Ring Doorbell Mechanical Chime Not Working- How to Fix

Investing in a good ring doorbell is an excellent idea, especially in your home. You simply connect it to a mechanical doorbell chime that is already present. Why is this? Ring doorbells make it easy for you to tell when there is a visitor or a delivery person at your door.

Those at the door will simply ring the bell and you will hear it from whatever room you will be in. In other cases, you will even receive a notification on your phone notifying you that there is motion at the door. This makes sure that the security in your home is tighter.

However, there are times that the ring doorbell does not ring the mechanical chime. This should be a cause for alarm. You need to try and identify where the problem is. It could either be due to a wiring error, incompatibility, trouble with Wi-Fi connection or damaged wires. Thus, it is important to learn ways of how to fix ring doorbell mechanical chimes that are not working.

What is a Ring Doorbell and how does it work?What is a Ring Doorbell and how does it work

A ring doorbell is a device that alerts you in case there is somebody at the door or whenever there are movements even when you are not at home. This ensures that there is maximum security. Further, a smart ring doorbell enables you to talk to whoever is at your door via video, whether you are home or not. There is also an app that allows you to operate the ring doorbell, together with connecting it to Wi-Fi.

There are two ways in which the ring doorbell works in your home. First and foremost, you need to connect it to the existing traditional bell in the house through wiring. If this does not work, you will have to entirely depend on your smartphone. Secondly, you can purchase either a digital or a mechanical ring chime which does not need your smartphone to operate. It is an independent unit. So, whichever you choose should work for you appropriately.

Additionally the ring doorbell is very easy to install and does not need a professional to do so. After installation, you connect the ring to the nearest Wi-Fi network. At this juncture, you can now download the app on your smartphone and you are good to go.

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Features of a ring doorbellFeatures of a ring doorbell

  •  Motion detector

This feature allows it to detect any motion because of the in-built motion sensors. It lets you know of any intruder into your home.

  • Two-way microphone

You can be able to speak to whoever is at your door using this device. For example, if there is a delivery guy, there is no need to make contact with them; you just talk to them via the app.

  • HD Camera

With an excellent quality HD camera, viewing your visitor or any other intruder is very simple. Besides, it has night vision to help you see people or things at night.

  • Smartphone access

Once you download the app on your phone, communication becomes mobile as you can talk with anyone at your front door from wherever you are.

With all these unique features, you can never go wrong with installing a ring doorbell in your home for the purposes of extra security.

Factors that may lead to a ring doorbell mechanical chime to stop working and how to fix themring doorbell mechanical chime not working

  • Incompatibility

Not all ring doorbells are compatible with the available mechanical chimes. Thus, it is vital to know what type of chime you have before installing a ring doorbell. Usually, mechanical chimes have a physical bell. Also, you can check for compatibility using chime kit compatibility lists.

  • Improper installation

For the mechanical chime to work there is a need to install the ring doorbell properly inside it. You do this by appropriately hard wiring the mechanical chime and the ring doorbell together via an AC doorbell transformer.

Hence, if your mechanical chime stops working, check the connection. But before then, turn off the power supply to your door bell. Then ensure that the wires connecting the two are tight and not loosely hanging. If there are any corroded wires or terminals, make sure to clean them and replace damaged wires.

  • Ring smartphone app troubles

You need to check the settings of the ring app installed in your phone. If there is something that is disabled, then the mechanical chime will not work.

To correct this, access the app, open it and go to settings then ‘Device settings’. Tap on it and then go to additional settings. You will see the ‘General settings’ tab. Click on it. Look for the ‘Doorbell chime type’ tab and choose ‘mechanical’. This process should activate your mechanical chime ASAP.

  • Poor Wi-Fi connection

If you notice that your ring doorbell mechanical chime is not ringing, you should first check if the Wi-Fi connection is intact. There might be distractions to your Wi-Fi connection such as brick walls that are too thick.

In order to fix this issue, you need to buy a Wi-Fi extender and position it between the doorbell and the router. The other option is to buy a ring chime unit and establish a connection between it and the ring app.

Resetting doorbellResetting doorbell

After trying all these solutions and the chime does not work, you will resort to resetting it. You can either flip the breaker or get rid of the batteries in the doorbell. These actions will automatically cause it to restart or reboot. It should behave after restarting.

There is the other option of disconnecting your doorbell from the ring app and adding it again. Nonetheless, doing this may delete all the settings previously set.


Enhancing security and protection using the ring doorbell mechanical chime is essential. You should ensure that there is a good connection between the two devices and that the settings on the ring app are also enabled for them to coordinate well. When the chime stops responding, you should always be in a position to fix it.

ring doorbell mechanical chime function doesn’t work suddenly and don’t know why. googling and search several youtube video to understand the issue. it might be voltage level issue something like that but, my case is, ring doorbell APP default setting for mechanical chime that is changed to disable when the APP is upgraded.

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