Reolink vs. Amcrest: Comparison Between Amcrest & Reolink Cameras

If you are looking to invest in outdoor or home security cameras, nanny cameras, baby monitors, dash cams, GPS trackers or door bells that have videos, then you are at the right place. Reolink and Amcrest IP cameras are among the best available in the market and are more popular in comparison to the others.

Security cameras basically help you to stay abreast with whatever is happening around you. You can easily tell if there is an intruder in your home or office or if you need to monitor your nanny, these come in handy. So, between these two cameras which is the best? You may wonder. It is good to make a comparison of the two so as to allow you to choose on your own based on the features, pros and cons.

Why is there a need for security cameras?Why is there a need for security cameras

Whether you plan on getting a home security camera or a CCTV for your business/office, they will be of great help. They prevent any unnecessary or planned theft within your home or office. 

Once a thief notices a security camera, they will shy away from stealing whatever they want. In cases where the cameras are not visible, policemen can use the videos to identify the thieves easily because the cameras record the whole event.

Additionally, you may need to check up on your family members while at work, especially your kids. How do you do this? Cameras solve this. High definition cameras will enable you to monitor the activities at your home via your smartphone or laptop. In this way, they ensure maximum security for both your home and office.

For the purposes of your business, security cameras will help to prevent any theft by employees. Also, there will be reduced or no cases of non-productive employees as you will be able to tell who is working and who is not. In case of any work-related disputes, they become easy to solve due to security camera evidence. And in general, it protects you, your employees and clients.

Reolink CamerasReolink Cameras

The company that produces these great cameras is known as Reolink, no wonder the name. It came into the limelight in the year 2009. The company’s main headquarters is in Hong Kong and has other warehouses in the U.S.A, Canada, Germany, U.K and Australia.

It aims at producing excellent quality cameras at an affordable price. Some of its popular camera models include; Reolink Go, Reolink Keen, Reolink Argus, Reolink PoE and Reolink Lumus among others.

Features of Reolink Cameras

  1. They are independent devices. This means that there is no need for a security system if you want to use these cameras. Instead, you can use the Reolink app.
  2. They have good storage capabilities. You can either use an SD card or cloud storage.
  3. They record events as they occur. In case of any motions, the camera starts recording immediately.

Amcrest CamerasAmcrest Cameras

Amcrest offers a lot apart from home security cameras, including nanny cameras, dash cams, hunting cams, binoculars, baby monitors, drones and video doorbells. This gives you a wide variety to choose from. This was a daughter company of Foscam Company before splitting up in 2016.

Their headquarters are in Houston, Texas with other smaller companies in Spain, U.K and Canada. Their common camera brands are; Amcrest PRO, Amcrest PoE and Amcrest 4CH among others.

Features of Amcrest Cameras

  1. They are very flexible in that you can zoom, pan or tilt them within the Amcrest app if you need to achieve better vision.
  2. There is an ultimate 30-day money back guarantee they offer without necessarily having to sign a contract.
  3. Their two-way talk features allow you to communicate with the other party on the opposite side of the camera. Others even come with a built-in microphone.
  4. These cameras use the Amcrest app to operate.

Comparison between Amcrest and Reolink Camerasreolink vs amcrest

After looking at each camera individually but briefly, we need to compare them depending on various aspects such as features and pricing among others.

  • Camera Brands

Both Reolink and Amcrest cameras have the same categories of cameras. These are Wi-Fi enabled cameras, wireless, PoE, turret, dome and PTZ cameras. However, Amcrest cameras are stronger than Reolink and have an IP67 rating. Notably, most Reolink surveillance cameras operate by use of batteries, which makes them suitable for use in areas with no electricity.

  • Storage

Both cameras have exceptional multiple storage capabilities. There is the option of DVR and NVR for the purposes of hard disk and independent cameras that support SD cards. Further, there is the option of cloud storage for both cameras in case you need to view the footage online later on. Amcrest offers monthly cloud storage plans that are more expensive than the Reolink plans.

  • Smart technology

Some brands of the Reolink cameras feature smart home integration, in that they are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands. So, if you are looking for smart cameras, Reolink sort you out. On the other hand, Amcrest are slightly behind in regards to technology. To counter this, they have recently launched a Wi-Fi camera that can track motion and has AI human detection. Reolink does not have this yet.

  • Quality of video and Resolution

All the footage recorded by your camera needs to be very clear and this is where resolution and video quality come in. Both cameras have 8MP/4K ultra HD and 2K super HD resolutions. Besides, they feature night vision to enable them to capture images during the night. For much better night vision, settle for Amcrest cameras.

  • Cost

Generally, Amcrest is more expensive than Reolink cameras but the price range is very minimal. You can be able to afford both if you are willing to spend between $250 and $500.

  • Accessories

These are just the goodies that accompany the cameras when one buys them. They both offer you a variety of accessories, e.g. Extension cables, power adapters, rechargeable batteries, NVR antennas and mounting brackets. Reolink cameras further offer you solar panels for areas that have no power.


Both Reolink and Amcrest cameras offer brilliant features that make them work the way they do. Also, installing them is quite easy and they are affordable. Amcrest cameras offer both wireless and wired options thus very convenient.

However, their cloud storage is quite on the high. Reolink cameras are great for simple CCTV surveillance but are not ideal for professional purposes because of lack of face recognition and human detection.

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