Does Sonos Work With Home Kit? How to Connect?

Many people prefer using the Sonos device due to its many benefits, which include; it provides less homekit support. When considering the Sonos of all generations, the oldest may lack such an advantage when you compare them with the new ones. But either way, you may have the homekit under some conditions.

Yes, the Sonos device can work with the homekit. For the oldest versions that are less advanced, you can use the Sonos with some devices, such as the home bridge hub, among others. The device provides sufficient audio for your home, especially for those who like listening to some audio or music. While buying, ensure the device is compatible with any network for maximum efficiency.

The article below answers the question of whether Sonos devices work with homekit. Also, it describes the best steps to follow when trying to connect the device with others, such as the home bridge hub. Also, there are some FAQs concerning the device. Lastly, the article has a conclusion on all the information in the article.

Does Sonos Work with Home Kit?

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Yes, the latest version of the device, such as the Sonos beam, Sonos amp and the Sonos One, can work together with homekit devices. But, it is a bit tricky for the older versions of the device.

Don’t worry since there is a way in which you can make them work with the homekit. Consider upgrading them and making them compatible with the homekit device.

The best way to upgrade the oldest Sonos version includes a new homekit compatible audio to your Sonos internet connectivity. The new homekit compatible devices include; Sonos one or even the Sonos beam. Once you add the compatible device, it will automatically allow all homekit to connect with available device speakers such as home bridge.

Steps on how to connect the Sonos with homekit

Steps on how to connect the Sonos with homekit

Sometimes, you may wish to use your Sonos with the homekit. To do such activity, first, you must establish a connection between the Sonos and the homekit. Follow the steps below to integrate the device with the homekit successfully.

Tools necessary

  • Homebridge Out of the Box system
  • Homekit.
  • Router.

Method: Connect the Sonos using the HOOBS home bridge hub

The HOOBS is commonly known as the Homebridge Out of the Box system. It is commonly applicable for plug and play hubs to allow the homekit to connect with other devices. It also allows the user to connect with the best ecosystem that suits his preference and does not restrict or limit the user’s choices. It is the simplest way, and it includes the following steps.

Step 1: Establish a connection between your HOOBS and home internet connectivity

Establish a connection between your HOOBS and home internet connectivity

Before beginning any process, ensure you connect your HOOBS to the network since it requires network connection to function effectively. The best hoe network is the Wi-Fi, or you may choose to connect your device to the router using the Ethernet cable effectively. While connecting, ensure the Ethernet cable matches correctly with the port; otherwise, you will have network issues.

If there are any network issues, first solve them. Check the main cause of the network issue and try fixing the issue depending on the cause. Also, ensure you sync your device correctly with the network you are using. If the network issue persists, contact an ISP to help you solve the issue and then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Create and set up the HOOBS account

After connecting your HOOBS device successfully to your home network, proceed to set a HOOBS account. First, begin with setting up the admin account and setting it to run effectively.

Also, you may consider setting up the account via the website. To use the website, first begin by searching it, entering all your necessary details, and clicking Next.

Step 3: Connect the HOOBS to the homekit

After clicking next, two options will appear. Choose the first choice that will enable you to connect the HOOS to the homekit successfully. After carrying out the activity, choose the “ADD” button and perform the step as shown. ADD >> ACCESSORY >> SCAN THE QR CODE and wait for some minute. After the adding process is complete, you will find the HOOBS device on your HomeApp.

Step 4: See the Sonos plugins and install them successfully

See the Sonos plugins and install them successfully

Some specific plugins are necessary when connecting the HOOBS and homekit. The recommended Sonos plugin is the home bridge ZP plugin which is known as the Zone Player plugin. The ZP usually means that only the Sonos within the same network or speakers you want to connect and use from the local network can use the plugin.

Also, you may wish to install the plugin on the HOOBS homepage and display it on the HOOBS screen successfully. The advantage of such installation is that the latest updates for any release of the new version will be on the screen after installing it effectively.

Some people may have a confusion about how to find the recommended plugin to install. In such a situation, you can review the plugin catalogue and look for the Sonos plugin necessary and install it correctly.

Step 5: Set the ZP plugin or any specific plugin

Set the ZP plugin or any specific plugin

After you install the plugin successfully, you will see the option of setting it up. Some of the plugins may come with a configuration schema that you will need to follow.

But for the HOOBS, some specific guidelines show the steps you can follow to configure it effectively when in some specific situations. Also, you can find some additional settings such as backup plan, restoration of the configuration settings and log, among others.

Configure the plugins depending on the actions; set your alarms to “TRUE” will switch the Sonos speakers into switches present in the homekit. Therefore, set the plugins depending on your choice and taste. Don’t forget to consider all the features that are present in the HOOBS.

Step 6: Include some Sonos accessories on your HomeApp

After you configure the plugins effectively, include some accessories to the HomeApp for easy access. To add the accessories, you need to carry out the process manually and add the accessories of your choice. To carry out such a process, go to “ADD ACCESSORIES” on your home screen and select the option “CANNOT SCAN”.

Include the “ADD THE SETUP PIN REQUESTED” present under the home setup pin on your HOOBS device on the screen. Choose the “ADD” and finalize the process. Choose wisely the accessories you want to add that suit your preference effectively. If you add the wrong accessory, consider removing them.

Step 7: Update the Sonos App

The step is not for Sonos. In some cases, the speaker may fail to function as usual due to upgrading the Sonos. At this point, consider updating the Sonos first. To update the Sonos, go to SONOS APP >> MORE >> UPDATE >> CLOSE.

Open the app again and see if the procedure is successful. After updating the Sons, a message will display on the app “CHECK THE UPDATES”. Choose the “update” again and repeat the process until it is successful.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Why is HOOBS the best device for connecting your Sonos to your homekit?

There are many reasons why the HOOBS is effective in establishing a connection between the Sonos and the homekit, and they include the following;

  1. The process of installing it is easier and does not require many steps. The machine guides you on creating an account, that is, an admin account and the steps you can follow to integrate the Sonos with the homekit within a few minutes.
  2. HOOBS usually has some turnkey inclusions and notifies the user of the latest updates. Also, there is some regular support that comes with its plugin developers.
  3. The device is essential in connecting with other devices: harmony hub, ring, and others. Also, you can add accessories of your choice with no limitations, and it functions as one source answer in case there are some compatibility problems when connecting with the homekit.
  4. It offers a home bridge connection that is up and running effectively without setting it up yourself; meaning, it is in automation mode.
  5. It is effective when positioning it near the router since it is compact and connects easily with the Wi-Fi at your home place.
  • Which is the process you can follow to add a user to Sonos?
  1. Look at the Sonos app and find the “settings”.
  2. Choose the “services and voice” option.
  3. Select the “content and music”.
  4. Locate the “add a service” option and select it.
  5. Choose “Add to Sonos” and select “I ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT”.
  6. Choose the profile of your choice, and the addition is successful.
  • Can I use a HomePod with a Sonos speaker?

Yes, but only if your Sonos speaker can connect with the AirPlay 2.


The Sonos can work effectively with the homekit, not depending on the version. For the old version, you can update them and then connect them with the homekit using the HOOBS. When connecting them, please follow the steps above to obtain accurate results. Also, in case there is an issue, consider fixing it immediately, or if you are unable, seek help from a technician.

Finally, you may consider using other devices that are compatible with the Sonos. When using the Sonos, consider maintaining them effectively as per the manufacturer’s instructions to increase their lifespan. Good luck with your activity, and I hope the article is of great benefit to you. 

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