Verizon Fios Battery Beeping: Meaning and Solution

Verizon Fios is a fibre device that provides internet connectivity allowing the user perform his functions using the internet. Many people prefer using the device due to its many benefits that include; it has a long lifespan, especially its battery, it comes with a battery backup, it is affordable, among others. Despite being effective, sometimes it may fail to function as usual.

Yes, the Verizon Fios battery beeping is a common issue affecting many users globally. don’t worry about the problem as there are some ways in which you can fix the battery beeping effectively. First, find the main reason why the battery keeps beeping after carrying out successful inspection of the whole device.  Try fixing the issue depending on the main cause.

Fortunately, the article below gives the main reasons why the Verizon Fios battery keeps beeping while in use. Also, it shows the best steps to follow in such a situation to fix the issue successfully. Also, there are some of the frequently asked questions concerning the Verizon battery keep beeping and a conclusion on all the information above. Therefore, please read the whole article before trying to fix the issue on your own.

Meaning of Verizon Fios Battery Beeping

Meaning of Verizon Fios Battery Beeping

The Verizon Fios battery keeping means that either the battery is becoming faulty or failing to function as usual or the battery backup is not in good condition. The noise is usually ineffective especially for children and the aged.

Also, it can distract the normal activities taking place in the house. Once you hear your Verizon Fios battery making noise, it is advisable to fix the issue immediately rather than trying to assume it. First, identify if the battery is in good condition and if not, replace it with a new one that is functioning correctly. Also, you can choose to silence the battery completely using a superglue. 

Steps on how to silence the Verizon Fios battery beeping

verizon fios battery beeping

The following steps will help you silence the battery that keeps beeping when in use. Follow them carefully to obtain correct results.

Step 1: Have all the materials that are essential

Before beginning the process, ensure you have all the materials that are necessary and will help you carry out the process successfully. The materials that are essential include the following;

  • A screwdriver, commonly recommended, is Philip’s style.
  • A wrench.
  • A new Verizon Fios battery if necessary.

Step 2: Find the position of the battery

Find the position of the battery

After having all the materials that are essential, proceed to wearing your gloves and begin the process. First, ensure you turn on the device and disconnect it from the power supply source. Find the location of the battery and it is usually near the power lines.

While finding the location of the battery, pay close attention to other parts near it to avoid damaging it. If you are unable to carry such a process, it is important to seek help from a technician rather than trying it on your own. Also, don’t forget to refer to the manufacturer’s manual guide for more information or for clear guidelines.

Step 3: Dislocate the old Verizon Fios battery

Once you find the location of the battery, remove the cover of the battery carefully. After removing it, you will be able to see the battery clearly. You can perform such a process by sliding the two connectors that are black and red in color off the posts one the battery. Check the state of the battery and it may weigh heavier therefore hold it carefully.

If the battery is not in good condition, consider disposing it effectively following the environmental instructions. The batteries usually contain lead and if you don’t dispose of it carefully, it may be hazardous to the environment. Also, you can consider calling any retailer and offering them the battery for recycling.

Step 4: Dismantle the battery connector

Dismantle the battery connector

The available Verizon Fios battery connector present is usually green in color. First remove the batter and locate the position of the screws. Using the screwdriver, loosen them carefully and ensure they are not holding the unit. Also, ensure you remove all the units including the smaller one to make work easier.

Find the position of the screws present in the recessed hole at the back of the unit and remove the battery backup unit from the wall. Now you can access the inside after you are done with all the screws holding the battery backup in position.

Step 5: Find the position of the Piezo Buzzer

First, find the circuit board. Then find the piezo buzzer present in the circuit board and it is usually a tinny metal sheet that has a plastic covering. The piezo buzzer is applicable in many places especially the emergency places such as smoke areas. The element is usually at the lower corner of the circuit board.

Step 6: Disable the piezo buzzer

After finding its position, now try disabling it to see if the battery stops beeping. To carry out the activity, take the plier and hold the piezo buzzer carefully and ensure it pops off. See if the issue is eliminated. If the issue persists, try repeating the process above carefully. Also, you can silence the element by using a superglue or even a rubber cement to the hole near the piezo buzzer to remove the beeping permanently.

Step 7: Reinstall the elements to their position

After successfully eliminating the battery beeping noise, it is time to reinstall all the elements to their correct position. Return all the elements you removed during the process to their correct location and screw them tightly in position. Avoid over-tightening them since they may damage and increase the replacement costs. But, if the issue still persists, it is important to seek help from a technician.

Step 8: Replace the battery and the whole device if necessary

Sometimes, the battery may fail to silence after carrying out the whole process such situation, it is essential to consider buying a new battery for your Verizon Fios device and see if the problem is dealt with.

If the issue still persists, check the whole device and see if it is in good condition. If not, consider replacing the whole Verizon Fios device with a new one that is in the latest version and suits your preference. Also, consider the necessary factors when purchasing the new device to get a quality one that functions well and can last longer.

Troubleshooting Verizon Fios Yellow Light

Troubleshooting Verizon Fios Yellow Light

Tools necessary:

1. New Verizon Fios router.

2. Internet connection.

3. Power supply source.

1. Ensure that your Verizon Fios router is dust-free

Dust, like the heating problem mentioned earlier, can produce unforeseen issues with electronic gadgets. The dust that accumulates inside the device can interact with the hardware, preventing it from functioning correctly.

2. Reboot the Router

Reboot the Router

Follow the steps below to reboot your Fios router;

i. To begin, inspect the router’s interface and ensure you connect the wire to the correct port.

ii. Make sure the Wi-Fi gadget is on.

iii. Pressing and holding the unifying key on the front panel of your routers to reboot the WPS function. It might be the answer to the blinking yellow problem.

iv. Disconnect the routers if rebooting the WPS mode does not work. Disconnect the Ethernet cable as well as the power cord from your routers.

v. Plug your router into the internet modem and turn it off.

vi. Replace the Ethernet wire between the Broadband router and the routers after a few minutes.

vii. Use the power adapter to join the internet router to its power source, and then use the power cable to connect your Fios router to its power supply.

viii. Set both gadgets on and allow for the front panel LED to turn solid yellow.

3. Reset the Router

Follow procedures to reset your router:

i. On the back of your router, look for the reset button.

ii. Yellow the router is still turned on, press and hold a paperclip for around 15 seconds.

iii. The router will automatically power up once the reset process is complete.

4. Invest in a New Router

It’s conceivable that your router is out of date and can’t keep up with your daily network demands as technology advances. If your router is more than a couple of years old, it is likely old, and you will need to replace it to maintain network access.

5. Contact Customer Care

If none of these solutions did the trick for you, the only option left for you is to reach out to Verizon Fios customer support via call or email. Customer care provides you with the solutions you can try since most of them work with the Verizon Fios routers. Ensure you seek their help.

You can find the customer support details on the back of the box that the router came in or on their official website. Make sure you mention all the different troubleshooting steps that you took to try to resolve your problem. It will help Comcast find a solution for you much faster.


Sometimes, you may have issues with your Verizon Fios battery making noise. The main reason may be due to an emergency or the battery is faulty. In such a situation, review the article above and follow all the steps that are necessary to solve the issue. Also, if the issue persists, consider seeing help from a professional technician.

While using the Verizon Fios, it is important to take some measures. For example, service the device more often to increase its lifespan. Also, follow the manufacturer’s guideline in case there are some issues concerning the device and the battery. For the battery, avoid overcharging it and protect it from any form of power surges.

If your Verizon Fios back-up battery is beeping, here is a quick fix to silence it. If the beeping returns, you could replace the battery perfectly from this video below.

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