How to Set Up WI-FI Extender With Xfinity in Seconds

When using the Wi-Fi, you need to connect with many individuals either in the house or with your neighbors. For example, when you have a Wi-Fi network at your house, you would want the outside neighbors to share with you such that you need to fix the Wi-Fi in a position that well fits them.

Therefore, in this case, the Wi-Fi may not reach such that you need to extend it to a certain position for everyone to access. So you will need to set up the Wi-Fi extender with infinity for good access to the individuals.  If you have an idea about the Wi-Fi, you can fix it in seconds as long as you follow the necessary steps. To set up the Wi-Fi, you need to purchase the extenders to connect with the Xfinity app and connect.

Well, do you need to set the Wi-Fi in seconds? Do not worry about it since I will provide the necessary tools and the steps you will follow in the article below. There will be the frequently asked questions and, lastly, the conclusion.

How to set up a Wi-Fi extender with infinity in seconds?

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To set up the Wi-Fi extender with infinity, you need to have all the tools required for the process.

Tools required:

  • Active Wi-Fi connection
  • xFi  pods
  • Smartphone

i. Switch on the Bluetooth

 Using your smartphone, put on the Bluetooth feature and ensure you connect it with the Xfinity Wi-Fi. The connection must not disconnect, so you need to keep checking on their connection for maximum connection with your process.

ii. Download the Xfinity app

While using the smartphone, narrow down to the play store software and download the Xfinity app to set up the Wi-Fi extender.

iii. Choose a position for the pods.

Decide on the place you will fix the pods in the house. Consider placing them somewhere around the router or the gateway place and the area you will use to extend the network.

iv. Remove the destruction around the pods.

After fixing the pods in the house, ensuring no destruction around it can block the network connection. Check if there are any metallic components around that can interfere with the signal and remove them.

v. Check the connection of the Pod.

If you want a strong network connection, ensure you connect it directly to the gateway other than another pod. Ensure the Pod is less than 30 meters away from the gateway. Check on the Xfinity app after checking in with everything about the Pod and the router’s connection.

VI. Log into the Xfinity app.

After login into the Xfinity app, you need to follow some steps to get started with the smartphone:

  • Check the overview tab on the corner of the app and click on the accounts icon.
  • Narrow down to devices and click activate xFi pods
  • Check the right Pod to use and click the right option for you
  • Tap the activation tab to start the process

VII. Activate the pods

To activate the pods, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Connect the Pod to an outlet.
  • Click next to that you will get the tips to place the Pod.
  • Keep the phone some distance away from the Pod.
  • Plug the remaining pods and click the pods to go.
  • Ensure you name the pods according to their location by selecting the Pod, holding the phone near the pods, and entering the name.

viii. Narrow back to the overview tab.

When you go back to the overview tab, you can see the status of the gateway and the pods. Ensure you switch off the light in the pods. If the Pod is off, it shows the Pod is active, and if that fails to work, it means the xFi gateway is offline or has any issues with the Pod. After the connection is complete, you can now stream online with the network, and the surrounding can use your network so long as they have the credentials to use it.

How do Wi-Fi extenders work with Xfinity?

How do Wi-Fi extenders work with Xfinity

Some people keep asking if the Wi-Fi extenders can work with Xfinity and how they work. Yes, the Wi-Fi extenders can work with Xfinity to enhance the range of the network to cover a good area at home. The Wi-Fi extenders can work with the Xfinity since they pick up the signal and distribute it over a large area. Remember that the Wi-Fi extenders cannot increase the speed and that the Wi-Fi extender available in the market can work with the Xfinity router. It would be best if you mind the place and the extender you are buying for the router. However, choose the xFi Pod to use since it is the best.

When looking for alternatives for the router, consider checking the compatibility factor with the two devices before choosing them for use. Ensure the router’s security and the protocols are the same as the ones with the extender. When buying the extenders, consider asking the manufacturers about the best extender to buy if you do not know what to buy.

Types of Wi-Fi extenders that work the best with the Xfinity

1. TP-link


The extender above is the best of the Wi-Fi extenders since it has universal compatibility and can support all the Wi-Fi devices and routers.  The Wi-Fi extender is best when you need a speedy internet connection and a stable network.


  • It has universal compatibility
  • It is easy to set up
  • It provides a fast and stable internet connection.


  • It has a slower LAN port

2. Net gear extender

Net gear extender

The net gear has exceptional compatibility and can support all the Wi-Fi routers, and it is reliable. It provides an uninterrupted and stable Wi-Fi connection to wireless devices. The extender above is the most versatile and best Wi-Fi extender since it has an intelligent plug-in-the-wall design.


  • It is portable
  • It has the modern security applications
  • It is easy to set up


  • Lacks the Ethernet port

3. Tenda nova extenders

Tenda nova extenders

Tenda nova is a cheap extender that anyone can afford when working with an Xfinity connection. It is compatible with most devices hence providing an excellent speed internet connection.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • Has the beam foaming technology
  • Covers a great area


  • It is hard to control it.

Factors to consider when buying the extenders

Factors to consider when buying the extenders
  • 1. Frequency

Most routers work with frequencies of 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.  The higher the HZ band is, the newer devices are good when streaming movies or playing games. Therefore, it is good to check if the extender can work with signals of both frequencies.

2. Compatibility

Make sure the extender is compatible with most of the common routers in the market. Compatibility helps you get the extender even if you are using a different router due to your reasons.

3. Signal strength and coverage

The extender must have good signal strength and coverage to work well in a large home area, and the network connection is strong to enhance the streaming and playing games at home. The major factor must be the strength of the network.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can the Wi-Fi extenders help to improve speed?

Wi-Fi extenders do not either improve the speed of the network or slow down. The speed of the internet depends on the plan of the internet you are using and the number of clients that connect to it. The extenders help in enhancing the wireless signal range that eliminates the dead zones in the house. However, when you are using the extender, you can recognize an improvement in the speed of the internet. All this is because the wireless signals can easily reach that specific area hence delivering stable internet speed.

  • When does the Xfinity internet slow down?

 Like any other internet service provider, Xfinity internet can slow down at night, which is the peak time and even when there are a lot of users on the internet at the peak time. Therefore, Xfinity and other internet service providers can slow down with high internet traffic, mostly at night.

  • What differentiates between Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi boosters?

Wi-Fi boosters, repeaters and extenders are almost the same devices that people can use to improve the Wi-Fi signal coverage at home. However, the devices do not work since Wi-Fi extenders are mesh network compatible with many routers.


When setting up the Wi-Fi extenders, ensure you plug the Pods into electrical outlets and maintain a good connection. The article above shows the steps of connecting the extenders and the best types of extenders to use. Consider following the steps of setting up the Wi-Fi extenders with infinity in seconds.

Finally, ensure the type of extender you are using is compatible with the routers you will use. Follow the factors to consider when choosing the extenders, like the extender’s compatibility and signal strength.

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