Nexia Troubleshooting And How-to Guide: How Does Nexia Work?

Nexia is a prominent home automation Company that offers its customers the chance to flexibly monitor and control some essential home functions. You get complete control over your home appliances like cooling and heating systems, cameras, light security, etc., from virtually any place.

However, sometimes these apps encounter some problems, affecting the functionality. This can be hectic if you have no idea about minor issues with your Nexia. It’s normal, and it happens just like with other new technologies; some customers find difficulties when setting up their home systems.

Our report on Nexia Troubleshooting and How to Guide will help you fix the issues right away. Your questions would have been answered at the end of this discussion; the article contains comprehensive knowledge concerning the device.

Who is the owner of Nexia

Who is the owner of Nexia
source: Youtube

If you’ve ever come across Ingersoll Rand products, then Nexia is one of them. It is a dedicated and prominent Company when it comes to accessories and home appliances. The Ingersoll Rand is committed to advancing its users’ life quality by enhancing efficient, comfortable, and safe environments.

Besides, the Brands work incredibly to sustain the living standards for enduring results. The global business is worth $13 billion, having various brands like Club Car, Thermo King, Ingersoll Rand, and Trane.

Does Nexia Need Subscription?Does Nexia Need Subscription?

Just like any other innovative home application, Nexia requires some subscription costs like $10 per month. With the same monthly fee, you are free to supplement your home with multiple smart devices, personalizing the Nexia system.

Besides, it comes with 4GB video storage space, and you can access all your entire home appliances virtually via the Nexia account. More so, you also benefit from numerous types of default alerts and custom, adjustable full-featured mobile applications, Live US-based support, some mobile operators per account, etc.

Additionally, you can still enjoy a free basic plan, allowing you to modify your home’s comfort level. You can still be able to watch live videos and control several lights. 

Is Nexia compatible with Alexa?

Is Nexia compatible with Alexa

Nexia users have a chance to control and operate Nexia-certified products around their homes using some voice commands via the Amazon Echo. Nexia can be paired with Amazon’s Alexa-powered gadgets to deliver exciting smart home monitors using Amazon’s famous voice-activated personal assistant.

Therefore, if you have subscribed to an Echo, you can do:

  • Activate small units through a plug-in module.
  • Turn lights off or use simple sound commands like, “Alexa, turn off the porch light.”
  • Adjust the settings of your thermostat
  • One can alter the custom lighting settings.

Remember, current subscribers are allowed to activate Nexia on Echo. You can do so by initiating the Nexia skill found in the Alexa app’ Skills menu.

Workability of Nexianexia troubleshooting

Nexia is an incredible technology that helps users connect to their various innovative home items via an all-in-one App. You can use the app to control not less than 400 home intelligent products like thermostats, water leak sensors, remote control lighting, and security cameras, among others.

The Nexia Bridge plays a vital role in Nexia’s intelligent home units. Both the 824 and  850 controls come with an inbuilt Nexia Bridge. However, you will also find some standalone models of the Nexia Bridge.

These versions are equipped with Z-wave technology, responsible for connecting and communizing with other available Z-Wave items. This means that it’s possible to employ the app and monitor, automate, and manage your home.

Can I use Nexia with Homekit?

It is impossible because the Nexia Bridge doesn’t accommodate Homekit connectivity as a standalone item. Nexia’s only products can support Ethernet connectivity or radio protocols and Z-Wave US (908 MHz).

Nexia compatible thermostats

Nexia can support an array of thermostats based on their advanced technology. The Trane is a prominent thermostat version that can excellently pair with Nexia. Some of the best Trane thermostat models in the market include:

  • Trane XL824
  • Trane ComfortLink II XL 1050
  • American Standard Gold XV
  • Trane Remote Energy Management TZEMT400B
  • Trane ComfortLink Remote (TZEMT500B)

My Tane Nexia Thermostat just went blank: What could be the problem?My Tane Nexia Thermostat just went blank What could be the problem

Lack of power is the most likely cause for a blank screen on my thermostat. You should check the battery status, determining if they require replacement.

Furthermore, wiring complications like loosely connected may lead to a blank thermostat. These wires sometimes may not be firmly attached. You should ensure all the cables are tightly held in their place.

Another reason that could lead to a blank thermostat is the blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. A surge mainly triggers these. Therefore, experts recommend checking the electrical box to fix the tripped circuit breaker issues.

 If it’s tripped, flip it to ensure it’s in good condition. For blown-out fuses, there is no other way than replacement. Replace the fuse and restore the workability of your Tane Nexia Thermostat.

Resetting a Trane Nexia Thermostat

Resetting a Trane Nexia Thermostat

If you intend to reset a Tane Nexia Thermostat, then it’s not a big deal anymore. What you need to do is to follow these steps, and you will be done:

  • Press MENU from the HOME screen, and then select Nexia.
  • Open the “advanced settings screen” by pressing “Advanced.”
  • Tap on “Factory Reset.”

Doing so will remove all devices and reset all Z-Wave details from the Nexia Bridge.

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Connecting Nexia Thermostat

Sometimes your Nexia thermostat might be misbehaving due to malfunctions or connectivity faults. To fix this, follow these steps:

  • Wired or wireless faster connection to the internet
  • Enter your (WiFi) network name followed by the password.
  • Enter the correct email address
  • Choose an internet browser

Connecting Trane Thermostat to a home WiFi NetworkConnecting Trane Thermostat to a home WiFi Network

If you have already connected your Trane thermostat to the home WiFi network, move to the next section. The thermostat is connected to your LAN via an Ethernet cable. However, use the following guide:

  • Press button sequence on the home screen; Menu>Settings>Network>Connect to WiFi Network.
  • Choose a WiFi network followed by the password. A message would pop up on the screen telling you if the connection was successful.
  • Press Home. You will be through with the process.

Creating a Nexia Home Intelligence Account and be ready to Enroll

  • Visit on your browser’s search engine and select “sign up” to make a new account. Login in case you already have an account.
  • Follow the screen instructions, enter your personal, purchase, and home information till you reach the “Choose Your Devices” page.
  • Select your thermostat from the lists.
  • Continue with the process until you get a 5-digit code. Jot down the code.
  • The next thing will be to press “Start.”

Enrolling your Trane thermostat on Nexia

Enrolling your Trane thermostat on Nexia
  • On occasions where you don’t want to set up your Trane thermostat using the inbuilt use setup wizard, press Menu on your control for Nexia to advance.
  • Now on the thermostat, review before accepting the License Policy.
  • Take your 5-digit code sent to you in the above section from and enter to proceed.
  • Wait for some minutes for enrollment to happen.
  • Once the enrollment process is over, you will have the chance to give the thermostat another name from the computer before winding up the setup.
  • If you were sent a promotion code, remember to enter it or skip the process by selecting the “I do not have promotion code” function.
  • The next page will appear, explaining your subscription plan. It will then request your authorization.
  • After checking the authorization statement, tap on k “Continue.” This allows you to go straight to your account dashboard. The enrollment process is complete.

After a while, your Trane thermostat will be visible on the climate page. This usually appears on the dashboard’s left side.

2-Stage Heat Nexia

2-Stage Heat Nexia

Two-stage heating implies that the furnace features two heat output levels. The 2-stage furnace having a 2-stage thermostat will kick off the first stage, i.e., low burner and low airflow. This will then go to the second stage only if the indoor temperature reduces during the first stage.

This mechanism helps the furnace to run longer, offering excellent air filtration air, circulation, and temperature distribution. Besides, it provides a robust indoor environment.

How to Unlock and Lock Trane Nexia

Unlocking and locking your Trane thermostat is straightforward with the aid of these steps:

  • On the home screen, press the MENU button.
  • Press and hold both the two center buttons simultaneously. Do so until the “installer settings” menu appears.
  • Toggle to the “Display Lock” setting and then press the (+) or (-) buttons to alter the environment. ‘Unlock’ is always the default.
  • Select the “Done” function when you’re through.

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How to Connect Nexia Camera WiFi?

After wiring your Nexia camera to Nexia through an Ethernet cable, it’s possible to add it to the available home’s WiFi network. Doing so is significant as you get a chance to mount the camera anywhere around your home. Ensure the camera is within the signal range of the home WiFi network.

Before initiating this process, you have to ensure the camera is wired to your Nexia account. Use the following instructions to connect Nexia Camera WiFi successfully:

  • Click the “setup wireless” function on the video page for the camera.
  • Automatically your camera will start to scan for 2.4 GHz WiFi networks. It will then display the result.
  • Ensure the WiFi network you plan to use is safe. If it’s secured, enter your WiFi connection’s password to the password box.
  • By clicking the “Continue” button, Nexia will transfer the WiFi password and network name to your camera.
  • As stipulated by Nexia, disconnect the camera from a power source before unplugging the camera from Ethernet. Plug back the camera to the power source but not the Ethernet cable.
  • By clicking the “Continue” function, your camera will automatically boot up, attempting to communicate with the WiFi you selected. It would help if you then tried to pair using the password you offered.
  • This process only takes 1-2 minutes, and the connection process will be over.

Connecting Nexia Thermostat to a PhoneConnecting Nexia Thermostat to a Phone

Nexia is equipped with a mobile app, compatible with android mobile, tablet, iOS tablet, and iOS mobile. To connect the app to your phone:

  • Download the app first from an appropriate store like Google Play or iTunes.
  • Sign in to the app and connect the app to your Nexia account. Remember, it is possible to login using your Nexia account’s same password and username.
  • Choose a robust 4-digit PIN to access the app later. This offers extra security when you lose your phone. You are free to change or disable the PIN based on your desires within the settings menu.
  • On the main screen, authorized devices will pop up on your account. There’s no device toggle to the “Mobile” page on your Nexia account on occasions where there’s no device. The ability to edit your device allows you to deselect or select any device for flexible/mobile control.

Furthermore, it’s possible to alter the way you view Nexia by topping up a mobile item to your Nexia account. You have the control to set up customized warnings/alerts. Now, to connect your mobile phone:

  • Click “Mobile Devices” on the dashboard page and then tap on the “Mobile Devices” function from the ‘My Mobile’ option. Up to this juncture, you are free to customize and assign duties to each mobile product.
  • To minimize alerts to receive via text messaging or email, go straight to the “My Alerts” function on the dashboard.  Click the “Add Contact” button to customize the alerts.

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  • Why is my Nexia not connected?

The thermostat cannot disconnect or connect to the internet frequently. How the ComfortLink™ II is set up can be the problem.

  • How can I disconnect my Trane Nexia Thermostat?

Select menu, go to remove, accept the confirmation message. Use this guide Menu>Nexia>Advanced>Unregister.

Final words

I hope that this report provides you with every piece of information that you’ve been looking for. The guide is handy, and I am sure it will help configure some common problems that require immediate action. Otherwise, feel free to contact Nexia for assistance or questions concerning the system.

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