Does Vivint Work With Home Kit? How to Connect

Vivint is a security application that is best to use at home where it marks okay in all the boxes when it comes to integrating it with the smart home. The good thing with Vivint is that it can control all the accessories from a single application. It helps to operate some actions when you are away from home through remote access.  There are many benefits of using the Vivint for the good security system it has.

Vivint is a device that works with most smart home ecosystems, including the Google nest products, Amazon Echo, Kwik set Smart Locks and other ecosystems. The Vivint is built on Z-wave protocol which only a few companies offer; hence you can integrate it with any Z-wave device that includes the smart bulbs, thermostat etc.

You can have worries about if the Vivint can work with the home kit, which is yes, the Vivint can work with the home kit. Then they feel it’s hard to connect with them. The guide contains the steps you can use to connect the Vivint and home kit and work together. There are the frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion.

Does the Vivint work with the home kit?

vivint homekit

Normally, the Vivint does not work with the home kit. However, it can only work with the Home kit only if you use the home bridge out of the box. When you want to set the Vivint with the home kit, you need to create the home bridge out of the box and install the Vivint plug-in. After configuring the plug-in, the accessories will appear in the Home app under the available devices button.

Unfortunately, relying on the home kit to access their smart devices, Vivint cannot work with a home kit. Therefore, what you can do with such a case, you need to visit the App Store and download the Vivint smart home app to manage the Vivint smart devices. The Vivint smart home app is easy to use since it helps you control all the Vivint devices from a single platform. The only thing that people tend to avoid is checking two applications and switching back and forth.

How to connect the Vivint with a home kit

How to connect the Vivint with a home kit

When connecting the Vivint with the home kit, you need to follow some steps of the manufactures and different companies. The steps also help ensure that the products are compatible with the home kit and provide security in the kit. Failure to follow the steps makes you choose the devices that are not compatible with the home kit.

Tools needed:

  • Home bridge
  • A free
  • Home bridge out of the box system

i. Set up the home bridge out of the box system

Before you start working with the Vivint devices to work with the home kit, you need to set up the HOOBS device first; if the device is new, it is not in work ever since buying it.

ii. Connecting HOOBS to the home network

 Using the Ethernet cable connects the HOOBS device with the home network, it is easy to use the wifi feature to enhance the connection.

iii. Set up the HOOBS account

After connecting the HOOBS device to the home network, consider setting up the HOOBS account. There is a certain site that you will use and set up an administrator account that you have to enter the email ID and password.

iv. Find the Vivint plug-in

HOOBS application needs a certain plug-in that is either a certified plug-in or a non certified plug-in. To locate the plug-in, check the plug-in catalog. If there is no plug-in for the Vivint, use the home bridge plug-ins via HOOBS to set it up. Follow the steps below to make the process complete:

  • Visit the HOOBS website and log in to your user account.
  • Narrow down to the plug-in section and click it.
  • Check the place that allows you to search and type home bridge Vivint or visit the plug-in page.
  • Locate the plug-in
  • Click the option to install the plug-in.
  • Give the site some time to allow HOOBS to finish the installation process

v. Configure the plug-in

 After finishing the installation process of the plug-in, HOOBS will restart itself. To check this, wait for a configuration screen to open up and prompt you to update the configuration to include the new plug-in. follow the steps below to come up with the configuration:

  • Add the code {{“platform ”: “Vivint”, “username”: “”your Vivint user @ email. Com, “password”: “Vivint user password” }}
  • Paste the configuration code in the space for arrays on the configuration screen, keeping a certain code format.
  • Modify the code by adding the necessary data like the Vivint email ID and the Vivint password to ensure the plug-in works to its best.
  • Save the changes in the save buttons that will help to reboot the HOOBS
  • After following the process above, the Vivint-supported devices at home will load into the home bridge.

Reasons for connecting Vivint’s work to home kit

Reasons for connecting Vivint's work to home kit
  • Seamless control

After connecting Vivint devices successfully with the home kit, you have the opportunity to enjoy seamless control of your smart home from a single app. Such that you can receive notifications from a single app and opt to view the camera’s live feed on your phone.

  • Low battery notification

The connection helps the user get low battery notifications for all the Vivint smart home accessories when running low on charge.

  • Automates the smart home with scenes

Having the connection between the Vivint and the home kit helps automate the Vivint smart home accessories to work together using scenes on your app.

  • Support a variety of accessories

Using the plug-in, you can control the Vivint-supported devices like the locks, thermostats, motion sensors, cameras, doorbells, alarm panels etc.

Why do most people prefer using HOOBs to connect with Vivint?

Why do most people prefer using HOOBs to connect with Vivint

1. HOOBS is versatile in that it offers great accessibility to users. Using a simple donation, you can download an image to flash onto a microSD card and then run it on any device. Choose to purchase a pre imaged microSD card or a plug-and-play device that comes pre-installed with a home bridge from HOOBS official website.

2. HOOBS device is user-friendly, especially for individuals that plan to avoid the hassle of customization and handling configuration files. HOOBS supports all the home bridge plug-in, which offers support for many smart devices from companies like SimpliSafe, Sonos and TP-link.

3. HOOBS can consolidate the security system with a smart home ecosystem.

4. HOOBS has the highest security level since it connects only to the home network keeping the communication and data private and protected. The protection is through encryption with military-grade encryption to keep you reassured.

5. It is convenient and cheap that anyone can afford when you compare it to the cost of keeping your computer running at all times. HOOBS are more convenient and cheap. Moreover, it is a useful device as it helps you integrate your devices with a home kit but offers support with Alexa and Google home.

FAQs About Does Vivint Work With Home Kit:

  • What is a home bridge?

A home bridge is a lightweight server that provides home kit support for any device that you want. The home bridge helps to control the smart devices using Siri.

  • Why do most people recommend the Vivint system?

Vivint system is an application with a good security system that you can choose to use at home.

  • How many years is a Vivint contract?

Vivint contracts may range from one year to five years.

  • Can one use the computer to view the Vivint camera?

It is hard to view the Vivint camera using the computer since it only allows the users to access billing and account information online. It cannot happen because the Vivint camera needs equipment controlled through the Vivint app or the smart hub.

  • Does Vivint work without the Internet?

No, Vivint does not work without the Internet as it is a wireless security system.

  • What are the functions of the Vivint app?

They help provide security at home; they lock and unlock doors, open and close garage doors, control the thermostat working, and control other compatible devices like lights.


When connecting the Vivint with the home kit, it is good to identify the best ways to connect to communicate.  Consider checking the importance of connecting the two devices at home with your activities to help do something you know is of help.

The article above shows the steps of connecting the two devices at home, which is not an easy process that you should follow carefully to develop successful connections. The benefits of trying out the connections and home and the reasons for using the home bridge for connections.

Finally, consider checking on the instructions of the manufactures on the Vivint manuals to identify the type of devices it is compatible with so that you purchase devices that can work with you Vivint. If the connection process feels hard for you, check on the technicians to help in the connection process to help you come up with a successful process.

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