Ring Chime Pro Not Working: (What to Do? Step by Step Guides)

Owning a doorbell is very convenient because it helps you know when someone is at your front door. But for you to hear the ring sound, the doorbell must have a chime. The ring chime pro is what produces the ringing sound that alerts you that there is someone at your door. It is the latest addition to the ring family and you will definitely enjoy it because of its smart features and the fact that it operates on Wi-Fi.

Apart from working with doorbells, it also functions with surveillance cameras. But just like any other equipment, a ring chime pro is not perfect. There are times where it will not ring or it will just go off. It is at this point that you realize there is a problem with your ring chime pro. Therefore, this article seeks to find out reasons for a ring chime pro not working and how to troubleshoot.

Ring Chime Pro vs. Ring ChimeRing Chime Pro vs. Ring Chime

There are instances where you confuse between ring chime and ring chime pro once you hear about them. Both of them have similar functions though there is a difference when it comes to their features. The ring chime pro has an amplifier that produces alert sounds. These alert sounds notify you when there is someone at the door, even if you are far away from the doorbell. Ring chime does not have this feature.

Similarly, ring chime pro functions as a Wi-Fi extender. If your doorbell is using Wi-Fi, then it should sit right next to a router for it to function efficiently. You can use a ring chime pro to extend Wi-Fi to your doorbell in case it is far away from the router. This will in turn cause your doorbell to alert you faster in case of any motion. Unfortunately, a ring pro is not able to do this for you.

So, you can use both of them on your doorbell and they will work just perfect. Moreover, if you have a good Wi-Fi connection and the doorbell does not sit far away from the router, you can consider the ring chime. In cases where the signal is faulty and you do not want to hear the alert from the particular room your chime is in, get yourself a ring chime pro.

Reasons for your Ring Chime pro going offReasons for your Ring Chime pro going off

Your ring chime pro will not just quit working on its own unless it is faulty from the moment that you purchase it. There are two major reasons that will cause it to go off suddenly. They are usually temporary and this should not cause you any alarm as you can solve them easily if you follow the right steps.

  • Network troubles

If there is an issue with your Wi-Fi network, the ring chime pro will fail to work. In case of a power surge, the Wi-Fi router will basically go off and thus tampering with the network. Also, you may change your Wi-Fi password then end up forgetting it. This will cause a discrepancy in the network. Further, there may be loose wire connections in the router.

  • Power outages

Loss of power may lead to the ring chime pro going off without notice. Similarly, there may be some loose wiring within the main circuit breaker or even tripping.

Troubleshooting Ring Chime Pro not working

If your ring chime pro is not working, there are solutions to deal with the particular problems at hand. We take a look at some of the problems below and how to troubleshoot them.

1. Ring chime is not responsivering chime pro not working

You will know your ring chime pro is not responding when it does not display any light patterns or when it is not connecting once you turn it on. First ensure that the problem is not with the power outlet by connecting it to a different power source.

  • Go to your smartphone and access the Ring application. Open it.
  • Tap on the left side of the window to open the menu.
  •  Locate Device then select it.
  • Choose Chime pro
  •  Select Device health. While here, you are able to tell whether there are any updates or if the ring chime pro connects to Wi-Fi.

2. Ring chime not connecting to Wi-Fi networkRing chime not connecting to Wi-Fi network

When your ring chime pro disconnects from a Wi-Fi network, there are steps to follow to reconnect it or change to another network.

  • Get your smartphone and access the Ring application. Open it.
  • Tap on the left side of the window to open the menu.
  •  Locate Device then select it.
  • Choose Chime pro
  •  Select Device health.
  • Tap on Network then choose among the available options; reconnect to Wi-Fi, change Wi-Fi network or change connection type.
  • Click on Continue then select the Wi-Fi network you want then enter your password.

3. Ring chime pro has no sound

When you are not able to receive any notifications and alerts from the ring chime pro, there is a problem. This may be due to a change in settings in the Ring app.

  •  Open the ring app
  • Select Menu on the upper left side of your phone
  • Select Devices
  • Tap on Chime pro
  •  Locate audio settings and tap on it
  •  Select Chime Alerts. There will appear several icons. One is that of a bell which means chime of the doorbell. The other is a man who is running representing alerts of motion detection. If the icons are in grey, it indicates that they are not active. To enable them, tap on them.

After enabling the notifications and motion detection alerts, you may want to change their tones. Follow the steps below while still on Audio settings.

  • Select Chime tones on the Audio Settings window
  • Choose between Motion and Rings
  • At the bottom of your phone’s screen select Test sound
  • Pick the one that interests you then ensure to save changes.

4. Ring Chime pro does not extend Wi-FiRing Chime pro does not extend Wi-Fi

Even though the ring chime pro helps to extend Wi-Fi to your doorbell, your Wi-Fi router plays the major role. So if the chime is not extending Wi-Fi, your router is the problem. To correct this, ensure that the ring chime pro and the router are close together. Further, be sure that the router does not have an obstruction in its way which will block the Wi-Fi signal.

The ring chime pro (2nd generation) has flashing light patterns that signify different things that are important for you to know.

  1. Blue alternating with green- the ring chime pro is updating its firmware.
  2. Solid green- it is booting up.

  iii. Solid blue- shows that the ring chime pro is connected

  1.  No light- it is not connected and LED is disabled
  2.  Blue flashing light- it is starting to connect
  3. Green alternating with red- the Wi-Fi password is incorrect

vii. Red flashing- there is no internet connection

viii.  Red solid- completely no Wi-Fi

  1.  Green flashing- chime is in setup mode


It becomes a headache when your ring chime pro is not working. But with the right troubleshooting procedures, you will easily get it working within the shortest time possible. The good thing is the fact that you are able to do this on your own without ringing a professional.

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