Importance of the Ring Pro Power Kit-What Does It Do?

The Ring Pro Power Kit remains an essential item that works like a 1 amp fuse and a resistor. The kit works when combined with your Doorbell Pro incredibly. The device ensures that your Ring Doorbell receives enough power to function smoothly. Therefore, the equipment is essential in enhancing the functionality of the Ring Doorbell.

This article is all about what the ring pro power kits do. Make it useful and understand the importance of investing in such a kit. Smooth running operation is what you will experience after installing this kit with your Doorbell.

Wiring a ring pro power kitWiring a ring pro power kit

As I have mentioned above, the kit works simply as a 1 amp fuse or resistor. When hardwiring the Ring directly to a transformer, there’s no need for a power kit to operate it. However, if you wish to use your previously installed Doorbell so that it rings after a button press, then you will have to install Ring Pro on the interior doorbell chime.

Otherwise, experts suggest using a 1 amp in-line fuse between the Ring Pro and the transformer. Alternatively, you can install your Pro Power Kit the way you wish. Therefore, it’s possible to set up the Ring without a pro power kit; that’s if you don’t incorporate the existing doorbell chime.

Functions of a Ring Pro Power Kit

Functions of a Ring Pro Power Kit

The Ring Pro features a tiny circuit board that lies between the ring wiring and the transformer. Therefore the Ring Pro Power Kit is crucial because it allows you to wire the Ring Pro to an older/existing powered chime.

The Ring Pro Power Kit helps ensure the Ring Pro receives sufficient power, mainly during the night. The fact behind this statement is that the IR illuminators are on at night.

Besides, the Ring Pro Power Kit sometimes plays an isolator’s role, preventing the chime’s noise from back-feed onto the Ring Pro. This enhances smooth sign language communication around your home; this kit addresses noise back feed. Therefore, the Ring Pro Power Kit remains essential in ensuring you get the best and advanced technology right at your home.

More so, this kit is equipped with a PTC fuse in the circuit board for protecting the Ring Pro from any unpredictable short circuit. So, your Ring Pro will be secured, free from sudden short courses that might cause damages.

Is the Ring Pro Power Kit necessary?

what does the ring pro power kit do

If you plan to use your ring pro as a standalone device, I don’t see the need for a Ring Pro Power Kit. Your ring pro will be directly mounted on the transformer. However, you will have to use the Pro Power cable instead.

Besides, when installing the ring pro without a Ring Pro Power Kit, experts recommend using a powerful transformer like 24VAC 20VA. Additionally, if you don’t want to use the Ring Pro Power Kit and there are power-related issues, start by replacing the transformer. Check on Amazon for different transformers that can support 24VAC 20VA.

How to install a pro power kit to an existing doorbellHow to install a pro power kit to an existing doorbell

I thought you should know that one transformer is permanently assigned to one Ring Pro. So if you have a few Ring Pros, you must install them on a different power circuit/transformer.  The pro power kit cab seems challenging; opening up the Doorbell and working with the wires inside sounds devastating to some of us.

However, you can use these tips to wire your Ring Pro Power Kit:

  • Switch the power at the circuit breaker before you kick off the installation process. Doing so is for your safety even though doorbell wirings are low voltage. Locate an appropriate breaker that controls the location of the Doorbell’s transformer. Shut it down once you find it.
  • Locate the internal Doorbell. These tasks can be the trickiest ones if not keen. Usually the doorbell component is what notifies you whenever somebody presses the button. It can be mounted on the wall just above the front door.

If you have not removed the older Doorbell yet, try some button press and figure where the sound is coming from.

  • During the installation, remove a single wire at a time to reduce confusions
  • Use the orange and the grey wire clips.
  • The wire clips’ orange levers are pretty stiff. Sometimes you may even think that they will break, but it’s not possible. So don’t worry about it
  • Once you are wiring the Pro power Kit, look for a suitable place to fit in what you need to ensure that you don’t mount the kit on a busy path or moving parts if it’s in your mechanical Doorbell.

Plastic enclosure can be pretty cool, so if it fails to fit in the mechanical Doorbell, we recommend mounting it outside, next to the Doorbell. Unfortunately, if you fail to get a plastic enclosure model, contact the Brand about it.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do I have to hardwire my ring doorbell pro?

For your information,  Ring Video Doorbell Pro should have a wired connection. This is because its detection mechanism processes videos non-stop.  Depending only on a battery is a bad idea;  it will die soon. So, you will have to wire your Pro to the doorbell transformer that pumps 16- to 24 volts of AC power.

  • How much energy does a Ring Pro require to operate?

The Ring doorbell pro needs a transformer that supplies power output between 16-24V and 20-30 Amp.

  • How does a ring doorbell source power?

Hardwired Ring Doorbells don’t need to utilize the wired energy for their operations. It depends on its battery for workability. The power source from the hardwired is usually helpful in recharging the battery.

  • Should I turn off the power to set up my Ring Doorbell?

Yes, turning off the ring doorbell is mandatory to avoid some shocks. However, doorbell wiring is not associated with high voltage; leave it for experienced installers.

Final words

From the above discussion, you can realize that the Ring Pro Power Kit plays a vital role in ensuring the Ring Pro performs smoothly. The kit isn’t essential if you intend to install the Ring Pro directly to the transformer. This also comes with its challenges, like replacing the transformer if it has some power-related issues.

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