Verizon Fios Remote Codes a Complete Guide [2022]

Many people think it is not easy to operate the remote after buying the Verizon Fios remote for the first time. But, it is simple to do so thanks to support platforms that allow users to find the codes they need to handle their TV quickly. A Verizon Fios remote control has different adjustments with varying digits for various kinds and styles.

As a result, when investigating on an online network, there is a discovery that the same technologies that enable that will help the customer locate the codes necessary for your television to function in the shortest time possible. Additional worldwide web study shows various designs of Remote controls with appropriate regulations that will accomplish this duty correctly.

The many sorts of Verizon Fios remote codes are present in this post. The article will also answer FAQs about how these scripts perform various tasks, particularly their code. In addition to buying the appropriate remote, thoroughly evaluate the different sorts of remote codes. Finally, there is a conclusion after analyzing this post.

Different types of Verizon Fios of remote codes

Different types of Verizon Fios of remote codes

Many people use one of two types of Tv remotes, each of which has its own set of codes that allow the user to control it successfully. The Verizon Fios p283 television remotes and the Verizon Fios p265 television remotes are the two remotes available.

1. Fios Television remotes for Verizon p265

In addition to a two gadget power control, a four gadget all-around energy supremacy, and a more excellent switch remote, this category offers a variety of Television remote power in your Fios devices. Each power supremacy ensures the effectiveness of Fios.

Whether your Verizon Fios remote is lost or you need to recover vital energy, these products will give you a whole new remote. If your remote is malfunctioning, then there is an offer of control that will meet your demands. The gadget has the best remote control choice.

2. Fios TV remotes for Verizon p283

You’ll use key 331 to connect to Samsung, 353 to connect to Sony, and 210 to connect to LG. These keys for various televisions are usually on a convenient site where their approved designs are obtainable.

Step-by-step instructions for programming your Verizon TV voice remote

verizon fios remote codes

The instructions below will show you how to insert your Verizon Fios Tv voice remote into your Fios Tv.

1. Select the Verizon Fios TV wattage in the position that corresponds to the d Fios Television applicable.

2. Pick the O and record or stop the key at the same time.

3. The blue light on the Verizon Fios remote will stop flashing instantly, indicating that the Verizon Television sound has been adequately synced and is connected to your Verizon Fios and available to use.

4. Once your Verizon Fios Television voice is set to the speaker and all HDMI are plugged in, your Verizon Fios will automatically check and handle your television and sound system.

To program your Verizon Fios TV voice remote, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the menu and select the option.

2. Take a look at the voice control schedule and select the Fios TV voice remote.

3. Choose a program remote; when you do, you’ll see options for manual and advanced settings.

4. If the settings don’t seem to be working, go with the default option.

5. Select a new model and design for your television and do a follow-up procedure on the screen.

6. When everything is in working order, the information will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, indicating that the Verizon Fios is well-programmed and set to go.

Steps on how to configure your Verizon Fios p265 remote 

Steps on how to configure your Verizon Fios p265 remote

i. Make doubly sure the Verizon Fios and Television pair packs are both set on.

ii. Choose and press OK, as well as the Verizon Fios Television button.

iii. The red and light indicator on the keypad will blink twice and switch on instantly after you release the buttons.

iv. One second at a time, press and let the play stop.

v. Continue doing this until the remote receives the exact code and turns it off. You can quit pressing the play or stop buttons as soon as the television is turned off.

vi. To turn on the TV on the Verizon Fios p265 power, tap the TV input button. To save, press the ok key once the TV is set.

vii. If the TV does not link properly, press the station power switch one at a time until the television connects, then press the OK key to change.

viii. You can also use interactive multimedia to replace your Verizon Fios Television remote control. 

ix. Switch on the panel, choose the appropriate assisting devices from the guiding assistance choice, and press the Fios remote button. After that, select OK, and then complete the on-screen instructions to wind your Verizon p265 remote’s software.

Fios p283 remote from Verizon

Fios p283 remote from Verizon

Programming your Verizon p283 on a higher critical remote is comparable to programming the Verizon p265 remote. When it comes to mending your Fios remote Tv gadget, you’ll require a lot of code. Remote control has unique codes that function with each other and with the model. Purchase this Verizon device, which allows you to control your TV and Fios TV with your finger.

When programming your Fios TV remote, many of these codes may coincide. Because it is connected to Verizon, this type of television works best with all other televisions. These remotes are ideal because they are easy to program and are already set to execute their function.

It may, nevertheless, be tough to schedule and make corrections on it. In addition, adjust the volume on the television to a great extent. Many indicators are offered, but the speaker is the most significant feature for conveying commands. Besides these two Verizon Fios remote codes, we have 

i. Sony that is well known as 352

ii. Philips that is well known as 285

iii. Samsung that is well known as 331

iv. JVC that is well known as 193

v. Haier is well known as 146.

Nevertheless, arranging a remote might be difficult, especially when the remote is offline. When the Fios remote becomes broken, this problem is solved by changing it.

Steps on how to configure your Fios p283 remote

Steps on how to configure your Fios p283 remote

The instructions below will show you how to configure your Fios p283 remote.

a. Make sure the TV and Fios bundle are both turned on.

b. Choose and press the OK and O keys at the same time. When you place the key in the ignition, the red light will switch on, and your Verizon Fios remote will blink twice and turn on.

c. When you enter the three codes for your gadget into the Verizon Fios remote for the first time, the red light will blink twice and switch on.

d. One moment at a period, push and release the station button until the television automatically disconnects. When the TV is turned off, you can stop pressing the channel on the key.

e.  To spin the television once it is set on, select the Television source button and release it once the TV is set on, then select OK and save the configuration.

Factors to consider when buying Verizon Fios remote

Factors to consider when buying Verizon Fios remote

If you want to buy a replacement remote, consider some factors that include the following.

  • The cost of the remote.
  • Compactness with the Fios device.
  • Effectiveness and condition of the remote.
  • The warranty period in case it is faulty.
  • The seller ensures it is from the source.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the best way to tell if a Verizon Fios remote is a universal remote?

Universal remotes are compatible with several Verizon Fios televisions. It means you can use the Verizon Fios remote to control devices other than Verizon Fios Television. Verify if your Verizon Fios remote comes with the ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ choices to see if it’s a universal controller. It’s a universal controller if it does have two options.

If you already have any remote code that isn’t here, kindly help the manufacturer know in the comments section. Look through the other subcategories to discover universal remote principles for various models of your electronics.

  • How can I maintain my Fios remote?

First, check the remote more often to solve any issues detected sooner. Also, service the small according to the instructions to prolong its lifespan.


In conclusion, if you’re searching for new Verizon Fios remote codes for your remote, your issue has been handled and made simple for you, and these codes operate in two ways, although they are nearly identical. A process for programming the Verizon p265 and 283 are also included. It lets the customer gain the knowledge and take to investigate remote codes.

The Verizon p283 gives you various TV remote control options for your Fios tools, including a two-device power remote, four-device power remote, and a big power remote. The p 265, on the other hand, can configure your Verizon Fios remote by using the online web platform, which uses a specific menu, contact customer care, and select compelling features. 

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