Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer

Temperature and humidity are important measurements that not only help you in terms of health but also assist to monitor things like refrigerators, humidors, guitar cases. You can also measure the conditions in places such as basements, attics and crawl spaces.

How will you tell that your home is experiencing dampness or lots of humidity? Worry not because there is the Sensor push wireless thermometer and hygrometer that helps out with this. The thermometer measures temperature while the hygrometer checks for the humidity levels. 

For as long as you have a smartphone and a sensor push sensor, you are good to go. We review the Sensor push wireless thermometer and hygrometer to give you a clear picture.

Why is it important to monitor temperature and humidity?

Why is it important to monitor temperature and humidity

Good health largely depends on the temperature and humidity levels of your home. For example, a lot of dampness can cause asthma and this is a dangerous disease if not treated or avoided. Also, if your home is too humid, it will encourage rapid growth of fungi or even increase the production of toxic chemicals that are airborne such as formaldehyde.

As much as dampness is not good for your health, dry air is also not advisable. This is because viruses flourish and escalate faster in this type of environment. Your eyes, skin or even the mucous membranes in your nose may dry out and you run a risk of getting an infection. However, human eyes cannot tell the amount of humidity in the air and that is why a hygrometer comes in handy to help out with monitoring.

Similarly, items such as musical instruments (piano, guitars), incubators (chicken), cigar humidors, greenhouses, wine cellars, art work, freezers and refrigerators need close monitoring as they may be affected by humidity. Failure to this may lead to damages that need a lot of money for repairs. Therefore, sensor push wireless thermometer and hygrometer ensures effortless monitoring.

Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer

sensor push wireless thermometer hygrometer


Dimensions1.57* 1.57* 0.65 inches
Weight40g/ 1.4 pounds
BatteryCR2477 (replaceable)
Battery lifeOver 1 year (more in normal conditions)
Sampling intervalEvery minute
On-board data storage20 days
In-app data storageNo limit
CompatibilityiOS, Android, Bluetooth 4.0 (LE)
Temperature range-40 degrees- 60 degrees
Humidity range0-100%
Wireless range100M with no obstructions
Humidity accuracy+/- 0.1% after calibrating
Remote accessYes
Multiple devicesYes
  • It is tiny enough to fit in any compact space such as a shelf or inside a guitar.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Free app for easier control and alerts customization.
  • Easy to monitor humidity levels from any room in your house.
  • Allowance to set up temperature and humidity alerts when need be.
  • Water-resistant splash-proof design that protects it against harsh weather components.
  • Powerful line of sight range of 325ft.
  • Set it and forget.
  • Durable
  • Pricier than other hygrometers
  • Bluetooth range requires a direct line of sight

Best for: Anyone who wants to monitor the temperature and humidity levels of their houses.



It has a compact design, measuring only 1.6*1.6*0.7 inches and weighing 1.4 pounds. Once you set it up, you are likely to forget that it exists because of its small size. It comes with a highly adhesive sticky- backed tape that you use to attach to items such as the refrigerator, guitar or places like your basement wall to so as to measure humidity.

Moreover, it has a tiny hole on its top right side where you can attach a key ring or put a string then tie it to some place thus convenient. Its design is attractive enough that you can leave it out in the open and it will match your home décor.


  • Battery life

The sensor push wireless thermometer and hygrometer has a long battery life due to the high capacity button cell battery which boasts of 10- 12 months lifespan. The hygrometer’s entire system runs on a sensor chip and processor chip and this is what makes it have a lengthy battery life. Surprisingly, the battery occupies about 80% of the sensor’s case.

  • Connectivity

Further, it supports Bluetooth connectivity and has a high-end Bluetooth chipset that delivers an incredible range of 325ft. It is advisable to get your phone within its range, at least once a day to be able to collect and store data. Nonetheless, the device itself can store data internally for up to 30 days so failing to be within its range for some few days will not affect how it works.

But if you want to receive any alerts such as alarms or warnings from your hygrometer, you need to be within the Bluetooth range.

  • Data Storage

It is great for data storage as it can store data for over twenty days despite the fact that it is so tiny. And immediately you set it up, it starts collecting data and storing it. Further, it transmits data once per minute and ensures that it is up to date.

  • Accuracy

It comprises accurate Swiss-made sensor components that ensure utmost accuracy of your hygrometer. Their accuracy range is impressive; about a fraction of a degree. Before using your hygrometer, you should first measure and test its accuracy. Simply use water and salt for this procedure and you will be able to get the accuracy rate.

  • Sensor Push app

This is a great addition to the sensor push hygrometer as it makes everything simpler. The app allows for connection of more than one hygrometer that you have in your home. Each of the sensors will track the relative humidity and temperature independently and then store them and you will be able to get this data on this app on your phone.

Besides, you are able to tell whether the temperature and humidity values are increasing or decreasing. To get the data, you need to press a button and you will see a graph that shows readings from 24hours to up to 30 days. Also, you are able to receive alerts or notifications in case of a rise or fall in the readings.



Setting it up is easy. It comes with a manual that is simple to understand that you will not have to go to YouTube to get a video tutorial. The first thing to do is to download the Sensor Push app from the Apple store; this is if you are using iOS.

Secondly, connect the device with Bluetooth by clicking “add sensor”. Place the Sensor Push next to your phone and wait for the two to pair. After pairing, give the Sensor any name you want and you are set. It is that simple!


Because of its high end performance and intuitive features, this hygrometer costs a bit more than the other basic hygrometers. For about $50, you are able to get yourself a new hygrometer. It is better to get something expensive but worth the price. There are other hygrometers going for between $10 and $30 but are not as effective as this particular one.


The Sensor push wireless thermometer and hygrometer is the best sensor to help you monitor humidity and temperature levels in your home, for your health and the wellness of other equipment. Its 325ft Bluetooth range makes sure that you can remotely control this sensor. 

More about Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer, you should watch this video below; enjoy

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