Do TP-Link Kasa Devices Work With Homekit? How to Connect

TP Kasa devices are essential in providing a security application that is best to use at home, where it marks okay in all the boxes when it comes to integrating it with the smart home. Many people prefer using the TP-link Kasa devices due to many benefits, such as; it can control all the accessories from a single application. It helps to operate some actions when you are away from home through remote access.

Many people keep wondering whether it is effective to link the TP Kasa devices with the home kit. The answer is yes if you are going to use the home bridge device. You can use the devices with other homekit apart from the Apple home kit as the TP Kasa lacks the integration and requires a hub.

Luckily, the article below answers whether you can link the TP Kasa device with homekit. Also, it provides the steps you can follow to link your device with the home kit, including the FAQs concerning the same. In the end, there is a conclusion on what the article entails. Success in connecting your TP Kasa device with a home kit.

Do TP-Link Kasa Devices Work with Homekit?

tp link kasa apple homekit

Yes, TP-link Kasa devices function with the homekit and require a hub to connect with the Apple home kit. When you want to set the TP-Link Kasa with the home kit, you need to create the home bridge out of the box and install the TP-Link Kasa Plugin. After configuring the plugin, the accessories will appear in the Home app under the available devices button.

Unfortunately, relying on the home kit to access their smart devices, TP-Link Kasa cannot work with a home kit. Therefore, what you can do with such a case, you need to visit the App Store and download the TP-Link Kasa smart home app to manage the TP-Link Kasa smart devices.

The TP-Link Kasa smart home app is easy to use since it helps you control all the TP-Link Kasa devices from a single platform. The only thing that people tend to avoid is checking two applications and switching back and forth.

How to Connect TP-Link Kasa to Apple’s home kit Using the HOOBS Homebridge Hub Out of the box system

HOOBS in a box makes it incredibly simple to install multiple plugins for your various devices without the hassles that come with a Homebridge setup. It’s very much plug-and-play with HOOBS.

How to Integrate TP-Link with home kit Using HOOBS

How to Integrate TP-Link with home kit Using HOOBS

For your home automation, TP-Link is a HOOBSpluginn. When connecting the TP-Link Kasa with the home kit, you need to follow some steps of the manufacturers and different companies.

The steps also help ensure that the products are compatible with the home kit and provide security in the kit. Failure to follow the steps makes you choose the devices that are not compatible with the home kit.

Tools needed

  • Home bridge
  • A free lightweight server
  • Home bridge out of the box system (HOOBS)
  • TP-Link Kasa

Step 1: Set up the home bridge out of the box system

Set up the home bridge out of the box system

Before working with the TP-Link Kasa devices to work with the home kit, you need to set up the HOOBS device first. Configuring your network with HOOBS is the first step in combining your Homekit with TP-Link.

It’s possible to use your home’s Wi-Fi to connect to HOOBS wirelessly. The Ethernet cable is necessary when connecting the HOOBS unit directly to the router. Wait for approximately five minutes until the setup is complete.  Be careful when setting up the HOOBS and ensure you use the correct details to obtain the best results.

Step 2: Find the TP-Linkpluginn and install it effectively

Find the TP-Linkpluginn and install it effectively

After setting up the hub effectively, proceed to the next step: go around or navigate to the TP-LinkPluginn page in the homebridge the box system UI and select install to install the TP-Linkpluginn.

Ensure you fully understand that the TP-Linkpluginn is a HOOBS certified plugin, which guarantees it will receive updates and continue to function. Also, ensure you install the correct plugin to avoid the occurrence of some inconveniencies.

Step 3: In the home bridge out of box system, set up the TP-Link Plugin

In the home bridge out of box system, set up the TP-Link Plugin

The process requires the application of specific commands to set up the TP-Link effectively. Use the following command if you wish to set your plugin. The setting will automatically add all attached connections and offer you complete control over your TP-Link smart plugs. Homekit also allows you to change the device’s type, allowing you to use it as a fan or a plug socket.


[{“Tp link Smart home”,

“name”: “TplinkSmarthome”


That concludes the discussion. The plugin takes care of the rest, including adding all of your TP-Link devices to Homekit. However, the names of your TP-Link devices in Homekit and the Kasa app may be out of sync.

However, you can name the device to address the issue easily without any challenges. The process can be done effectively in the home application.

For TP-Link homekit integration, use Homebridge on a pc or Homebridge on a hub

For TP-Link homekit integration, use Homebridge on a pc or Homebridge on a hub

Homebridge on a Pc or hub is essential in integrating the TP-Link Kasa device and requires the information below;

  1. The first step in TP-Homekit Link’s integration process would be to install Homebridge.

2. Install the Homebridge on your Raspberry Pi, Windows, or Mac computer using the steps recommended. It is one simple way to accomplish the integration between the TP-Link Kasa device and the hub.

3. Turn on your computer. In this situation, Homekit will only work if you switch on your computer and if the computer is functioning correctly without any bugs. You must ensure your computer is left on at all times to utilize it correctly. It is not only uncomfortable, but it also has the potential to raise your electricity expenses.

4. Perform some custom designs without the help of a technician and set some specific plugins. While needing to do a larger amount of custom designs on your own to set it up to your plugins with Homebridge is a cause of worry with the other alternatives available, having to do a higher amount of custom designs on your own with Homebridge is a source of concern with the other alternatives open.

Just one buy of a Homebridge hub, a software solution that was before with Homebridge, is an option. Apart from that, there’s a pre-configured machine that can be deeply related to the local network. It’s compact and bridges the gap between TP-link and Homekit, even though they don’t support each other independently.

Apart from TP-link software, this unit can run a wide range of third-party applications. The Homebridge hub is a fantastic and qualitative approach to integrating TP-link with your Homekit smart home system without using much electricity or requiring any additional configuration. As immediately as the plugin is activated, it is available to use.

Frequently asked question:

  • Why should you use HOOBS to connect your TP-Link to the home kit?

There are several reasons why people prefer using the HOOBS, and they include the following;

  • The major benefit of using HOOBS for TP-Link Homekit integration is how quick and simple it is. It doesn’t require any coding and can even be set up by those who aren’t extremely knowledgeable with technology or engineering, such as a typical homeowner.
  • HOOBS also provides ‘HOOBS certified plugins to its users. It implies that the HOOBS team has reviewed and approved these plugins based on their performance and frequency of updates.
  • It keeps its plugin developer in the loop at all times, guaranteeing that you never miss a support or turnkey addition update. These updates come straight from the plugin and software’s makers, ensuring their authenticity and dependability.
  • It is applicable for more than just TP-link and Homekit integration. It works with over 2000 devices, including Ring, Harmony Hub, SimpliSafe, SmartThings, etc.
  • HOOBS is perfect for the average homeowner because it does not necessitate any configuration. By configuring the plugin on its own, it handles the setup process.
  • If you want to use Apple Homekit with your TP-Link smart home system, buying HOOBS is a no-brainer because it is long-lasting and efficient.
  • Can one use the computer to view the TP-Link Kasa camera?

It is hard to view the TP-Link Kasa camera using the computer since it only allows the users to access billing and account information online. It cannot happen because the TP-Link Kasa camera needs equipment controlled through the TP-Link Kasa app or the smart hub.


The article above shows the steps of connecting your PT Link Kasa device to a home kit, which is not an easy process that you should follow carefully to develop successful connections. The benefits of trying out the connections and home and the reasons for using the home bridge for connections.

Finally, consider checking on the instructions of the manufacturers on the TP-Link Kasa manuals to identify the type of devices it is compatible with so that you purchase devices that can work with you, TP-Link Kasa. If the connection process feels hard for you, check on the technicians to help in the connection process to help you come up with a successful process.

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