Should I Leave My Hot Tub on All the Time?-All You Need to Know

Whenever people think of buying a hot water tub, they always have a lot of questions about the tub’s operation and what they should do to keep the tub running. People always have a fear of buying hot tubs due to the running costs. They always have that fear because the hot tubs are always left running when they use electricity.

Those who often use the hot tub or those who are blessed to possess one have some skill to run the tub. However, those who have never used have many questions to ask in any case that they buy a hot tub.

Can I leave my hot tub on all the time?

should i leave my hot tub on all the time

When you leave your hot tub, it always seems to be a tremendous waste of electricity since you will need to use it for just a few days or even some hours per week. Most of those people that own tubs always don’t use the tubs every day. Due to this, it is not strange to ask whether to leave the tub on and why.

The answer to this question is ‘yes’; you can leave the tubs on all the time because they are made so that they should always be on. In addition to that, it is more economical to leave it on since the water will always be hot than to switch it off and heat the water from coldness anytime you need it.

Once the water in the tub has obtained the right temperature, it takes very little electricity to maintain it. In most cases, if you are using the tab during the summer and it has good insulation that does not conduct the heat away, your tub will use very little electricity to run.

However, if the ambient temperature is not hot, more energy is used to keep the tub hot. Again, if the tub does not have the right or high-quality insulation, more power is needed to run the tub. Despite all this, it is advised to leave the hot tub on since many problems can occur when the hot tub is not active.

Sometimes you will get an occasion that will lead you to switch off the hot tub. For example, you will need to drain, clean, and refill it, forcing you to switch it off. The cleaning and refilling should be done every three months, or else make sure that the tub is clean and fresh.

 Another occasion when it is necessary to switch off your hot tub is when you are away for more than a week. When you have a trip, and you are pretty sure that you won’t use the tub, it is advisable to switch it off because the economic part and saving energy won’t make sense. Again, you may decide that you will not be using the hot tab for that season, so it should be switched off and carefully cleaned and drained to wait for the next season when you will use it.

Ways to reduce hot tub running costs

Ways to reduce hot tub running costs

There are so many different ways to reduce the costs of running your hot water tub. The following are some ways to manage your hot tub costs.

If the hot tub is used regularly, for more than three times a week, it is advisable to leave it on all the time to save on the energy used to run it. The hot tub temperatures should be set at 25 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature that the hot tub is set to is 40 degrees Celsius.

  • Make use of the lid and top cover

Ensure that you use the lid and the hot tub top cover to close the hot tub. Temperature is constantly lost from the hot tub due to failure to use the lid or using a damaged cap. Heat will rise, and therefore, if there are holes in the lead, it will get lost through those gaps. Ensure that the cover on the hot tub is tightly fixed to avoid heat loss. Consider replacing the lid and the cover in any case that they are damaged.

  • Ensure that your hot tub is located near a natural windbreak

Placing your hot tub in the direct wind will reduce your water temperatures and increase the energy required to heat it. A windbreak is essential in that it helps to maintain a stable water temperature. It is recommended to avoid using trees as windbreaks because they may shed leaves into the tub. Alternatively, if the tub is in an open area and there is a need for some privacy, use the hot tub hideaways.

  • Insulate your hot tub

Ensure that you insulate your hot tub to protect against heat loss through conduction. In addition to that, ensure that the hot tub is protected at the bottom using a hot tub floor protector. The protector helps in protecting against damage caused by rough surfaces.

  • Use the power-saving timer to keep your running costs minimum

Power saving timer is good to use if the hot tub is not used regularly, to keep the running costs minimum. The power-saving timer allows you to choose the time of heating for the hot tub. It helps you not to leave the tub on all the time.


In conclusion, it is very evident from the above discussion that when you purchase a hot tub, it is good to keep it running all the time. However, the practice is only applicable if the tub is used regularly, like three or more days per week. If the tub is only used for just a day within a week, it is advisable to use the power-saving timer, which will help ensure you enjoy the hot tub without having to leave it on all the time.

Turning off the hot tub may cause some unwanted damages due to freezing waters. Apart from that, it will lead to large electricity consumption when heating the cold water each time you need to use it. Therefore, it is good to consider ways to save the running costs of the hot tub, which have been discussed in this article for a better experience.

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