Xfinity Early Termination: How to Avoid Cancellation Fees [2022]

Xfinity is a television that you can use to watch some of the activities it can support. A device is a form of entertainment, and governments use it to spread awareness or new products to the citizens. However, the television might have some issues that can make you fail to use it for a while. You might not be watching TV like you used to, or you might want to switch to other desirable options.

Whatever the case might be, some solutions can help you get out of that long effect on the television at your place in a few easy steps. You might have heard of several horror stories about trying to cancel Xfinity turning hairy. You have nothing to worry about; it is very well possible. However, you might end up with some early cancellation fees. Suppose you want to terminate your Xfinity services. In that case, you have to be on your toes, clear all dues and learn some negotiation methods or excuses that sound legitimate or end up paying a hefty cancellation fee. The Four Methods of Terminating Xfinity Services.

The article below shows the several ways of early termination of Xfinity, mainly through canceling the fees. After that, there are the frequently asked questions which are the obvious questions that people end up asking about the product when they need help on how to get it or the possible ways of using it. Then lastly is the conclusion, which summarizes the whole article and gives some directions on how to handle the device at home.

Methods of termination of Xfinity

Methods of termination of Xfinity

1.     Calling Comcast Retention at 1-800-XFINITY

2.     Chatting with them online on the Xfinity website

3.     Visiting an Xfinity Store nearby

4.     Filling out a cancellation form and mailing it

It is less advisable to use the cancellation method of filling forms since it works through the paper by requiring more time and space. It is more likely to get ignored or rejected due to the absence of real human contact. Whatever method you choose, there are some steps you have to follow to ensure desirable results. These are briefly explained below.

Talking to the Right People

Say ‘cancel service’ and make sure you are connected to the Retention department. Do not talk to any other departments; you are simply wasting your time. There is no one phone number for the retention department. You can ask them to transfer you there if you cannot find a way out of the never-ending wait.  Talking is a good way of communication since it is a good way of passing information to another without missing some concepts.

Getting prepared with the right excuse

xfinity early termination

When the end individual finds it hard to understand, you can easily find a possible excuse to end the conversation. Having an honest conversation with the rep about your problem; unaffordable prices, slow connectivity, etc., will only result in discounts, upgrades, and tech visits.  The employees have a carefully drafted script to prevent you from canceling their services. Therefore we need the best excuse to get it over with it. There are few ways you can use which are as follows:

1. Moving away

Moving away

It is one of the best excuses. Make sure you cover any loopholes, as the service team might be happy to set it up at your new place.

  • Already installed: The place already has cable services. The machines are in the right position, and that everything is okay.
  • Existing User: Moving in with someone who is already subscribed to their services. Using someone within makes it easy to cooperate instead of getting a new individual that does not understand what to do with the system.
  • Unknown address: Having no clear, specific details about the address. The unknown address is good since the end-users will not easily get to have a truck of your location to find you and disturb your peace.

2. Relocating to a non-Comcast area

This reason might end up being the key to your endless nightmare. You can tell Comcast you are moving out of the country in search of a job, etc. This way, you will not be asked for an address.  It doesn’t have to be outside the country. Find out where Comcast doesn’t serve. The trick is to name somewhere outside their service territory, and voila! You are done.

3. Traveling indefinitely

It might sound like a great idea, but it gives only a temporary solution. such will end up suspending your plan for the entire duration of your “trip.” Therefore try to stick to the other excuse for a more permanent, fool-proof solution. Traveling is temporary because you will move away for some time but still come back to the place and get appointments that you will have to solve.

4. Firm and Friendly Negotiations

Firm and Friendly Negotiations

The Comcast reps you are dealing with are desperate and will use every trick in the book to not let you cancel. It is because they get extra credit, bonuses, and great performance reviews for each customer that they convince to stay.

i. The better deals, offers, and upgrades might sound promising, but you have to stand your ground. 

ii. Turn down if they offer to call back in a few days and politely refuse to continue your Xfinity services. 

iii. Make sure you don’t provide contradicting facts while backing up your original excuse. Keep the follow-ups vague and less informational.

iv. Try not to be mean as they can stop sending bills but continue to provide services. Such will cost you a lot of money without knowing about it until it’s too late.

Returning Xfinity Equipment without Additional Penalties

Returning Xfinity Equipment without Additional Penalties

If you still possess equipment from Comcast but haven’t returned it, it is easy for them to charge you additionally. Make sure you don’t let them have that. Call Comcast and make a list of the items that you have to return. There are three different ways of returning equipment:

i. Prepaid box: Log in to your ‘Equipment Return’ in your Xfinity account. Check all the devices, provide a reason and a return option. Finally, box up all the devices, stick up your UPS shipping label. After this, you can either drop off or schedule a pickup.

ii. Nearby UPS store: They will complete the return process for you. Get the tracking number to stay updated.

iii. Local Comcast store: Bring it to them, and they can check you off the list.

Ensure that you have ample evidence that all the equipment is in good condition when you return them in all 3 cases.

What does it contain about the cancellation of fees?

Try to be friendly, persuasive, and convincing to get out of this situation. Poor utility performance and price hikes might help your case. However, in most cases, this might not be possible. You might have to pay $10 for canceling the TV service and $20 per line for the phone for every month remaining in the contract.  But it’s a win if these prices are considerably small compared to the actual service prices or the prices offered by the new service you are switching to.

Some things to note while carrying out the cancellation process

Some things to note while carrying out the cancellation process

You have to reconfirm that you have canceled the services by calling Comcast again. Get information about the status of your account, any unreturned equipment, or any outstanding balance. Getting out of the committee might not be simple, but it sure is possible.

With your effort and a little bit of learning the best negotiation tactics, it is completely within your ability to avoid the cancellation fee altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I How can one lower the Comcast bill?

Choosing a package with fewer channels, reduced internet speeds, negotiations are some of the ways.

  • Do Boston HD7 speakers need repair?

Boston HD7 woofers need repair so long as they are old or some parts have faults, mainly from electrical shortages. If the speaker needs repair, it is good to consult a technician to help fix the problem.

  • Can I put my Xfinity service on hold?

Yes, you can put your Xfinity service on hold with no reconnection charge.

  • Can I cancel Xfinity TV and keep my Internet connection?

Yes, you can keep your Internet and cancel Xfinity TV. The offers might not be as good as it was.

  • What are the other problems that Xfinity TV faces?

There are other problems that the television encounters when using it, as the production of unusual sounds that indicates the TV has some issues that need fixing. The major causes of such problems are the fan that its parts like the blades encounter failures or maybe with the motor.


The article below shows the possible ways of Xfinity early termination, including how to avoid canceling fees. The ways include calling Comcast Retention at 1-800-XFINITY, chatting with them online on the Xfinity website, visiting an Xfinity Store nearby, filling out a cancellation form, and mailing it, which contains the steps to follow while carrying out the cancellation process.

Finally, take your time when terminating the system to avoid missing some steps from the guide. It is advisable to consult a technician if the fixing process feels hard for you. Remember always to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when working with the system.

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