How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator- Easiest Ways

Refrigerators are common appliances in kitchens since not only help in storing your food stuff and drinks but also keep them fresh. There are a variety of refrigerators in the market today but the most commonly purchased ones are Samsung. This is because they include technologically advanced features such as digital display, LED light and touch buttons among others.

Nonetheless, there are times you notice that your Samsung refrigerator is not responding as expected. It could be because it shows you an error message, the compressor is not running or its temperature display is flashing, just to mention a few. Such observations may worry you. Well, this is not something you should panic about since your refrigerator just needs a simple reset.

Why is there a need to reset your Samsung refrigerator?Why is there a need to reset your Samsung refrigerator

Modern refrigerators work like computers if you did not know. They are programmed to work in a particular way and if some of these programs fail, the refrigerators stop running. The digital display may start flashing or the ice maker stops responding or the touch buttons fail to work.

Some of these are temporary problems that require a quick solution. The speedy solution is resetting your refrigerator which will kick start the program that is causing trouble. Note that this only works if the problem is short term but if it prolongs then you should seek a professional’s assistance or Samsung’s customer service.

Under normal circumstances, when there is a power outage, chances are high that the normal functioning of your refrigerator will be affected. Such a scenario will require you to reset it.

Also, the digital display that shows temperature may malfunction or the refrigerator sets itself into the shop mode. If it is in this mode, it will not perform the cooling functions but its lights will be on.

Additionally, if you forget to close your refrigerator’s door or store hot food inside it, there will be a change in temperature which alters its usual functioning. All the occurrences above require a simple solution; resetting. Now you see why there is a need for you to familiarize yourself with refrigerator resetting. You are likely to undergo such problems if you own one.

Error codes generated by Samsung refrigerators

Error codes generated by Samsung refrigerators

Because of their intuitive features, these refrigerators can sense errors on their own and display them in terms of error codes on their digital display panels. Thus, it is important to understand what some of these errors mean.

  1. a)   1E, SE, 5E- Whenever you see such errors on the display, it is due to a power outage. You will not get any water or ice from your refrigerator.
  1. b)   Flashing OF OF O FF- This represents the cooling off mode which comes about when you leave the refrigerator door open.
  1. c)     88, 83E, 85E, 86E- Such errors occur due to power loss.
  1. d)   PC ER- When the door and the main unit disconnect, this error occurs.
  1. e)     26E- occurs if your ice maker or water valve is faulty.
  1. f)     24E, 40E- faulty freezers defrost function.
  1. g)   25E- faulty refrigerator defrost function.
  1. h)   23E, 21E- there is an issue with the condenser fan.
  1. i)       8E- refrigerator has an error with the sensors of the ice maker.
  1. j)     39C, 39E- occurs when the ice maker does not function appropriately.

Methods of how to reset samsung refrigerator

1) Hard reset

This is one of the easiest reset options people opt for. Picture this; if your phone or laptop is not responsive, the first thing you think of doing is restarting it. Same thing you will do to your refrigerator to allow it to reboot and cool down.

Check for the “power off” button on your refrigerator and turn it off. Thereafter plug it off from the source of power. Give it time; let’s say from 15 minutes to as long as 24hours depending on your preference. After giving it time, you can then power it on again.

2) Resetting refrigerator from shop mode

Your refrigerator may still be in shop mode hence you need to reset it so that it can function normally. Locate the power cool and power freezer buttons and press them together at once for up to 5 seconds. After the 5 seconds, let go of the buttons and this will get its cooling functions at work.

3) Resetting refrigerator from demo mode

Refrigerators on display in a supermarket are always in demo mode, allowing you as a customer to see its features and lights but the compressor is not functioning. Most times it will be displaying OF OF or O FF. There is a need to reset it for it to be able to carry out cooling operations.

You need to press the energy saver and power buttons simultaneously until there is a sound and the error will disappear. In other cases, it may not work. At this point hold the power freeze, lighting and energy saver together until there is a chime. Your refrigerator should be able to start cooling.

4)  Resetting refrigerator touch screen

Today’s refrigerators have touch screens instead of buttons. They are supposed to time out when not in use. Also, in case of any new activity they ought to respond as well. But if your refrigerator’s touch screen fails to respond then there is a problem. Resetting it is the ultimate solution.

The first thing to do is locate a red switch that sits behind a small panel on the refrigerator’s right door. Turn it over then wait for about 20 seconds and then return it to its original position once again. The Samsung logo should then appear on the display after resetting.

Methods of how to reset samsung refrigerator

5)  Resetting the control panel

If your control panel is not working, then it may be set in child lock mode. Deactivate this mode by pressing and holding the child lock button for a few seconds. The panel will start working. But in the case that it does not, you need to reset the display using some other method.

At the top right interior of your refrigerator, there is the reset button. Turn it off then give it a few seconds and turn it on again. This will help to restart it and you will soon see the Samsung logo.

6) Resetting refrigerator temperature

In case you need to reset the temperature, there are things you have to do. First, check the control panel or digital display screen, depending on whether it is inside or outside the refrigerator. Press on it and it will show you the current temperature reading. If you want to increase or decrease the temperature, keep on pressing on the button till it reaches the temperature you want.

7) Resetting refrigerator ice maker

When you notice that your ice maker is not doing its job, it is time to reset it. But this should be the last option after trying other troubleshooting alternatives that fail to work. Notably, you should not be resetting your ice maker frequently as it may cause a jam or even destroy your ice maker eventually.

To access your ice maker, detach the ice bucket. There is a test button which is rectangular in shape just next to the ice maker. It may either be on the side or at the bottom. Press on it till it produces a sound, then you will know the testing process is on. Immediately put back the ice bucket and ice will start dropping in.

8) Resetting refrigerator in case of PC ER error code

When there is communication failure between the refrigerator door and the central control unit, then a PC ER code generates on the display. Because of this error, you will not be able to close the door of the refrigerator properly. Thus, you need to get a solution.

Firstly, turn your fridge’s power off. Check its back and you will find its power cord. Unplug it from the main power source. Try and locate the wire harness which is an assembly of electrical wires that transmit electrical power or signals to your refrigerator.

Once you find it, separate the wire harness and wait for up to one minute and then reconnect. Plug back your fridge to the power source and power it on. The error code should not be on the display after restarting.

Precautions to follow when resetting Samsung refrigerators

You should always take necessary precautions when resetting your fridge to avoid any harm to you or the refrigerator itself. Always ensure that your fridge is off before resetting it.

Also, if you are not sure about resetting, do not embark on what you do not know. Read instructions on the manual that comes with the refrigerator or research on the internet. It is even better to seek customer services when you are stuck.


Familiarizing yourself with how to reset your Samsung refrigerator is vital because you are able to deal with some of the simple errors it may encounter on your own. However, it is essential to know what you are doing so as to be on the safe side and not depend on guess work. If the resetting does not work, always seek professional help

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