Lennox Icomfort Thermostat Troubleshooting: Ultimate Guides

Lennox iComfort Thermostats remains a valuable device mainly designed to help homeowners enjoy an excellent experience from their cooling and heating units. They are handy, and some of them are compatible with multiple mobile devices. This allows you to control your cooling and heating components in your home.

However, sometimes the owner might experience difficulties with the device, causing a lot of stress. This should not worry you anymore because this report contains some valuable information to fix the issues. There’s no need to call for an expert; I suggest you try it out yourself first. The knowledge is here; create some time and do it yourself.

How to reset a Lennox iComfort ThermostatHow to reset a Lennox iComfort Thermostat

Resetting a Lennox iComfort Thermostat is very simple and quick. Use the following steps and have the issue fixed:

  1. Tap the Lennox logo on the home screen. Hold the logo for not less than 5 seconds.
  2. A message will pop up saying “qualified Lennox equipment installers only.” This is a warning sign.
  3. Tap the ‘reset button.’ The device will restart itself, and the screen will be blank for a few seconds. The home screen will reappear, let’s say, after 3 to 4 seconds.

My Lennox iComfort Thermostat is blank: Why?My Lennox iComfort Thermostat is blank Why

Sometimes Lennox thermostats go blank and fail to reappear. In such cases, you need to inspect the nature of the batteries. Try to check if they are in good condition or need replacement.

They might not be powerful enough to support the thermostat. However, if your Lennox iComfort Thermostat utilizes the house electrical system, checking the circuit breakers is mandatory. Doing so is vital because one of them might have been stripped, requesting a reset.

Unlocking Lennox iComfort ThermostatUnlocking Lennox iComfort Thermostat

These thermostats are associated with three main screen looks:

  1. Unlocked default, with such screen lock, you are free to make any changes to settings.
  2. Partially unlocked, this happens when you can adjust temperature settings, but the screen is locked
  3. Locked, the screen is entirely closed, and changes you can make.

To unlock locked entirely or partially locked, one should tap on the screen, holding it there for not less than 5 seconds.


Adjusting a Lennox iComfort Thermostat

Adjusting temperaturelennox icomfort thermostat troubleshooting

Once can you make temperature changes right away from the ‘HOME’ screen? You can make the adjustments anytime based on your desires. If the program isn’t on, use the follow these steps to make adjustments:

  •       Press the down or up arrow, holding it until the “cool to” or “Heat to” number reaches the required temperature.
  •       The setting you make will stand until when you decide to adjust it again

The program is “ON,” use these steps to make adjustments:

  •       Press the down or up arrow, holding it until the “cool to” or “Heat to” number reaches the required temperature.
  •       The set hold menu will appear while doing so, providing you with arrays of options to choose from.
  •       The set hold buttons and options will immediately disappear once the hold is set. You will see a message telling when the storage should expire.  More so, you will also see a “Cancel” option when you want to go back to revert the program.

Additionally, when adjusting temperatures, it’s possible to make other alterations, determining how the system works. These include:

  •       On the device’s Home screen, tap the screen for more settings.
  •       You will see the Indoor screen settings opening.
  •       Under this step, you are free to make temperature adjustments or choose other fan or system settings. Try to use any of the control buttons to toggle through the options available.
  •       Pressing any arrow key will probably pop up the “set hold” menu.

Setting time and date

Use the following steps to adjust the time and date of your Lennox Thermostat:

  1.     Highlight the variable using the arrows and then tap the “Modify” button to toggle to the “Time and Date.”
  2.     The “Time and Date” will pop up; input the suitable date by selecting one of the appropriate date and time boxes.
  3.     Press the down/up arrows, and the data
  4.     Scroll through other boxes to adjust all date and time information using the arrows.
  5.     The next step will require you to press the “Save button” and save your changes. Go back to “User setting selection screen.”
  6.     Once you are through with user preferences, tap “done function.” The date and time of your Lennox Thermostat will be altered based on your desires.

Adjusting Humidity

Use the following steps to change humidity controls.

        Choose the indoor humidity button

        Use the “Select” function to command the system about which is your desired humidity control.

        Use the “switch” function to select which operation that needs adjustments.

Troubleshooting New wifi Network connect issuesTroubleshooting New wifi Network connect issues

I thought you should understand that your Lennox Thermostat can quickly pair with a wireless home router that utilizes up to thirty-two characters in its access point name. Connecting your thermostat to a newer network should not stress you anymore. Use the following steps and have the issue fixed:

  •       Swipe the option to the “ON” function to initiate wifi
  •       The wifi network will tell you “Not connected.” Press on the “Not connected” option
  •       Choose your home network if you can see the access point from the detected network list.
  •       On occasions where the access point is not visible, choose another and then advance to the next step.
  •       Type the information of the new network on the “Enter new network information.” This message will appear on the screen. Input the hidden network’s name.
  •       Choose security. The available options are always; WPA2, WPA, and WEP. If the available wifi is not secured, the wifi security must be enabled using either of the router options. Doing so is mandatory before proceeding to the next step.
  •       After choosing the security option, there will be a password field pop up. Type in the password and access your Home network. After entering the correct password, press joins to connect to the home wifi network.
  •       Once the process is successful, you will see a checkmark displayed above the internet and router icons.

Troubleshooting Lennox Thermostat’s battery issuesTroubleshooting Lennox Thermostat's battery issues

First of all, you need to identify if the device features batteries. I say so because not all of these thermostats require batteries. Therefore, if yours has batteries, it’s possible to remove them after detaching the wall’s device.

If the batteries are low, there will be a warning flash(s) on its main screen, flashing for not less than 30 days. If the batteries are completely drained, use the following guide to replace them:

  • Remove your Lennox Thermostat from the base; pull it. No big deal in this step
  • Replace the old batteries with newer AAA alkaline ones with correct polarization. When you replace the batteries, all your programming information will be restored.
  • Return the thermostat in its place, ensuring the terminal screw blocks are aligned with the thermostat’s thermostat.
  • After checking the alignment is okay, push your Lennox Thermostat straight into the base.

Lennox iComfort Thermostat’s LED light and meaningLennox iComfort Thermostat's LED light and meaning

The LED light in these devices features a green and red LED chip displaying green, red, or amber colors by either flashing or steady. These lights are functional because they notify you whenever something is wrong with your thermostat. Troubleshooting is, therefore, necessary, but first, you need to understand the meaning of steady or flashing light:

  • Persistent amber indicators: These signals that notify you about the thermostat’s progress are the self-check and boot-up process. It also shows you when the methods are complete.
  • Unlit indicators: They imply your thermostat’s software might have suffered from a chronic initialization error or the device has no power.
  • Flashing green indicators: This displays the resource acquisition and test across the wired interfaces, straight to the Mag-Mount display. It then stretches to your HVAC system.
  • Steady green indicators: The indicators tell you that the associated task is manually connected and functioning.
  • Flashing amber wifi indicator: The signal notifies you about the progress of the WIFI module check.
  • Steady amber wifi indicator: This indicator tells you more about the wifi module passing the checks, but it is not connected to the available Home wifi network.
  • Flashing red indicators: These implies there might be an issue with your associated function.
  • Flashing red ALERT indicator: This means that there’s a necessary alert condition. However, if one of either indicator is flashing red too, it probably is the one with the problem. If other indicators aren’t flashing, the alert source can’t be defined.

Your Lennox iComfort Thermostat features a center push button with a red-green-blue LED backlight. The light indicates the communication status of the Lennox-managed local network of the Smart Hub.

Troubleshooting Lennox iComfort Thermostat essential Alert CodesTroubleshooting Lennox iComfort Thermostat essential Alert Codes

The device’s home screen will display critical alerts. Sometimes codes might be displayed on your alert button or in the alert button of the installer. Below are a few examples of essential alert codes and how to troubleshoot them:

Alert code 31

The alert code implies that some of the applicable system units haven’t communicated with your Lennox iComfort thermostat beyond three minutes. These system components include; indoor, damper control module, equipment interface module, or outdoor unit.

 The code disappears once the communication fault is restored. However, if the issue persists, cycling the power system might be the best solution. Use the following tips to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Check the voltages and connections to  ensure they are okay
  • Ohm wire

Alert code 14

Your thermostat managed to find more than one system, i.e., thermostat, outdoor or indoor unit. The code will automatically disappear once the system realizes there’s no problem anymore. However, if it persists:

  • Remove the duplicate equipment and Inspect the wiring
  • Go to menu
  • advance settings
  • view dealer control center
  • Equipment and then press the “reset all equipment.”

Doing so allows the system to detect iComfort attached components automatically.

Alert code 12

This code informs you that your thermostat failed to detect an indoor unit. It would help if you, therefore, tried to ensure the system has an iComfort device. The code will automatically disappear once the system has realized there’s no problem. Use the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Inspect for missing and voltage components.
  • Check the I+, I-, C, R, and connections.
  • Ohm wires.
  • Cycle power system
  • Go to menu, advance settings, view dealer control center, equipment, and then press the reset all equipment.
  • If there’s no response, replace the control of the indoor unit.

Alert code 11

This indicates that your device has failed to detect a system component previously installed. To tackle the issue, you need to cycle the system power. If the problem continues, reconfigure the system.

  • Check for all system device connections to ensure they are compatible with the iComfort
  • Cycle system power
  •  Go to menu
  • Advanced settings
  • View dealer control center
  • equipment and then press the reset all equipment function

Alert code 10

When your Lennox iComfort Thermostat isn’t in a configuration mode, it has found an unknown device. In such cases, you need to reconfigure the system and clear the code.

  • Go to menu
  • Choose Advanced settings
  • Tap on the View dealer control center
  • Select equipment
  • Tap on the reset all equipment

Doing so is necessary as it enables the system to detect the attached components of comfort automatically.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do Lennox iComfort thermostats use batteries?

Yes, but not all of them. You can easily access the batteries by pulling them from the wall plate. You have to open the battery cover and remove them; you will see AAA alkaline batteries.

  • Why does the Lennox iComfort thermostat display wait?

The device is equipped with internal compressor protection, preventing it from early starts after a shutdown.

Final words

Hopefully, the above discussions help you identify and work on the problem affecting your Lennox iComfort thermostat. The above troubleshooting guides and tips are designed explicitly for Lennox iComfort thermostat. I am sorry if you’re using a different model. Sometimes these models share a couple of information and even software. If so, refer to the user manual of your thermostat.

But, for Lennox iComfort thermostat users, use the above information to fix minor defects with your device.

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