Lux Kono Thermostat Review – Is It Worth Its Price?

Smart home devices such as the Lux Kono thermostat are essential in home activities. The thermostat functions by making home activities more accessible and faster to handle. For instance, the thermostat reduces the work necessary to regulate the temperature of different rooms at specific times, such as waking up.

The thermostats were developed to replace the smart thermostats or to represent smart thermostats. They are easy to install and have attractive features or designs. Also, the thermostats have the same controlling options. So, if you are shopping for Lux Kono Thermostats, choose the thermostat that suits your preference, mood, and color of your place/house.

Lux Kono Thermostat features and benefits

lux kono thermostat review is it worth its price

The thermostats have unique features that uniquely identify them, just like other thermostats. Special features make the thermostat worth its price, such as an easy installation process. Suppose you buy the thermostat directly from the Lux website. In that case, the price is higher due to added shipping expenditure, which is around $153.00, and is higher than buying directly from the manufacturer without shipping cost, which is about $150.00. Price varies depending on the selling company.

The information below shows the features of the Lux Kono Thermostat.

1. Saves energy by tracking the amount of energy used

 Saves energy by tracking the amount of energy used

Many thermostats lack the tracking energy use feature, and the Lux Kono Thermostat is among the few thermostats with such features. The thermostat requires account creation by using correct credentials.

First, log into the account using your android phone app and review the amount of energy the HVAC system has utilized. The format in which the thermostat displays information is easy to read. The thermostat tracking energy use is essential since it helps you save electric bills.

2. Integration with other smart home appliances

The thermostat does not support the “If This Then That” feature hence fails to connect to other smart home devices. Also, it allows the creation of mini-programs that adjust different events.

3. Installation process

Installation process

The installation process is easy as long as you follow the recommended instructions and understand how to wire the electrical wires with low voltage. The thermostat uses a common wire(C-Wire), but if it is Ecobee4, it has a C-Wire for some systems and an adapter for other systems that lack the C-Wire. Before installing the thermostat, read the manufacturer’s instructions on installing the thermostat and the materials required to complete the installation process.

4. Performance

Lux Kono Thermostat functions well when compared to other thermostats. Also, the thermostat responds quickly to temperature changes in the house. It can use Alexa voice commands to set temperatures desired for a particular room or place. The thermostat uses android applications, websites, and manual connections to function.

5. Design


The thermostat comes with two or one stage heating and cooling systems that control and adjust temperatures of different rooms. Also, it comes with a heat pump system and auxiliary heat. The heat pump system regulates refrigerant flow from either the indoor system to the outdoor system.

Further, the thermostat supports many furnaces depending on the type of furnace. For instance, the thermostat keeps electric, oil, and gas furnaces. The furnaces function by providing heat to the room through fluid flowing in liquid, gas, or water, especially hot water. Finally, the thermostat has high quality and has all features that uniquely identify it.

6. Dimensions

The Lux Kono Thermostat contains dimensions almost the same as the Ecobee4 thermostat. In terms of inches, the thermostat has approximately 4.6 by 1.1 inches, and the dimensions suit the thermostat perfectly. In addition to that, the thermostats come with a faceplate that you can easily remove and replace when necessary.

7. Aluminum knob

The aluminum knob is an essential part of the Lux Kono Thermostat, and in most cases, it is brushed. The knob helps in increasing and decreasing the temperatures until the desired temperature is reached. Also, the knob navigates the whole system menu and allows you to select settings that control temperature, the HVAC system, and the fan mode. To activate the thermostat menu system, press the aluminum knob gently.

8. Frequency range

The thermostat speed rate is higher than other thermostats. For instance, the thermostat has a frequency rate of approximately 4GHZ with platforms such as Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa for voice command controls. Also, the thermostat connects to Wi-Fi.

  • The installation process is easy.
  • Attractive with customizable design.
  • Thermostat touch screen is easy to use and understand.
  • Can connect many voice platforms.
  • Tracks energy use.
  • Works with Apple HomeKit.
  • Geofencing.
  • Schedules better, unlike other thermostats.
  • Lacks IFTTT support.
  • Lacks external sensors.

Steps of installing a Lux Kono Thermostat

Steps of installing a Lux Kono Thermostat

Before installing the thermostat, collect all equipment required, such as a new thermostat, screwdriver, and wrench, among others. The following steps describe the best ways of installing a Lux Kono Thermostat.

Step 1: Download the thermostat application

Before installing the thermostat, first, download the thermostat application on your android device to control the temperature of a different room. Understand the existing thermostat and take a picture for reference in case of any difficulties.

Step 2: Establish a connection

The thermostat heating system exists in different numbers where some thermostats have one heating system while others contain two heating and cooling system. First, locate the position of the mounting plate and join the common R and W1 terminals. After connecting the terminals, position the thermostat in place.

Step 3: Switch on the thermostat

After connecting the wires perfectly, the thermostat powers on automatically, and it will display the system settings. Choose the system type and select either the android if you are using an android device or IOS if you are using the apple home kit. Open the search device.

Step 4: Leave the thermostat for a couple of minutes

Once you open the system to search the device, leave the device for a few minutes to connect to the internet, usually the Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: Pull the thermostat cover

Scan the device code and remove the thermostat cover from its position. Next, scan the code for a couple of seconds and wait for the thermostat to come online. Then, adjust the thermostat settings to suit your preferences.


The Lux Kono Thermostat’s above information shows that the thermostat is priced according to its features present. Also, the thermostat is customized to suit the owner’s home. The information above, the thermostat is easy to install, has attractive features such as tracking energy use and geofencing.

When buying a Lux Kono Thermostat, consider buying it from a nearby company to reduce shipping costs. Moreover, follow the manufacturer’s instructions during the installation process to avoid damaging the thermostat. Finally, consider servicing your Lux Kono Thermostat regularly to improve its functioning and prolong its lifespan.

To know more about Lux Kono Thermostat, You should watch this video below;

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