How to Unlock a Honeywell Thermostat: Step Bye Step Guide

When you own a Honeywell thermostat, there are chances that it may lock itself accidentally or your kid may lock it by mistake. Not just any thermostat experiences this problem; it has to be one that uses the touch screen instead of buttons in most cases.

Therefore there is a need to familiarize yourself with unlocking a Honeywell thermostat. While it may worry you that your thermostat is locked, it is also safe that it is in that state. We will discuss why as we dive deeper into the article.

Steps to follow when unlocking your Honeywell thermostathow to unlock a honeywell thermostat

Unlocking your thermostat is not some kind of rocket science. In fact it is very simple as long as you follow the right procedures. The first time you purchase a thermostat, you need to unlock it.

Usually, you will panic when you are not able to unlock it because it may be the first time you are experiencing that. But no need to worry as the steps below will sort you out.

1) First of all, locate the central button of your Honeywell thermostat. Press on it.

2) You should enter the passcode on your thermostat. Use the – or + button to change the digits you are entering. If you do not have a passcode use the default one which is ‘1234’.

3) After entering the passcode, choose the select button. This should get your thermostat up and running. If it displays an error, there will be lines on the screen and this shows that the passcode is wrong. In this case, select the back button and begin the process once more till you input the right passcode. But take care that you do not block it in the process of unlocking it.

See how simple that process is! Thus, there is no need for panicking if you find your thermostat locked.

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What happens if you forget the passcode?What happens if you forget the passcode

There is a possibility that you may forget the passcode to your thermostat. Usually there is a default password that comes with it; either ‘1234’ or ‘0000’. When you first unlock your thermostat, this is the passcode you will use then later on you can change it. Do not put a complicated password that you will later on forget. Put something simple like your year of birth.

Nonetheless, if you happen to forget this new passcode, you will have to reset it by following the steps below.  There is no way the thermostat will work without a passcode.

  1. Get an internet connection and open your browser. Visit the Honeywell customer support website.
  2. There will be a window that requests you to login to the Honeywell portal by typing your username.
  3. If you do not know the password, you click on ‘forgot password’.
  4. There will be a password recovery option either through email or mobile phone number. This means that they will send you a link via email or your mobile phone.
  5. If you choose the mail, you will receive the password link here.
  6. Now, open the link and it will redirect you to where you will set a new password.
  7. Set up a new password of your choice. Do not come up with complicated passwords.
  8. Get your thermostat and enter the new password in order to unlock it. You are set.

How to lock up your thermostat and why

How to lock up your thermostat and why

Why is it necessary to lock your thermostat? You should be familiar with both locking and unlocking of your thermostat. Locking your thermostat is equally important for various reasons including;

  •       Locking the thermostat avoids any accidental change in temperature in your home because no one can tamper with it.
  •       In cases where you have already set your temperature schedule, no one else will come and change it when they find it locked.
  •       If your thermostat remains unlocked, kids may treat it as a toy and thereby end up changing some of the temperature settings which is not ideal.
  •       Whenever there are frequent changes in temperature, the heating and cooling appliances may damage over time. That is why there is need to always lock it up to avoid other people from accessing it unnecessarily.
  •       If you are in an office setting or apartments, you would want to lock the thermostat so as to prevent everyone from manipulating the temperature settings. This saves you a lot of costs.
  •       An owner of an Air bnb or hotel rooms will consider installing thermostats that have a lock feature so as to save on costs as well. Not any one will change the settings the way they want to.

We now focus on how you can lock up your thermostat in an efficient way.

1) Just like unlocking, get the center button of your thermostat and press on it.

2) Use the plus and minus buttons to get the lock menu screen on your thermostat.

3) Access the lock menu by tapping on the select button.

4) Once on the lock menu, there will be three options; ON, OFF and PART. Each of these has a function. If you select OFF, it means that your thermostat will lock fully. PART means that it will not lock fully and you can still be able to change the temperature. Finally, ON means that both OFF and PART functions will be enabled. You can neither lock it fully or partially.

Not all Honeywell thermostats have a lock feature because not everyone is excited about the idea of locking their thermostats. But as long as your thermostat is compatible with Wi-Fi it will have a lock feature. Also, if you have kids we recommend that you get one that can lock but if not it is okay to use one that is lock-free.


Learning how to unlock a Honeywell thermostat is important in scenarios where it has been locked accidentally or if you are a new user. Either way, it is also good to know the importance of locking it and the steps to follow. All these ensure that your thermostat serves you well.

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