Tuya vs Smart Life: Which Is Better in 2022?

Tuya is a platform that usually provides smart home products to make people’s life much simpler. Also it upgrades items such as soft wares and sensors to the latest version and offers wireless communication. Also, it may offer other services such as data analytics, smartphone applications, among others. Smart life is an advanced version of the Tuya smart and is more flexible than the other.

So, what are the differences between the Tuya smart and the smart life? Some of the differences existing between Tuya and the smart life will help you choose the best between the two. For instance, in terms of advancement, the smart life is more advanced than the Tuya smart. Also, the Tuya has some features that are limited while the smart life’s features are available.

Luckily, the article below shows the differences existing between the two starting with a quick comparison table. Also, it shows the similarities between them. further, there are some frequently asked questions on which is the best between the two and the reason why. Finally, it concludes by stating what the whole article entails. Therefore, please review the article below carefully before making any decision of choosing between the two.

A quick comparison table between Tuya and smart life

ComparisonSmart LifeTuya
FeaturesPresent and unlimitedLimited
Supports google home and AlexaYesYes
IoT featuresAdvancedNot advanced
BrandingVolcano technology limited.Tuya inc.
IFTTT platformAvailableNot available
Tuya logoNot availableAvailable

Some differences between Tuya and Smart Life

tuya vs smart life

Despite the two applications offering almost the same functions, there are some differences existing between them. The information below shows some of the differences.

  • Customized features

Each device has different customized features with different availability. For Tuya, its customized features are limited, being one cannot access more than present of. But for the Smart Life application, its features are available and are not limited to any number. One can access all the features without any restriction.

  • IoT features

The Tuya application is not as advanced as the Smart Life application. There is a major change the Smart Life has undergone unlike the Tuya. The application is in the latest version and offers new experiences to the users that include; free from any bugs, no errors and the user has an advanced experience.

In terms of performance, optimization and functionality of the application, there is a more advanced interface that provides room for more control of all customized features that are not present in the Tuya application. The advanced features attract more users and offer them the freedom to control other advanced features that the Tuya application lacks.

  • Branding

The branding of each application is different. The Smart Life application cokes with the branding that is under volcano technology limited and the branding comes in the latest version. The app helps users manage the home products effectively and easier, making life smarter. Sometimes, they may consider rebranding the name to increase longevity of the user experience.

Tuya offers branding in its own name that is; Tuya inc. For now, the Tuya application is a bit outdated and many people prefer using the Smart Life application due to the advanced and customized features present.  Even though it is outdated, it performs its functions correctly and other people prefer using it to manage their home products.

  • IFTTT platform

The IFTTT (If This Then That) is the main difference between the Tuya and the Smart Life application. The Smart Life application offers a free service that enables all users to make some of the conditional statements until one statement remains to be true. The IFTTT conditional statement is not present in the Tuya application and it enables the user to preset the conditions when controlling the home products and activating the correct settings without any difficulties.

Even though the condition statement is effective, it has one issue and it only works with the appliances that are compatible with the command. If your appliance lacks the command there is a high possibility that you will have some issues concerning the utilization, compatibility and connectivity between your smart home design and your appliances.

  • Tuya logo

The Tuya application comes with a logo that differentiates it from the other application. Its logo is available and is visible to all users using the app. The Smart Life lacks the logo but has other features such as; it can support the healthkit integration.

The healthkit integration is an update on the Smart Life application that is essential in upgrading and improving the health of the users. It is also essential in maintaining the fitness of the data on androids such as the iPhone and even the apple watch. With the availability of the health integration, the application is able to improve the performance and customization of the users.

Similarities between Tuya and Smart Life

Similarities between Tuya and Smart Life

Even if there are some differences existing between the two applications, they have some commonalities. The commonalities include the following;

  • Supports google home and Alexa

Both applications have the ability to support both Alexa and google home. You can connect your appliances such as thermostat and control them via the applications with use of the internet. Such a feature makes them more desired by many users, especially those who want to control the house appliance without the need of moving from one location to another. Also, you can control the house appliances even when not in the house.

  • Functionality

The devices have some common functions even though the Tuya is not as advanced as the Smart Life application. They both allow the user to connect their google home and Alexa and control them via the internet. They can also provide upgrades concerning some of the software, among others. Also, they improve the performance of the user.

  • Appearance

The two applications are actually the same. They have the same appearance in that, they have the same design, the same features and even the layout is actually the same. The same appearance at times can make it difficult to differentiate between them unless you pay more attention to some unique features such as the app icon, among others.  

Pros Cons of Smart Life application

  • More accurate.
  • Exist in the latest version that is upgraded and advanced.
  • Comes with an appealing user interface.
  • Increases user experience.
  • Customized features are present.
  • It is faster.
  • Has healthkit integration.
  • Has the IFTTT conditional statement.
  • The IFTTT conditional statement is only compatible with devices that support such statements.
  • Lacks a Tuya logo.
  • A bit more difficult than Tuya.

Pros Cons of Tuya

  • It is simpler.
  • Hassle-free device control.
  • Comes with a Tuya logo.
  • Limited customized features.
  • Lacks the IFTTT conditional statement.
  • Old version hence not upgraded or advanced.
  • Less accurate.
  • Lacks healthkit integration

Factors to consider when choosing the best application between the two

Factors to consider when choosing the best application between the two
source: https://www.smarthome.news/

Before deciding which is the best application you can use to control your smart home appliances or products, there are some important factors you must consider. Some of the factors include the following;

  • Accuracy

Choose the best app that will give you the best results that are accurate. For instance, the smart life app is more accurate than the Tuya app. Choose the smart life over the Tuya and get the best results especially when connecting the home devices such as Alexa to the app.

  • Customized features

It is important to consider the features present in a certain application. Choose an app that is in the latest version and is more advanced to get the best results. Avoid using an app that lacks the necessary features which will improve the user’s experience. Gaining experience is much better than controlling the appliances in a faster way.

  • Simplicity

If you have limited knowledge on how to use the applications, choose an app that is easy to understand and use without any difficulties. For example, the Tuya application is simple to use and does not require much process and has less features that are easy to understand. But if you are able to use a more advanced app that is quite complex, consider the smart life application.

  • Compatibility

First, check the appliances and see if they are compatible with the applications. For example, if you are using the smart life application, consider the appliances and ensure they support the IFTTT feature. Such a process improves the performance and reduces inaccuracy and incompatibility of the appliances. Therefore, it is important to see how compatible the devices are with the application.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the best between Tuya and Smart Life?

If you want to use a simple and free system to control your appliances and that has less features, consider using the Tuya application. But if you want to use an advanced smart device control system that is in the latest version, it is more accurate and more effective in increasing the user experience, use the Smart Life application.


Hopefully, you are able to know the differences existing between the Tuya and the Smart Life application. For instance, the Tuya application comes with a logon while the Smart Life application lacks one. The smart life application is more advanced than the Tuya. Although it might be confusing between the two applications, read the article above and you will gather full information on the differences.

Finally, choose wisely the best application to use for your smart home control that suits your preference. If you wish to use a fast and more advanced app, consider smart life but if you want a simple app, consider the Tuya app. Therefore, know your taste first and then choose the best app for yourself after reading the article above. Good luck and have a nice day. 

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