Having Trouble Solving Nest Thermostat Delayed? Here’s a Fix

Modern technology has made our own lives easier and better through improved communication. The role of technology has made the communication aspect easier and simpler for all of us humans.

Modern technology has positioned the way through multifunctional devices. Together with each of these revolutions, technology has also made our lives simpler, faster, better than ever. However, Smart Nest Thermostat is one of the revolutionary concepts in the modern era. Are you new to this term? Or Already a user but faces a Nest Thermostat delay problem? Hold on a second; I guarantee you this article would be truly helpful to both of you guys. Let’s take a glimpse.

What is Nest Thermostat?

What is Nest Thermostat
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The Nest Thermostat is actually an intelligent thermostat that learns your program and apps itself to save energy. You’re able to control it anywhere with the Nest program and work together with Alexa and Google Assistant; therefore, you’re able to adjust the warmth along with your voice. Moreover, it is a Wi-Fi-connected stat that is controllable using an app on a smartphone and has capabilities that can not be found in traditional programmable stats. Setting this model apart is a feature allowing the thermostats to basically Learn and therefore predict an individual setting at a specific time or a particular function throughout a specified time.

Common Issues

Recently people have found some issues in Nest Thermostat. People frequently complain about common problems like Thermostat delay. It is such a frequent issue that most of the people who own the Nest Thermostat perception display delay. Let me explain different troubles. But do not be concerned about this; every problem has to have a perfect solution. Alright, Let’s assess below;

  • All of the thermostats have delays involved to stop short-cycling from protecting this apparatus. A delayed start of heating is generally a protective measure by your furnace or HVAC system and can be absolutely normal. However, if the typically brief delay message does not evaporate, it might hint at a significant problem to investigate.
  • Nest thermostats are capable of performing more functions than old thermostats. To accomplish these functions correctly, it needs more power to run. It has an integrated rechargeable battery. Sometimes this battery can drain too fast because of functional Wi-Fi connectivity and other smart functions. So if thermostats don’t get enough power, you can face problems.
  • The Nest Thermostat absorbs more energy out of the furnace through the duration of your heating. This really is fine to get several systems, but other procedures can react differently and create various issues
  • Occasionally heating and cooling systems act strangely. As an example, you may notice your system is always on, plus it’s not going to turn on, turn on and off repeatedly, or even make strange sounds.

The Best Way to Solve Nest Thermostat Delay and All Troubles Permanently

Some common causes That Are responsible to Thermostat delay and other Issues are given below;

Fix Low Power Impact

nest thermostat delayed
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When the voltage falls, some functions like software updates or motion sensing, Wi-Fi cannot operate. In lower voltages, the Nest thermostat does not perform correctly, and as it sustains the battery life, the screen is being disabled. A specific voltage is required to activate some parts. If the thermostats don’t get the required voltage, then those functions can’t start properly.

Anyway, don’t panic. Relax, we have a perfect solution. Simple change the C-Wire. C-wire ensures you continue the power supply as per demand.

Check C-Wire was Properly Connected or not

In case C-Wire, along with other cables, weren’t initially connected to your current thermostat, they typically aren’t attached to an own body. Don’t connect these wires to your existing thermostat or Nest thermostat. Wires branded B an average of should get to a Nest Battery’s O/B connector. The Nest Thermostat is supposed to be the best thermostat. However, a Nest Thermostat can not work without some wires. Without a standard wire, it defends its internal battery using power. Moreover, the delayed message occurs because of the low power impact. Simply add a C-Wire and fix the problem. Literally, The Nest Thermostat is supposed to perform without C-Wire, but practically it requires C-wire. C-Wire can perform its job so perfectly and purveyance charge when the heating and cooling system is activated. However, it can also solve other frequent problems like Screen Delayed Message. 

So, If you find such problems, then please check the C-wire, ensure it is connected or not with the thermostat. If connected, then ensure C-wire quality as it is working correctly or not. It is essential to accomplish maximum potential from a Smart Thermostat.

What is C-Wire?

Most probably, a typical wire that provides Wi-Fi thermostats continuous power by linking into your cooling and heating system. C-Wires are demanded on many Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats, with the exclusion of the Smart Round Thermostat.

What Does The C-Wire suppose to do?

The standard C-wire’s primary goal is always to deliver constant power to a thermostat. It doesn’t control heat or cooling whatsoever. Nest Thermostats are designed to utilize minimal power. However, there are instances in which you would desire to use a C-wire; the Nests compatibility checker may even inform you whether or not your furnace needs a C cable.

C-Wire other Benefits

So, now we all know about the C-wire term. You might probably think that, Okay, C-wire just fix the Screen Delay problem Blah Blah Blah!!! But my friend, just hold on a second; C-wire has other benefits also. According to Nest Thermostat user experience, C-wire has other benefits too. That sounds interesting, right? Okay, now take a glance at other issues that C-wire can fix. Let’s have a look;

  •  The thermostat shows a delayed message on the screen.
  •    The system fan or air supply system is not turning on
  •   Your heating and cooling system continuously runs all the time and cannot automatically turn off.
  •    Strange noises coming from your thermostat
  •    The heating continually turns on and off in short intervals.

Don’t worth a C-Wire? What should I do?

If you lack a C-wire or don’t have a C-wire then you have other alternate options. Let’s check the list below;

  • First is the Diy method—one of the most straightforward Diy solutions to get a Venstar adapter. The Venstar adapter helps you add wire quite quickly.
  • Your next option is to arrange a thermostat that doesn’t claim a C-wire. Then how can it utilize power? It just needs a power extender kit.   Just manage its power extender kit that you can easily set up in your thermostat.
  • Your third option is to hire a professional man who can easily set up your thermostat. If you don’t feel confident or not able to repair, it’s best to hire a professional to set up a C-wire.
  • If there’s no hidden C-wire, you can use a G-wire as an alternative. But, you will not be able to make use of your fan independently when the heating or cooling is not operating. Additionally, many HVAC systems are incompatible with this solution, for example, HVAC systems using electric heat.


Nest Thermostat is really an intelligent device. It is such a device that monitors and maintains the room temperature and automatically adjusts your HVAC system to the desired level. However, a Nest thermostat’s screen delayed message seems to be like a problem, it has an ideal solution. So dear Nest user, if you will find such problems then fix them and enjoy the magic of Nest Thermostat. 

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