How to Reset a Totaline Thermostat: Step by Step Guides

Totaline thermostats come in a wide range for business and home, so some people find it hard to reset the device whenever they fail. For you to kick off the process of resetting your thermostat, you need to understand that these models feature three primary configurations.

To narrow down, each of the basic configurations comes with varying instruction sets. A thermostat is a handy device that you can employ to control your cooling and heating systems from a single panel. For this reason, if you plan to reset the device to the manufacturer’s settings, look for a similar model to yours.

The three primary configurations

how to reset a totaline thermostat

As I have mentioned in the introductory part, Totaline thermostats come in three different denominations. Some tend to have four buttons, eight buttons, and others are known as battery thermostats. Therefore, resetting them requires additional instructions.

Let’s have a look at them and see how to reset the Totaline Thermostats:

Battery thermostats

Battery thermostats

We have some people with such models, and it can be hectic to reset them without a piece of complete knowledge. Even though the user manual has full information, some people won’t even attempt to reset their Totaline thermostats. Well, below is a comprehensive guide on resetting these thermostats:

Step 1: Navigate through the “Set” option

Toggle the “Program” function to the “Set” option. The next thing to do will be to push and hold the “NEXT” key until the setup appears. Hold the button for a few seconds for the display showing the layout to appear.

Step 2: Keep on Pressing and releasing the “Next” button

You need to perform this action while releasing the switch, but this time holds it down. You are not allowed to remove the button if there are no all-function icons. This is the main task under this step; once the function icons are displayed, move to the next step.

Step 3: Continue pressing the “Next” again

It seems the “Next” key plays a vital role here. You have to press the button down until the screen displays “Fd.” Here, you won’t see the show either blinking or flashing.

Step 4: Press the “Next” function three times

The three times pushing should be in a row, but now you are not supposed to hold it down. After everything is; let’s say you are satisfied with the settings, return to the “Program” by sliding the switch. You only need to do this when you are through with the entire resetting process.

Four-button thermostats

Four-button thermostats

Step 1: Press the “Mode” button

This step is simple as it only involves pressing the “Mode” Button. Hold it down while pressing the “Key” function simultaneously. Failure to do so won’t yield any results; be careful and follow the instruction.

Step 2: Releasing both buttons

After holding the buttons for about two or three seconds, release them. The next thing to do will be to hold down the “Override/Fan” button. When the “Fd” appears on the screen or the display flashes, release the button. If you don’t see this sign on display, don’t leave the button; hold it until something happens.

Step 3: Pressing the “Mode” button

This being the last step under this category, you must tap the ‘Mode’ function once and release it. To complete the reset process, push once again the “Mode” button.

Eight-button thermostats

Eight-button thermostats

Here is another type of Totaline thermostat that comes with a total of eight buttons. The keys are visible, making the reset process straightforward. Below are some of the standard procedures that can help you to reset your device correctly:

Step 1: Press the “Fan” and the “Mode” buttons at the same time. You are then required to release the keys after some seconds.

Experts recommend holding the buttons not for less than 7 seconds. That should be the minimum for a popup display.

Step 2: Again, press the “Fan” button. Hold it down until you see the display blinking. 

If it doesn’t blink, carefully inspect for this word “Fd.” You don’t have to worry because these thermostats, when the appropriate buttons are held for seven seconds, you must see either of the two results.

Step 3: Press the “Mode” button

Under this step, you are supposed to press the “Mode” function and release it immediately. Could you not hold it down? Press the “Model” once more and remove it. You are through resetting your eight-button thermostat. Check its functionality to ensure it works properly. Don’t hesitate to seek the help of an expert or your user manual instructions.

After attempting all the above actions yet your Totaline thermostat is still misbehaving? Don’t worry, and we have another option: installing new batteries before calling for help from an expert. Let’s explore more on how this technique can help you reset the device:

Your Totaline thermostat has been working great, but all of a sudden, it has started to misbehave. The battery could be the issue; they are dead. Replacing them might be the most straightforward trick when resetting these devices.

Installing new batteries

Installing new batteries

Step 1: Switch off the thermostat

When replacing the batteries, you have to slide the “Fan” switch to “Auto.” Also, ensure the “Mode” function is adjusted to the “Off” position. You need to perform battery replacement when you see the “Low Battery” notification on the thermostat’s display.

Try to locate where the Mode and Fan switches are on the thermostat, usually on the front and sides.

Step 2: Removing the batteries from the bay

Pull out the battery cover or housing carefully from the thermostat’s base. Remove the existing batteries, mostly found at the bottom, and replace them with new ones.

Step 3: Closing the battery bay

After inserting the new batteries, close the cover or housing before returning the “Mode” and “Fan” switches to your desired positions. After the entire battery replacement process took you more than a minute, you will see a popup message saying “correct time and day.” Don’t worry about it; follow the instructions on display to handle the issue:

FAQs About Reset a Totaline Thermostat:

  • What are some of the signs of a defective thermostat?

The temperature meter reading will be very high. Besides, the engine will be overheating. The temperature gauge reading will exceed the normal one for the first quarter an hour of your vehicle’s engine operation. This is a common and the first symptom that the thermostat isn’t in good working condition.

  • How should I remove the cover of a Totaline thermostat?

You have to pull out the cover of your existing thermostat. If these actions fail to bear fruits, you can  unscrew them using a screwdriver. Once the available screws of the thermostat subbase or base are removed, lifting the device away from the wall will be easy.

  • How can I calibrate my Totaline thermostat?

Press Mode, down and Up at the same time to unlock the buttons. So, on four-button thermostats, press Mode and down switches for not less than two seconds light up the whole display. When you push the Mode function, the room temperatures will pop up.

Final words

Resetting a Totaline thermostat shouldn’t give you headaches; use the above guides to reset the model with you. No one was born with this knowledge, but you can learn and own it forever. As you can see, the procedures are straightforward; not to complicate you.

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