How to Reset a Honeywell WiFi Thermostat: Total Guides

Honeywell thermostats will control the temperatures in the house by simply turning on the fan when there is a need. The Honeywell thermostat is essential but can evolve some problems that might be difficult to troubleshoot. All these problems can be very taxing, and you may end up paying a lot of energy bills.

Honeywell has manufactured several models of thermostats. These include the programmable thermostats and the Wi-Fi thermostats. When these thermostats are constantly mishandled, they might fail to function in one way or another. Luckily, most Honeywell thermostats’ failures are resolved by setting the thermostat to its factory settings.

How to reset a Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat

Different models of honeywell thermostats are reset differently. The following are steps that are used when resetting some of the Honeywell thermostat models.

1. Resetting the Honeywell touchscreen thermostats

how to reset honeywell wifi thermostat

When using a Honeywell touchscreen model of the thermostat, for example, the 8000 series model, its simple program gives better performance and durability due to the smart technology response. The Honeywell 8000 series is the most stable in terms of durability and better performance as it uses 4 AA batteries.

The following are the steps used to reset the Honeywell 8000 series model and also the other touchscreen types.

  • Make sure that you turn on the thermostat.
  • Click the menu button on the screen and scroll down to select the preferences.
  • From the submenu that has occurred, select the restore factory defaults option.
  • Select yes in the dialogue that pops up asking for verification whether you wish to proceed.

The smart Honeywell thermostat should restart and ask for new information so that you can do the initial settings. This method is used to reset the Honeywell thermostat pro series. Honeywell thermostat pro series is one of the latest models.

It has more advanced features such as daylight adjustment and a seven-day programmable feature. In addition to that, it has other good smart technology features that work automatically to give the results, such as determining whether the house needs to be heated or cooled. The pro series Honeywell thermostat model can send you a notification in case anything happens in the house.

2. Resetting a thermostat using batteries

Resetting a thermostat using batteries

Some of the Honeywell models of thermostats do not use the touchscreen, and therefore there is an alternative way of resetting them. When using that kind of model, you may need to restart the thermostat after replacing the batteries. The following are the steps followed to achieve this.

  • Switch off the thermostat and disconnect it from the wall plate.
  • Remove the thermostat’s battery carefully.
  • Restore the thermostat batteries with new ones. Ensure that they are facing the opposite direction so that the positive terminal of the battery connects to the positive pole and the negative terminal connects to the negative pole.
  • Leave the replaced batteries in place for at least five seconds.
  • Remove the batteries again and insert them again in the correct way.
  • After following those steps, the thermostat will power on and reset to the default factory settings.
  • Now you can fix the thermostat back to the plate.

The Honeywell models mainly reset using this method are the 7000 series model, the 2000 series model, and the 1000 series models. It is also used to reset the non – programmable and programmable thermostat models.

3. Resetting the Honeywell thermostat without batteries

Honeywell thermostats that do not have batteries follow different procedures to reset. Below are steps followed when resetting different models of these types of thermostats?

4. How to reset the Honeywell lyric round model

How to reset the Honeywell lyric round model

The following are guidelines on how to reset the lyric round thermostat.

  • Click the weather button and hold it down for some time, approximately five to ten seconds, and this will allow the menu button to appear.
  • When the menu button appears, scroll down until you see the factory reset button.
  • Select the factory reset button and then click OK.
  • After that, select yes on the options button that appears and then click OK.

Hurray! Your lyric round thermostat is already reset.

5. How to reset the Honeywell lyric T5 and other t series models

  • Select the menu option on the screen of the thermostat.  
  • Touch the “<” or the “>” on the screen until you get the reset option.
  • After finding the reset option, click reset.
  • Click factory
  • After clicking factory, you will be asked if you are sure you want to reset your thermostat.
  • Click yes to confirm you accept and then OK.

6. How to reset the Honeywell 6000 thermostat reset.

To reset the Honeywell 6000, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that you switch on the thermostat.
  • Click and hold down the fan button at the same time for about 6 seconds. It is a must to press the button for those seconds until the next button appears.
  • After that step, make sure that you press the “next button” consistently until 39 is displayed on the screen.
  • Make adjustments using the arrow key until the displayed number 39 changes to zero.
  • Click the done button.

7. Resetting the Honeywell thermostat 4000 series.

  • First, you need to turn on the thermostat.
  • Find the program button and press it three times.
  • After that, find an object with a pointed end and insert it in the hole at the buttons’ right side.
  • Hold the pointed object in the hole for about 3 to 5 seconds and release.
  • Finally, you have a successful reset of your 4000 series thermostat.

Helpful tips in resetting the Honeywell thermostat to factory settings

Reset the initial thermostat options after setting them to factory settings.

If the reset option is not available in your thermostat, recycle the thermostat by removing and replacing the faceplate.

If the regular procedure for resetting the thermostat fails, try to reset the circuit breaker.


Honeywell thermostats are good and focus on making high-quality smart thermostats in the market. The above instructions are only for the most commonly used thermostats. If the steps for the thermostat that you use are not in the article, consider checking the device manually from the manufacturer.

If you have tried to set back the Honeywell thermostat, and the thermostat is still not working as required, the unit might be damaged, or maybe there is something wrong with the HVAC system. So it is essential to call a professional technician to check on the problem.

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