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The Lux TX500U Thermostat remains my all-round favorite option due to its affordable nature. That’s to me, but I am sure we have some other people out there that would wish to feel its greatness too. There’s no need to worry because the article will provide you with necessary information, placing you at the better place to decide.

I thought you should understand that this is high-quality and lest you not compromise its price to the overall performance. Its taste is amazing, much better than some prominent options on the market. We shall take you through a comprehensive review about the product that I am sure will help you.

Overall features of the Lux TX500U Thermostat

lux products tx500u thermostat review

Like any other high-performing thermostat, TX500U Thermostat comes with elegant features to brace your home. The capabilities are more amazing than even some prominent options out there. I thought you should have a clue about its features. such feature include;

  • Easy installation: Installing this item is relatively simple, sparing you from spending much of your time. Besides, the item comes with a handy user manual guide that contains useful instructions to take you through the installation process. For this reason, I highly recommend it because even a beginner can buy, install, and start using the TX500U Thermostat without hassles.

Buying a complicated thermostat can sometimes ruin your moods, and that’s what the manufacturer of TX500U Thermostat never wanted. However, if you are unable to install the device, I recommend seeking the help of an expert; these fellows know better than you.

  • Sufficient warmth: TX500U Thermostat has the ability to offer not less than 99% reliability rating plus a full programmable range stats, useful for all your home tasks. a model with such capabilities assures you with enough warmth as well as meeting your needs. You get a chance to enjoy remarkable warmth supply the way you wish. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the morning or planning to sleep at night.

There’s nothing else to consider in any thermostat than convenience; invest in this device and enjoy the consistent warmth supply around your house.

  • Energy-efficient: the manufacturer manufactured TX500U Thermostat not only to be energy-efficient, but also tremendously cost-effective. For this reason, you won’t cry out for extra electricity bills. If your wire installation doesn’t have C wires, sometimes you may be forced to install the batteries. However, some consumers have raised complaints about the Lo battery error. This should not stress you anymore because it simply means that your wire installation is incomplete.
  • Reliable option: if you want to invest in flexible thermostats that help you maximize your energy savings and comfort. It achieves this as you can key in various settings within a day. Another mechanism that can explain reliability is the AA alkaline batteries. The device operates on 2 AA alkaline batteries that may serve you for a while before the LO battery error.

Invest in a TX500U Thermostat and make your lifestyle a little bit greener; you won’t regret it.

lux products tx500u thermostat review
  • Smooth operation: There are a lot of things that you can like about the TX500U Thermostat and one of them is the user temperature adjustment. With such a mechanism, you have all the powers to alter the temperature based on your preferences. Also to achieve this, the device comes with dual timing option i.e., military time and AM/PM clock option.

Dual timing is essential as it allows you to correctly determine the way you want to warm your house. For example, you may decide to set the timing so that your house gets warm every morning or evening, among other times of the day. This implies that you have maximum control over it; believe your lifestyle will be advanced to the next level.  Additionally, you are allowed to even separate weekend and weekday programs using 4 or 2 periods within a day.

  • Recovery option: Another exciting feature that makes TX500U Thermostat stand out on the market is the selectable smart recovery. Such a feature is handy in helping the device to resume its particular settings after a power outage. You will therefore be spared from spending much of your time keying again the settings; it’s also tiresome.

 Investing in a TX500U Thermostat means that you enjoy convenient operation and smooth operation for smooth warmth flow in your house. Generally, programming TX500U Thermostat is also straightforward due to the Exclusive Lux speed that can easily slide.

  • Safe operation: An unauthorized user won’t alter anything in this TX500U Thermostat due to the keypad lock technology. Preventing your children or other unauthorized persons means that you are in full control of your thermostat. It also implies that no one can access and temper with your current temperature settings.
  • Easy-view back light: You don’t have to struggle viewing the details on the back light of TX500U Thermostat because it’s straightforward. With Such a mechanism, you can easily spot all the details on the screen while doing your also boasts a massive lighted one-touch display, making it more suitable for beginners. This is also where you can view the Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature.
  • Compatible with most system types: You can use the TX500U Thermostat alongside various system types because it’s highly compatible. Such a feature also makes it convenient as you are not confined to a single system usage. However, there’s only one system type that isn’t compatible with TX500U Thermostat i.e., electric baseboard heat.


  • Does my Lux thermostat have a battery?

To replace the batteries in the thermostat: Remove the thermostat’s body from the base plate attached to the wall. Remove the used batteries from the battery tray and discard appropriately

  • Why does my Lux thermostat say low battery?

You will need to reset the time on your thermostat. Displays read “LO BATTERY” Replace thermostat batteries with fresh AA size Duracell® or Energizer® alkaline batteries. Be sure that they are installed with their polarity (+ and -) correct.

Wrap it up!

Ranging from simple programmable features, TX500U Thermostat proves to deliver savings, value, and depth. Owning a reliable thermostat allows you to program your lifestyle, giving you maximum control. There are also a lot of exciting features to love in this thermostat like easy-to-install and also the three-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

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