humidity, water sprinkles, greasiness the pliability can be affected. This causes the suction cup to fall. 

We would suggest keeping your suction cup in check and if you notice air pocket building, follow the steps mentioned above.  

Some Important FAQs

In this section, we have arranged some essential FAQs. These questions are repeatedly asked on google. We hope this will help you. 

  • How does water help suction cups?

A suction cup is best placed since the water fills in the imperfections to allow for more comprehensive management of the little vacuum induced by the suction cup’s elastic properties.

  • What usually are suction cups made of?

They are made of highly-flexible synthetic materials such as plastic or neoprene, new suction cups. These materials are chosen for their reliability against natural lighting, abrasion, and temperature fluctuations because they are thicker and more robust.

  • How to prevent it from falling?

Rinse under warm water the interior of the vacuum cup and then drain the residual water. 4. Force down the suction cup, ensuring the air bubbles between the cup and the assembling surface are not present. You will have to attach the suction cup on the shelf or hook before installing, depending on the application. 

  • Do suction cups work underwater?

While you use your suction cup underwater precisely, such as in the aquarium or tub, the surface needs to be fully dry the first time you stick it on. Clean the tile or shower wall in the bathroom and wiping it dry before sticking the suction bucket.

  • Can you stick the suction cup to concrete?

No suction cup will stick if the cement is not done and sealed.

Final Thoughts

Suction cups are beneficial for our daily life usage. If they are not working when you need them the most; it might be a disappointing moment.  But if you notice the problems carefully might not be as severe as you think. 

Above mentioned problems are the perfect example of how simple can the question be and the solutions. You can always replace the suction cups with new ones. But following the steps, you can re-use your suction cups.

We hope the solutions above will help you a lot. Good Luck!!

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