How to Tell if Someone Is Casing Your House

Protecting your home from robbery can be easy, fair, and inexpensive. The word “casing a house” explains the strategies used by the burglars to select their targets. Many burglars would not spontaneously pick a house to burglarize. The casing is the mechanism by which criminals watch your home for precious items so that they can decide whether your home is going to be an easy target for a robbery. At the very least, even the most novice burglar would be watching multiple households for a few hours before they pick the best home for a break-in. Whatever the situation is, having your house under someone’s watch is very frightening and pathetic. Almost every day there are complaints about house casing. Maybe all of them are just misunderstood. Yet, you can’t take a risk about your house, right?

But you need not worry at all, because we are here to ensure you about the signs you need to know that your house is under burglar surveillance or not. As we mentioned earlier, you could misunderstand. But for your mental satisfaction, it is essential to be sure about this. 

If you see someone standing, or going, or walking several times in front of your house along with staring right at it, you may take precautions because it could be the signs of House Casing. Similar to this, there can be many more signs. Keep reading through the article;

Signs You Must Keep In Check Of Casing Your House

You will be surprised by the time selection of the burglars to rob your house. They choose a time between 10 am to 3 pm. In between this time, usually, you are not present in the home. But, it is not much difficult to determine that if you are going to face a robbery. There are some precautionary signs, which we will be listing in this article. Go through them, and you might be able to save yourself and your house from robbery.  how to tell if someone is casing your house

Without any further a due, let’s work on the protection of your house;

  • Unfamiliar vehicles

If you happen to see a single car parking outside your home often and you know it doesn’t belong to your neighbors or someone visiting them, this could mean that someone is watching your home. Thieves prefer to glance at more than one house in a neighborhood when checking for possible targets, a positive indication that the property is applicable because the landlord is away from home.

Find any tendencies and handle them with precaution if you see someone seated inside. The easiest way to contact the police is to write down the number of the car. The easiest way to alert the police of the situation is to input their car number.

  • Sneaking 

Some burglars are very straightforward. They don’t case your house for several days. They intend to take whatever is there near the window. Before picking up any valuable, they do sneak for a while. If you see someone sneaking up in your windows on the ground floor, do not hesitate to inform the police immediately. 

Stop making an appealing scene by holding the valuables out of reach. Strategically use the blinds, window movies, and other window covers. Be sure you can’t see a burglar who’s moving your house in through a window.

  • Markings

If you want to keep a check on something or find it quickly, you will most likely mark it with some signs. Burglars are not any different.  They will mark your house if they are planning to rob your house. The markings can be various. You may not be able to understand what they are. The signs could mean anything, including ‘good target,’ previously stolen,’ ‘too risky,’ ‘wealthy,’ or ‘alarming house.’

But you can inform your local authorities or petrol police by showing them the signs. Fake Salesman

  • Fake Salesman

If your house was under the casing, most probably you will face some fake, annoying salesperson. Most of the time, they will appear on your doors at the time of dinner or if you are doing something important. How? They have been keeping their eyes on you. What they will be looking for is if there is anyone else in the house. Keep a check on their questions. Through those, they tend to learn more about your home and yourself. 

Get through the process of closing it all closed. When you open windows or doors in the summer season to feel the summer breeze while you’re home, you should just open them in the room you’re in. You could perhaps enjoy the airflow like that and yet keep an eye on things.

  • Empty House, Easier Target 

Even if you did not have pointed out this one, you could have an idea about it. Thieves might go to all the houses in a neighborhood. They will do this for a couple of days in a row. They will leave flyers in front of the door.  If they are still at the front door, they can tell the house is empty. Then it is an easier target. The best way to prevent this is to apply any burglar alarm that will go off if your house glass or door opens or breaks. You may find many types on the internet, even in the local market.  

  • A stranger with a camera around your house

You may have many security measures around your house, such as security cameras, motion detectors, or signs of an alarm. But nothing will come in handy if there are fault lines or gaps between them. The question is, how burglars are going to know them? If you see any stranger clicking a photograph of your house from different angles, do not hesitate to question them. Tell them not to do it. If they are interested in your property, just tell them to talk with you directly. 

Through that photograph, they can have an idea about your security measures. 

  • Fake Emergencies

You could be targeted for an invasion of your house. The stranger comes to the door to tell you a tragic story about the car is crashing, missing his phone, or maybe assaulting in the neighborhood, and many more. 

The burglar reaches your homes and looks for items of worth if you let them get into for help. They can open the back door inside or unlock a backdoor so they can access the house later. It might be safer to keep people outside if someone comes to your home and wants to use the phone.

  • Unknown Joggers passing by

This may not offend you or alarm you. But keep in check for the joggers are familiar or not. Many burglars use this method to keep their eyes on your house. 

It could be smart to concern if a foreigner jogs around the House many times. Often burglars go to see if people leave their homes on the same lane. This helps them also to see which homes have and are left insecure with home surveillance systems.

Some important FAQs

You could have some questions after the discussions from above. In these sections, we have arranged some questions that might come into your mind;

  • What to do in case of someone casing your house?

If you suspect that somebody is deliberately shelling your home, I’d contact the police and make them log the incident. The police may also be aware of criminals in the city who have been breaking into homes and apartments.

  • How does someone case your house? important FAQ

Here are the most common points of entry for home break-ins: Front door: 34 percent of burglars twist the doorknob and step on in. First-floor windows: To get into your house, 23 percent need a first-floor open window. Back door: Through the back door, 22 percent move in.

  • What are the burglar’s first targets?

Apart from the master bedroom, one of the first places burglars searches for valuables in the office or lab. Few persons tend to show valuables in their research racks or office, like the living room. This well-earned diamond necklace will provide you with an opportunity to work harder.

  • Where to hide if there is a burglar attack?

Do not hide in a wardrobe if you have creaky doors. Hide under a bed or in a closet or sometimes in a dog enclosure, then cover it with a blanket. Make sure you have a cell next to you to contact the cops.


Your and your house safety is the primary concern you should have in your mind. No one is home in 72 percent of residential burglaries. Again, burglars don’t want to fight over your things for you. They want to hit a fast target easily and disappear. You can try and leave them a message like, “This is not the house you may want to rob. Think twice!” This message may not be full-proof prevention, but it will spark a light of fear in them.

If observing them in your neighborhood or on your property, the signs mentioned above do not hesitate to take the necessary steps. You would want to change your defense to support your home and your family if you notice someone is casing your house.

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