How to Make an Air Conditioner Colder – Easy Tips

Air conditioners work by exchanging air in the house with the air outside the house. The air conditioner is set with the thermostat to enable the process of air circulation in the house. To make the air conditioner colder, consider the setting in your thermostat. Most people want a colder air condenser during the summer season since there is a lot of heat.

Therefore, to make the air conditioner colder, consider revising the maintenance practices in the manufacturer’s manual book and then follow the tips and steps in the article to correct the problems with your air conditioner to make it colder.

Tips to make the air conditioner colder

Tips to make the air conditioner colder

Making use of ceiling fans. Fixing ceiling fans help reduce heat in the house as they create space for cooler air in the lower part of the house. Ceiling fans work by distributing cold air in the upper part of the house with warm air in the lower part. Therefore, fix ceiling fans in the rooms available in the house and fix ventilation all-around to help circulate air properly.

1. Clean the air conditioning system

According to the manufacturers ‘ instructions, cleaning the air conditioning system involves spraying dust that accumulates in the air conditioner using water and washing detergents. Spray the condenser always for it to work effectively. After spraying and washing the air conditioning system, flip the condenser and give it time to dry through evaporation of water.

2. Replace the air filters

Air filters need replacement regularly to make the air conditioners colder. In addition, replacing air filters removes dirty and dusty components of the air conditioner, making the system work effectively, consuming less energy hence lowering air conditioning bills. Before replacing the air filters, remember to follow the manufacturer’s manual and always contact a technician to check up on the air conditioner regularly.

3. Inspect the state of air seals

Seal all areas that can leak air into the house, like windows, doors, and walls. Consider checking some other places that you assume cannot leak air. To check the air leaks, be keen on parts that allow penetration of light into the house, those might be the source of air leaks. Seal the particular areas using sealant materials that include foam and caulk.

4. Use a programmable thermostat

Due to the outgrowing technology, there are programmable thermostats compatible with the Alexa software, and you can use a smartphone to control. programmable thermostats are easy to use and program hence saving the amount of air conditioning bills.

Steps to make an air conditioner colder

make an air conditioner colder

Air conditioners do not necessarily add cold to the house but take out heat, leaving fresh air that seems cold in the house. To determine the efficiency of a working air conditioner, measure its ability to handle the heat in the house and maintain the optimum temperatures. The steps below show how to make air conditioners colder. 

  • Switch off the air conditioner

Disconnect the air conditioner from the power connection to carry out the other steps efficiently. Always ground yourself to a wrist antistatic wrap to prevent electric issues.

After switching off the air conditioner, clean its components carefully using washing detergents to remove dust in the air conditioner coil. Next, remove leaves and other vegetation that accumulates in the air conditioner parts.

  • Check the condition of the air filters

Replace air filters if they are not in good condition for an adequate flow of air. When replacing air filters, consult a technician to help with the process.

  • Check and hook up air leaks in the house

Parts that are air leaking in the house are walls, doors, and windows. Therefore, after citing such areas, find a way and fix them since they are a source of heat to the house.

  • Turn on the air conditioner

Switch the air conditioner on and adjust the air conditioner settings to your preference.

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Reasons why the air conditioner is warmer

Reasons why the air conditioner is warmer
  • Lower refrigerant level.

Low refrigerant mainly occurs due to some leaks in the compressor. When the refrigerant is lower, the temperature and pressure are lower, too freezing the evaporator coil since the refrigerant works by evaporating liquids, hence causing the air around to freeze. Therefore, when the refrigerant is lower, the air conditioner tends to be warmer when it must be cold.

  • Dusty and stained condenser.

When dust accumulates in the condenser coils there will be no proper cooling in the house. Dusty condenser blocks the exchange of warm air and cold air in the air condenser. The dust in the condenser makes the air conditioner strain work making it warmer instead of being cold.

  • Issues with the ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans work by enabling the circulation and exchange of cold air in the upper part of the house and the warm air in the lower part of the house. Therefore, when the ceiling fans have a problem, they will not perform air circulation properly, making the air conditioner work only in the house hence failing to produce the cold air.

Faulty thermostats result from overusing the thermostats for a long period making their loose connection to the air conditioner. In addition, some thermostats are not compatible with the air conditioner since they are not programmable. Therefore, when the thermostat is not working well with the air conditioner, it forces the air conditioner to carry out all activities alone, which sometimes causes it to provide faulty results.

Frequently asked questions;

  • What causes the air conditioner not to produce cold air?

Air conditioners may fail to blow cold air into the house because of some reasons. Before an air conditioner fails to work correctly, there must be some issues with the system. First, consult a professional to check your system before taking any other action. The technician will find out the air conditioner’s problems that make it not blow cold air, including dirty condensers, faulty thermostats, leaking parts in the house, dirty air filter, etc.


Air conditioners must be colder during the summer holidays to provide comfort to the house owner. To make the air conditioners colder, follow the tips in the article and the steps to come up with a colder air conditioner.

Consider checking the air filters regularly since it is the main reason the air conditioner tends to be warmer. Also, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instruction when cleaning and replacing the air conditioning system to make it colder.

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