Xfinity TV Black Screen with Sound: How to Fix in Seconds

Xfinity television screen with sound is a normal problem that sometimes occurs with televisions. Most people find it difficult to cite the exact cause of the problem with their televisions and do not know how to solve it. So it would help if you did not worry about the causes of the television having a black screen, but the sound has its solutions. The problem mostly happens in intervals of 5 seconds for the next few minutes when starting the TV. In most cases, the Xfinity television screen with sound results from the faults with the cables, sometimes the backlight of the TV, the signal strength is poor and may be issued with the televisions display mode.

The TV will show a black screen with sound when the firmware is corrupt, and the power light will blink when an update is required or if you are using a foreign remote. If your Xfinity TV screen is black with sound, check if there is an issue with your cables and connections. If not, see if you have an active subscription, try changing your power saver settings, looking for HD content issues, and checking your Cables and Connections. Coaxial cables are the ones that bring the Comcast signals into your home. Make sure the incoming and outgoing cables are fastened tightly and in the right slots. 

The article below shows the causes of the Xfinity TV showing a black screen, but the sound is on where I will discuss the cables and how to handle them to avoid such issues.  There are the methods below that will describe how to handle the issues with the television. The frequently asked questions will follow, then later, the conclusion that summarizes the whole story.

Methods of solving Xfinity TV black screen with sound

1. HD Issues

xfinity tv black screen with sound

If you face this temporary blackout while watching HD channels, the issue may be with your HDMI cable or port. Therefore the first thing you should consider is checking the slot and try changing the slots; for instance, if you’re using HDMI slot 1, try switching to slot 2.  Or else, try switching it to a lower resolution in the settings.

When you want to switch slot 2 to a lower resolution in the settings, you have to follow some steps to be successful. Below are the steps to follow:

i. Using the remote for the Xfinity televisions, press the exit button three times and then 720 immediately. It will show the quality of the video to up to 720. If you want to change to any other resolution later, here’s what you do:

ii. Using the remote, press the Xfinity button on it and then narrow it down to the settings. Press the settings to devise settings where you will see the video display that you will change the resolution.

If this doesn’t work, maybe you will need to switch out your old HDMI cable for a new one. However, be sure not to keep a damaged HDMI cable around for too long, as it can interfere with your internet connectivity and may cause serious problems with your television.

2. Active Subscription

Active Subscription

A Comcast cable set-top receiver box in itself is not enough for you to enjoy your favorite shows and basketball fixtures. However, it would help if you had an active subscription to these channels as well.

If you haven’t paid for the subscription or it has expired, that may also be one reason why you cannot access your favorite channels and some additional features. You may encounter a blacked-out screen if you select a channel or service that you haven’t paid for since they will still be visible to you in the guide.

3. Power Saver Settings

Power Saver Settings

If you are still experiencing this blank screen issue, try and disable the power saving in your settings. Power saving can affect the device performance wherein certain tasks may not work properly, or it’s more time-consuming to download updates since it is one way of changing the power settings. However, you can use the deactivation mode to change the settings. Follow the steps below to deactivate the mode:

i. Using the remote, press the Settings, then narrow to Device settings, then Power preferences, then Power saver starts after and lastly, Turn this off.

ii. After you’ve done that, turn the Xfinity box off and then on after a minute or so.

iii. Verify that the issue has been resolved. You’ll need to pair your Xfinity remote to the TV to be able to do all of this.

If you were trying to cast off your iPhone to the Xfinity Cable Box using the Apple TV Comcast Workaround, your iPhone might have a low Battery. Charging your iPhone should take care of this.

4. Hardware Defect

Hardware Defect

A hardware defect may seem like an obvious one, but your hardware may have a defect. To conduct routine checks of your hardware, television and set-top box and ensure that things are in order.

Confirm that your set-top box receives timely updates from Comcast. You could also try resetting your device. Disconnect your cable box from the power source for 30 seconds, and reconnect it. This reboot will allow it to search for updates automatically.

5. Contact Customer Care

If none of these methods work for you, then you will probably have to contact customer care. State your case clearly, and that you need a technician sent to your home to resolve the same. Check the Xfinity official website for contact details and working hours. 

Easy Steps of troubleshooting the black screen with sound with the Xfinity TV

Steps of troubleshooting the black screen with sound with the Xfinity TV

1. Ensure you plug all the power cables in their working outlets for the television and the Xfinity television box.

2. Check the connection of the cables and ensure they are tight by hand-tightening all cable connections to make sure they’re not loose.

3. If using an HDMI cable to connect the X1 TV Box to the TV, confirm it’s plugged into the proper locations.

4. Power on both the TV and the X1 TV Box.

5. Confirm that the TV is set to the proper input.

6. If you’ve completed the steps above and there’s still no picture:

1. Press Exit > Exit > Exit > 720 on your Xfinity remote. It should bring the picture back by setting the resolution to 720.

2. You can then change to a different resolution by pressing the Xfinity button on your remote, selecting the gear icon (Settings) > Device Settings > Video Display, and choosing the resolution you want.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I reboot my Xfinity box?

To restart your Xfinity box from your account: 

Login to your Xfinity account → Manage TV → Troubleshoot → Continue.

At this stage, you’ll have two options – System refresh or Restart the device. Select what you need, and click on Start troubleshooting.

  • What are the other problems that Vizio TV faces?

The Xfinity television has issues with the screen turning black with sound on when starting the television. There are other problems that the television encounters when using it, as the production of unusual sounds that indicate the TV has some issues that need fixing. The major causes of such problems are the fan that its parts like the blades encounter failures or maybe with the motor.

  • How do I fix my Xfinity sound?

Go to the main menu → Set up → Audio setup → Set volume to optimal stereo → Yes. Repeat the process several times until it becomes OK.

  • What causes dark shadows on TV screens?

Dark shadows in TV screens may occur if the broadcasting signal is unstable or a faulty wire connection. It might also be observed if a particular image has been displayed for a long time.

  • How do I get my TV picture to fit the screen Xfinity?

First, press Xfinity on your remote. Select Settings and then device settings. Within device settings, go to video display, video output resolution, select your desired resolution and aspect ratio, and click OK.


Now you have full information on how to solve the problems with the Xfinity television where first if there are problems with your Xfinity sound, try pressing Mute on the remote to try and get sound through the TV. Second, if you have an LCD TV and you’re experiencing this black screen issue, make sure your backlight hasn’t burnt out. If it has, replace it immediately. Third, while trying to resolve any issues involving an HDMI cable, follow these steps before you decide whether or not to replace it. Click on the Menu button twice. Then go to the Audio Setup given under the Menu listings. Go to the HDMI sound setting, and switch it ON in case it is switched OFF. 

Keep in mind that when troubleshooting the cables, ensure you handle them carefully. Twisting and turning the cables will result in damage that will affect the transmission of the signals and will deteriorate the AV quality on your TV set. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s manual when troubleshooting the device and consult a technician where necessary.

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