Maytag Gemini Double Oven Electric Range Troubleshooting

Maytag is among the best producers of double ovens. Their ovens are not only super easy to use but also big enough to accommodate double baking. The Maytag Gemini Double Oven consists of two ovens and a single stove and this is why it is able to double bake at different temperatures, thus convenient.

This oven operates efficiently until it starts displaying errors or stops functioning normally. This article outlines how to troubleshoot a Maytag Gemini double oven electric range whenever it quits working.

How does Maytag Gemini Double Oven function?How does Maytag Gemini Double Oven function

Basically, one uses an oven for the sole purpose of cooking meals or baking cakes and all types of pastries. The Maytag Gemini double oven does all these functions in the most convenient of ways. You should note that this oven is not a wall unit like the rest. If you have the standard 30” space in your house meant for an oven, it fits comfortably.

Moreover, you can find them in either gas or electric models, whichever suits you. The gas model uses gas flames to supply heat to the cavities in the oven while an electric one depends on heating elements for the same purpose. There are two elements that make up an oven cavity; baking and broiling elements at the bottom and top respectively.

Owning a double oven has many benefits that you will enjoy. First, it allows you to cook many meals at different temperatures at the same time unlike when you use a single oven. Also, its capacity gives you large enough space for cooking big meals and baking more than one cake at once.

There is even distribution of heat on both the lower and upper compartments, therefore makes it easy to control the temperatures. Further, it does not take time to preheat. Nonetheless, this oven is usually expensive because of its capacity and its excellent features.

Main features of a Maytag Gemini ovenMain features of a Maytag Gemini oven

This oven has unique features that make it work the way it does. Below are some of them;

1.     Even air convection

This feature allows for even circulation of temperatures that enhance consistent baking or roasting with the help of a strong fan and robust heating element.

2.     ‘Keep warm’ setting

Your food stays warm as long as it is inside the oven with the help of low heat.

3.     Precision cooking system

This cooking system comprises; precise bake, precise broil and precise preheat functions that ensure your meals cook fast and evenly.

4.     10 year limited warranty

All the parts of this oven including the glass cooktop, cavity and heating elements among others have a 10-year limited warranty and can therefore serve you a long time.

5.     Durability

The Gemini oven series are very strong and their parts can withstand tough heating conditions. The cooktop is resistant to shattering and the door hinges are heavy duty to prevent any quick damages.

6.     Triple choice element

This simply means that there are three element sizes that you can choose from (6, 9 or 12 inches). So if you are using your smallest pan or the biggest, it does not matter because it is able to accommodate both.

7.     Large capacity

Its large capacity allows you to cook more than one meal using different temperatures simultaneously. This comes in handy especially when you have visitors or if the family is big.

Common Gemini oven problems and troubleshootingmaytag gemini double oven electric range troubleshooting

This oven is not perfect. Given that it is a machine, there are times when it stops working like you expect it to. You need to identify what the problem is and find a solution or call an expert to help you out. But before doing so, first try and see if you can find a solution on your own. Below find some of the common problems and their solutions.

Power supply

If your oven is not working, you have to check if the power supply is okay. Is the oven’s plug correctly plugged on to the source of power? If not, do it. Also, check if there is a trip in the circuit breaker, reset it by powering it off and then on again.

If you are using a fuse, you can replace it if it is not working. Are the oven controls set properly? Check the manual and set them accordingly.

Oven does not self-clean

Your oven should be able to self-clean on its own as long as the right settings are set. If it fails to do so, there is a problem. Normally, you can set your oven to self-clean when you want it to. So, check if you set it to a delayed cleaning time and that is why it is not self-cleaning at the moment. Simply change the settings.

Also, if the oven door is open it will not clean up. Your oven will only self-clean if the temperature is below 400 degrees. Check for this too and regulate the temperature.

Oven fails to bake evenly

You may notice that your oven does not bake properly in comparison to your previous one. The first thing to check is the bake element. If it is not glowing red then it is not heating. This will lead to uneven baking. Ensure that the element has no holes. Besides, if it has no continuity, you need to replace it as soon as you can. If the broil element is also burned out, there will be uneven baking.

Food is not broiling properlyaluminum foil

In case food does not broil properly or there is excess smoke inside the oven, open the oven and check the positioning of the racks. This may be happening because the food and the element are very close together. You can reposition the racks to solve this issue if that is the case. Also, if you do not preheat the broil element, then food will not cook properly.

There are times when you broil food using an aluminum foil. If you place foil on the insert of the broiler, food will not broil. Always ensure you place it correctly. Whenever broiling, the door should remain open till the ‘stop’ position.

Oven light does not work

If your oven light does not function, there might be a problem with the bulb; either it is loose or malfunctioning. You therefore need to replace the bulb. During self-cleaning, the light is not in operation so this should not be a cause for alarm.

Oven surface burner does not light

When this happens, you need to ensure that your oven is well connected to its power source. Further, check the circuit breaker to find out if it has tripped or the fuse is blown. If this is the case, reset the breaker and replace the fuse.

Ensure that the igniter functions properly. This means that it has to click, if not the burner will not light. When there is no click sound from the igniter, turn control knob till it gets to the OFF position.

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It is not unusual for the Maytag Gemini double oven electric range to malfunction because of obvious problems like the ones we mention above. The good thing is that you can easily troubleshoot these problems with the help of this article which we hope you find helpful.

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