How to Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner- Step by Step Guides

Air conditioners are tools that mainly work by exchanging fresh air into the house while it removes the warm air outside. The air conditioner works together with the thermostat to enhance exchanging air in and out of the house. A Frigidaire air conditioner is a type of air conditioner that regulates the air in a particular room. Sometimes the Frigidaire air conditioners encounter some faults that make them lose their memory and fail to work that causes them to have need or resetting.

Therefore, when having problems with the Frigidaire air conditioner, ensure you reset the problems immediately to avoid further damages. To reset the air conditioner, consider revising mainly the manufacturer’s manual to check on the guidelines of how to reset the device before starting with any step. After reading the manual, you can then go on with the resetting process or consult a technician to help.

The article above shows the easy steps one can follow to rest the Frigidaire air conditioner to work well and enhance comfort in a particular room. Follow this article to identify the steps required to rectify an air conditioner. Remember to take the control measures in the resetting process to avoid missing some concepts.

Steps of resetting Frigidaire air conditioner

There are different methods of resetting the air conditioners. The first and easiest method is by using the rest button. However, other methods are alternatives for resetting the air conditioners if it fails to work with the first method, which is the removal of a circuit breaker or resetting the air filters that are the main problem of failing air conditioners.

Method 1: using the reset button

how to reset frigidaire air conditioner

1) Identify the reset button in the Frigidaire air conditioner

The first step in resetting the air conditioners is by identifying the position of the reset button in the Frigidaire air conditioner. Reset buttons are available with modern Frigidaire air conditioners, so if your air conditioner is modern, then it has the rest button in it. If finding the reset button is difficult, consider checking the air conditioner’s manual since it contains all the air conditioner parts for easier identification.

2) Disconnect the Frigidaire air conditioner

After locating the reset button in the air conditioner, disconnect the air conditioner by unplugging the air conditioner from the main power supply for a period of 15 to 20 seconds, then connect it again to its power supply.

3) Press the reset button for some time

The whole resetting process ends at this last step, where you have to press the reset button shortly for like 5 seconds then release it to see if it’s working.  After releasing the button and the air conditioner is good to work, the process will be complete, but if the process fails, try to press the reset button for a bit longer. Again, if it fails to work, consider trying the different methods to help solve the issue.

Method2: circuit breaker

circuit breaker

i. Locate the circuit breaker in the air conditioner

The first step in this method is to locate the circuit breaker panel in the air conditioner. If you cannot locate the circuit breaker, revise the manual since it shows the air conditioner with its parts for easy identification when using it.

ii. Flip off the circuit breaker

After identifying the position of the circuit breaker, consider flipping it off from the air conditioner. Would you please wait for some time after flipping the circuit breaker before turning it on? The minimum time to take is about 10 minutes of waiting.

iii. Turn on the air conditioner

Turning on the air conditioner is the last step in this method. After turning on the air conditioner, check if the settings are okay. The method above can work with air conditioners that have issues with some parts. To confirm the unit is working properly, allow it to regulate the temperatures of a room after resetting.

If the two methods fail to work, consider checking the filters in the air conditioner since they are the main causes of the air conditioner failing to work. Then, reset the filters properly to fix the problem.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can one reset the Frigidaire air conditioners filters?

Resetting the air filter needs some steps to follow for the process to be successful. Resetting the filter changes the problems with it that prevent damages to the whole device. Below are the steps of resetting the filters:

a.  Switch off the air conditioner before starting the resetting process.

b. Locate the position of the filter in the air conditioner.

c.  Remove the filter from the air conditioner by pulling it gently. If the air conditioner has more air filters consider locating each one, then remove them gently.

d. Clean the filter by removing the dirty particles that accumulate and wipe away dust from the system. Remember to be careful when handling the filter since you can easily damage it.  When wiping the filter, use a sponge or a cloth that you dip in warm water before wiping the filter.

e.  Give some time to the air filter to get it dry.

f.   Fix the filter back to its position after drying.

g. Press the reset button in the filter to reset the air conditioner.


A Frigidaire air conditioner helps regulate the temperatures of a room by exchanging air when cold fresh air gets in while the warm air gets out of the house. The air conditioner, in most cases, works together with the thermostat to increase comfort in a particular place. The article above shows the steps of resetting the Frigidaire air conditioner; the first method you have to use is the reset button that you can use the circuit breaker method when it fails.

Follow the article carefully to rectify the settings with your air conditioner. Remember to read the manual to help identify the parts with the air conditioner, as some parts are hard to identify or don’t know the position of the parts. Gently handle the filters when resetting them to avoid damaging some of its parts since if it encounters any problem, you have to buy a new filter for the air conditioner.

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