Xfinity Remote Volume Not Working: How to Troubleshoot in Seconds

Cable boxes are important, and they deliver cable to people’s televisions. These gadgets give users access to high-definition channels. Comcast is one of the better companies that sells this. When you buy one of their bundles, you get a range of free TV boxes. You can order these by calling Xfinity or going online. A remote controller is also included with the Comcast TV box, which is essential in controlling your device from a distance.

Although the process is really helpful, some Comcast customers have reported that their remote volume is not working. However, if you experience this issue, it might be extremely aggravating. Check your batteries if the volume on your Xfinity remote isn’t working. If this happens, try unplugging and repairing the remote or resetting the remote and the television box. Contact Xfinity customer service or replace your device if you’re certain there are no hardware faults on the Xfinity remote.

Luckily, the article shows the common causes of the Xfinity volume not functioning and the best steps to solve the issue successfully. Also, it shows the FQAs concerning the issue. Therefore, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when fixing the issue.

Common causes of Xfinity Remote Volume Not Working

Common causes of Xfinity Remote Volume Not Working

There are several reasons why the Xfinity remote volume may fail to function as usual. These are some of the reasons;

  • Loose remote battery.
  • Weak remote battery.
  • The incorrect pairing of the devices.
  • Distractions blocking signals.
  • Physical damage of the Xfinity remote.
  • Hardware issues.
  • Firmware failure.

Ways of troubleshooting the Xfinity remote volume issue

1. Restart Your Xfinity Box and Remote

Restart Your Xfinity Box and Remote

A factory reset of electronic devices is usually sufficient to resolve any internal issues, as it reboots the device and erases any previously stored or programmed data. Usually, resetting your Xfinity Remote solves the problem. Follow these procedures if your remote is the XR15 model:

i. Press and hold the A and D buttons simultaneously for around 5 seconds, or until the light changes from red to green.

ii. Put these numbers in the following order: 9-8-1

iii. When the LED light goes blue and flickers three times, you know the reset is complete.

Otherwise, if your remote is the XR11 model, proceed as follows:

i. Keep holding the setup button down until the light changes from red to green.

ii. In the following order, enter the numbers: 9-8-1

iii. When the indicator goes green and flickers twice, you know your remote has been reset.

iv. Please disconnect the power chord from your Xfinity box and wait for roughly a minute to reset it. Reconnect your device now.

2. The remote has been physically damaged

Ensure that any physical damage to your remote is repaired right away or as soon as feasible. If you wait too long to repair the damage, you risk developing other hardware issues, which will force you to replace your remote. You should be able to purchase a replacement from your local Comcast Xfinity shop if there is damage, such as a broken back cover of the battery box.

3. Replacing the Remote Control

Now, if your remote has become too damaged to fix, you’ll have to replace it. New Xfinity remotes are available for purchase online or at your local Comcast Xfinity store. The Xfinity website has instructions for configuring your device based on the model.

4. Hardware Error

You must examine your Xfinity remote and set-top box for any hardware defects that demand your attention regularly. Confirm that Comcast is sending timely updates to your Xfinity set-top box. If you suspect the circuit board has been ruined by spilling water or any liquid on it, or if the remote has been dropped from a great height, please contact customer service to get your problem fixed.

5. Make sure there are no signal obstructions

If items block your Wi-Fi signals, such as walls or furniture, it will not work properly. Similarly, if there are any obstructions between the device and the remote, your Xfinity remote will not work. To avoid this, make sure the path is clear and that IR signals may reach their target without diverting or encountering extra obstacles.

6. Unpair and repair your remote control Again

Unpair and repair your remote control Again

Follow these instructions to unpair your Xfinity remote:

1. Keep the Setup button pressed until the light turns green.

2. After that, dial 9-8-1 times and wait for the green light to flash twice.

3. You’ll know your remote has been unpaired when this happens.

4. If your remote doesn’t include a setup button and instead has buttons in the shape of triangles (A), squares (B), circles (C), and diamonds (D), you’re in luck (D).

5. Keep pressing the A and D buttons until the light goes green.

6. Enter the numbers 9-8-1 in the same order as before and wait for the light to blink blue to indicate that your remote has been unpaired.

7. If you have the XR16 Voice Remote, you may now unpair it by following these steps:

8. Hold down I and Home at the same time until the LED light begins to flash. Then hit the Power, Last arrow (), and volume down buttons in that order.

To repair your Xfinity remote with your Xfinity box TV, follow these steps:

i. Keep the remote’s ‘A’ button pressed.

ii. Select Remote Setup from the menu on the screen.

iii. Select Yes to the pertinent questions that follow, and follow the on-screen instructions.

7. Examine Your Batteries

Examine Your Batteries

If your batteries aren’t fully charged, some of the buttons on your remote may stop working. Furthermore, because button presses result in IR blasts, and some IR blasts require more power than others, your batteries may be unable to send those signals. Check the expiration date on your batteries to be sure they’re still usable. If that isn’t the case, your batteries may have run out of power. Replace the batteries and check to see if the issue has been rectified.

If you have an LED light on your remote and it flashes red five times, it means your batteries are low, and you need to replace them. Verify that the inserted batteries and the remote don’t have any loose connections. Something else may be causing your volume button to stop working, even after you’ve replaced the batteries.

8. Please get in touch with our customer service department

If none of these options works for you, you’ll most likely need to contact customer service. Explain what happened and that you’d need a specialist to come to your house to fix it. For contact information and business hours, go to the Xfinity official website. They also provide live chat assistance with whom you can communicate.

9. Reset the volume on your Xfinity Remote

Reset the volume on your Xfinity Remote

If you have multiple TV boxes, the remote you’re using will only operate if it’s pointed at the device with which it’s associated. Naturally, if you want to use a different TV box, disconnect your remote from the current connection and reconnect it to the new TV box. Press and hold the Voice button while saying “Program Remote,” and follow the on-screen directions.

After you’ve finished connecting your remote with your set-top box, ensure you finish setting up the power, volume, and input control for your TV and audio devices by following the steps provided. Finally, keep in mind that you will erase all of your settings when you execute a factory reset, and your remote will be as good as new.

10. Distance

Another reason your volume control isn’t working is that you’re trying to utilize the remote from a great distance. It can cause the signal to be weak, preventing your TV box from receiving information from the remote. Closer proximity to your device will allow the signals to be sent more readily, which should solve your difficulty.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Can updating my firmware bring the Xfinity remote volume back to functioning?

If you’ve made it this far, we’re starting to narrow the circle of likely causes. It’s common knowledge that as software versions advance, some devices may lose support; thus, we recommend checking your TV for the latest upgrades. To upgrade the firmware on your TV, look for the Software Update Tab somewhere in the menu selections.

Then select Check for Update from the drop-down menu. By doing so, you’ll enable your TV to check for new updates and provide available firmware versions to the program. If there is a new update after waiting a while, make sure to download it and hit Install & Apply. Your TV may reboot a few times during the upgrade, but this isn’t a problem.


As simple as that, you should now be able to troubleshoot the Comcast remote volume not functioning problem and resolve any issues that may arise during the process. After all, this minor annoyance could result from irrevocable hardware damage that a repair can only remedy.

Finally, if none of the measures above resolves your problem, your device may be experiencing technical difficulties. In this scenario, it is strongly advised that you contact the customer service team. Tell them about your difficulty, and they’ll see if there are any technical issues with your remote or TV box. Then, to the best of their abilities, they should be able to assist you.

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