Xfinity Router Online Light Off: How to Troubleshoot

Xfinity routers are good routers for use in the house after proper installation. The router does not have any problems while using, but sometimes you can have issues with the online light that decides to go off, and the router fails to work properly. The ‘Online’ light and ‘Power’ light on your Xfinity router should glow at a full level at all times. If you see that they are dull or blinking, it is clear that your internet is unstable.

The “Online” light being off on the Xfinity router suggests that there is no internet service. Check the main list, reset your router, plug it directly into a power source, or contact Xfinity customer support to rectify the issue. Read on to get the exact steps to troubleshoot. If the light on your Xfinity router isn’t steady, this means that the device has lost its internet connection or is struggling to maintain stability.

Before trying out the troubleshooting methods, let’s check out all the possible reasons for the “online” light blinking continuously or going off completely.

The article below shows the possible reasons why the Xfinity router online light sometimes goes off within the router. After noting the reasons, I will provide the possible ways of troubleshooting the router to be back to normal after that are the frequently asked questions that are normal questions that people ask about the devices or how to solve some other problems. Lastly is the conclusion, which summarizes the whole story I will narrate in the article below.

What causes the Xfinity Router online light to go off?

xfinity router online light off
  • Xfinity Outage

An outage on your service provider’s end can cause the ‘Online’ light to keep flashing or go off. Remember outage is when the power supply is down, and the router fails to work, causing the online light to go off. All this may be because the service provider is handling a pre-scheduled maintenance service which you can confirm by checking the Xfinity website. You can also call their customer support. 

  • Issues with your modem

A modem is a device that has multiple functions such that it modulates and demodulates the data in a computer. A damaged or defective router can be another reason you are experiencing difficulty connecting to the internet. A power surge can affect your router’s productivity and lead to trouble when trying to connect to the internet.

  • An issue with the splitter

A splitter is a device that works by dividing cable signals between more than two devices. The splitter is one of the most common culprits when it comes to an internet failure. The incoming connection is divided into three different links whereby one link goes directly to the TV. Another one goes to your cell phone and the last one to your Xfinity router. If the splitter fails to do its part and split the internet link, a problem will arise with your connection.

  • Loose wires

Having loose wires in any system causes failures with most activities in the system. Wires are the major parts that transfer data or any other input and output through the system. So loose wires cause communications failures within the system, causing the router online light to go off. It would help if you tightly fastened your wires into their slots. Loose wires can cause problems, especially with internet systems. The wires need to be close together and plugged in securely to their respective slots.

Possible ways of troubleshooting the Xfinity router online light off

Possible ways of troubleshooting the Xfinity router online light off

Now that you know all the factors that could lead to the online light going off, here is a list of possible troubleshooting methods proven to be effective. It is good to cite the reasons or causes of the problems within the system before trying any process of fixing because you cannot fix a problem without identifying it. Consider following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to handle the routers parts with the problems since some of them need great care while handling. Below are the solutions:

A. Reset the Router

Reset the Router

A power cycle is an easy and effective solution to fixing internet issues. Unfortunately, when your router works for too long, they tend to shift from their best performance. It is because resetting your router clears its short-term memory, which helps take a load off your router.

Another problem that arises from working your router all day is desynchronization from the internet service providers. The packets you send and receive become corrupt, and the router has to send them, which will affect your connection. Unplug your Xfinity router and wait for at least 10 minutes before plugging it back into the source. After doing so, check if your internet connection is stable.

B. Troubleshoot hardware Issues

Troubleshoot hardware Issues

The online light could be off because your router is damaged or defective. In this case, you will need to get it replaced. If you contact Xfinity Tech Support, they will test your router, and if the router is found to be damaged or defective, they will replace it with a new one.

If your router has been purchased or leased with a warranty, they will replace the damaged router free of cost. You can also get a better, newer Xfinity Voice Modem and stop paying Comcast Rent. Another common hardware issue is that the power cable used to attach your router to the wall outlet may be damaged. If you find any physical damage, you might need to inspect this cable and get a brand new cable. It will fix the online light issue on your Xfinity router.

C. Check with Comcast

Most of the time, your internet going down will have something to do with your service provider.  Maintenance service on their end or a line getting damaged will cause an interruption in your internet service for a short time.  You can also directly contact Xfinity customer support to determine if there is an ongoing maintenance issue. You may even want to switch to a different ISP. In most cases, Comcast faces major problems in the Xfinity that lead to other minor issues that cause the router’s failure to function.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What lights should be blinking on my Xfinity router?

The lights you want on your Xfinity router are the “power” and the “Online” light. But both of these should not be blinking or dull. Instead, they should be solid white.  The lights in the router are important because they are an identification that the router is working or can show that the router has some problems that the user must rectify before destroying the whole system. The power light shows the router has enough power to run while the online light shows the router is providing internet to the users nearby.

  • What does the blue blinking light mean on the Xfinity router?

The blinking blue suggests that your router is trying to connect to another device. If the blinking does not change to a solid blue and goes on for more than a few minutes, it indicates that the connection has failed due to a weak signal. The blue blinking light helps the router director recognize the number of individuals accessing the internet, and they can change them if the users are unauthorized in the place.

  • Can one replace the parts that have faults within the router?

When the router has problems with some parts that cause the online light to go off, you can remove the faulty parts and fix new parts that will work well. Some people keep worrying about how to get the replacement tools for the router.

  • What is the best place to get the router replacement parts for fixing the router?

The question above is a common question for most individuals since they think there are some shops where you will have to pay much cash when you get a device, but the outcome is not calling. A solution for you people here is to get the new tools in the best shops, Amazon shops or eBay, which have the modern online shopping that you can order the products at home and pay for them. After paying, the organization sends the tools to offer free delivery of their items to the customers.


Now you have full information of the Xfinity router online light going off, resulting from some issues. Some of the problems include issues with the splitter, the Xfinity outage, loose wires and other issues within the router parts. For the router to have such problems, there must be issues with the router parts or cables connecting to it that cause such problems. In the guide, there are the problems which later the solutions to the problems follow.

Please read the article carefully to help rectify the problems with the Xfinity router to bring back the internet connection, which can affect most activities in the organization. While handling the router during the troubleshooting process, consider following the manufacturer’s guide to solving the problems. If you find it difficult to carry out the troubleshooting process, consider consulting a technician to help you fix the problems.

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